Codiper Montage is the brother of Juniper Montage and





  • Crystal Prep? I know. Name's Codiper Montage.
  • I should be a Prime not Twilight! I should be a hero who killed Unicron!
  • Can't you see what is under your noses! Grr! I wish Optimus and the Humane 5 would go away and leave me and Twilight alone!
  • Looks like I am getting the hang at this thing.
  • [as Reflection Codiper Montage. Giggles] Hello, me.
  • [chuckles cheekly]
  • I'll never tell.
  • You're just saying that because you want the mirror to yourself.
  • Or Maybe... I wish you'd JOIN THEM!!!
  • Now, everyone will recognise that I'm a REAL star!
  • You want Daddy to take our picture together?
  • My sister made lot of mistakes, Flain the Shadowbolt. What she done is so... Unforgivable.
  • I... I wish to let the Rainblossoms out!
  • [mimics Megatron] Bertram could be Sunset's bodyguard if your sister is a famous movie star. [in his own voice] I'll show that Con that she is better then him and then he'll be sorry.

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