Code Red goes to Monster High: 13 Wishes is a new movie.


Code Red finds themselves faced with a new challenge as they go to the world of Monster High and help Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps, Frankie Stein and new friend Gigi the genie of the lantern defeat her shadow sister Whisp and stop her from making Howleen, Clawd and Clawdeen's little sister, use her 13 wishes to serve her own needs.


The film kicks off with Frankie Stein telling the story of Gigi, the genie of the lantern, while footage from a long time ago plays. Gigi herself grabs one of the finders of her lantern, Fawn, by the hand and runs with her down a corridoor, panting. We see them run into a room and up some stairs while Gigi tells Fawn they must get her to the mirror room before she (meaning Whisp) finds her. Whisp arrives not too long after, calling Gigi's name. They try to lose her in the mirror room where Whisp's idea of wishing the shadow genie all powerful is heard by Fawn. Gigi runs to a chest and pulls out a magic mirror, claiming it will show Fawn who she really is but Whisp slithers under the door and claims that Fawn's thoughts are hers and so is her wish. Just when Gigi tells Fawn not to be influenced by Whisp, an eclipse happens, making Whisp real. She plots to use the wish to make it last forever but is stopped by someone, who turns out to be none other than Major Malfunction. Malfunction uses the mirror to free Fawn from Whisp's influence and takes out his energy sword and uses it to banish her back to the lantern. Gigi goes as well, knowing they can't be on two different sides of the lantern.

Years later, the first year back at Monster High begins. Frankie meets up with Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps, Abbey Bominable, Lagoona Blue, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile. As they are heading inside, the Headmistress tells them that she will be putting them in charge of welcoming some very special guests. Draculaura wonders who the special guests could be, but just then they see a red space ship flying out of control and having a terrible landing. The owners of the ship come out and the one in armor says to the one in blue, "That's the last time we let you drive.". Frankie asks the owners who they are




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