Code Red Meets Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy


The film starts off at Major Mansion, and the team is in the conference room. Giving them their next assignment are Regiment Agent Graydon Creed who will be accompanying them and Secretary Thadeus Ross. Ross tells them that the Regiment will lend them some men to help capture Thunderbird, Jetstream, and some Cartel members. Air Strike asks where are they hiding, and Graydon tells them that they are going to the kingdom of Enchancia, and Nighlock tells the team to suit up.

Meanwhile, in Enchancia, the Mane 6, Spike the Dragon, the CMC, the Weekenders, the DigiDestined, and Ash Ketchum are visiting Sofia. Pikachu notices Taser and Red Smoke in disguise, but can't tell anyone. Taser sees Thunderbird talking to a villager. Malfunction deploys Minidrone and the scout confirms it. Nighlock has the two follow him quietly. A Cartel member robs a stand and tries to escape on a wagon, only for Bucky to shoot the harness for the horse. Thunderbird sees and recognizes Taser, Red Smoke, and Sunset Shimmer, and he alerts Jetstream, and the two make a run for it. With their cover blown, everyone chases after them. Taser captures Thunderbird, and Firestar captures Jetstream. The Red Lotus appea s and takes Sofia and Amber hostage, and raise them selves. Indominus charges from a truck trailer, and Nighlock and Sauron call their respected allies, Titano the Titanoboa, and Lev to he Leviathan to get her up there. She captures P'li, and the others escape with Sofia. Nighlock jumps down from the Red Ship and knocks her out of his hands while Lev catches her. The two then get into an all out brawl. Just as Zaheer was about to finish him by bending the air out of his lungs, Titano coils around him and squeezes hard. After he lets go, the other two come in to protect him, which Nighlock tazes them with tasers from his shoulders. The team introduces themselves, while the fugitives and villains are being taken to the Vault prison.

Code Red is allowed to take time off, with Nighlock saying that trouble follows them around like a bad smell. At this, Air Strike puts on his vacation clothes, making everyone laugh.


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