Code Red's Adventures of Cars 2 is new film to be made by Nighlocktheawesome and codirected by Transformersprimefan. It is also the sequel to Code Red's Adventures of Cars and also features Doc Hudson, although some people already know he's dead.


Code Red join Lightning, Doc, Mater and their friends for a round the world race and secret spy mission adventure.


The film kicks off with British Agent Leland Turbo contacting Agents Finn McMissile and Slade Wilson and telling him that he's been compromised and needs backup. That night, they head to his location via a tugboat named Crabby. Crabby asks why they are out there, and Slade tells him it is because a friend of theirs was lost at sea. Finn puts it more specific, saying they are looking for a car. Crabby is sceptical at first, until a battleship finds him. The warship, who's name is Tony, demands what he's doing out there, to which Crabby tells him he is crabbing. Tony tells him to leave, to which Crabby demands who's gonna make him. Tony then points his missiles at him. Crabby goes the other way and apologizes to Finn and Slade, who are no longer there. The two spies are hiding on Tony, who does not know they are there. They see multiple oil rigs. Tony stops and is lifted up. Finn and Slade grapple up the oil rig, then take pictures of every Lemon present. They try to make contact with Leland, but to no avail. Then their old enemy, Professor Zundapp aka Professor Z, comes out and reveals a TV camera to some of his minions. Just then, Grem and Acer come out, and reveal Leland's remains to him, causing the two agents to gasp and unexpectedly have their cover blown. A chase ensues, but the duo escape and fake their death.