Ace: So. Aku-aku. How can we find some evidence for Coco's Innocence?

Aku-aku: There are many on them around the Ship. So, we to find them all.

Ace: Okay. Let's go find them

They all found all the Evidence

Aku-aku: That's all of them.

Daffy: Great! Now let's go save her.

Aku-aku: Come on, let's go back. And take this one with you

He give Ace a Blizzard Spell

Ace: Thanks.

They went to Cortex

Ace: We found all the Evidence.

Cortex: Bring them to me?

They give him 4 Evidence

Cortex: Whoa! That's a lot of them. Guys! Bring me my Evidence.

They give him his Evidence and they all got mixed up

Cortex: No. You better choose those evidence I mixed up.

Ace: What! You mixed them up! After all the Trouble we are?

Cortex: Look! Just pick one and show it to me!

Ace: Fine!

Ace choose the Middle one

Cortex: You want to pick this one?

Ace: Yes.

He opened and it shows a Heartless

Cortex: What is that?

Ace: That it's my Evidence. So I just that you should free Coco.

Cortex: No Way! Rule number 32: Anyone who defies me is Guilty!

Daffy: That's crazy!

Cortex: Get them at once!

They pulled the Lever and the Cage has raised up

Cortex: Get them you fools!

They are fighting them and they destroy the Levers to put the Cage down and that they saw the Cage empty

Ace: Crash. She's not here?

Daffy: Where did she go?

Wile: Maybe she escape while we were fighting.

Cortex: Everyone! Find the one who's behind this! I don't care how just do it!

Ace and his Friends left to find Coco

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