Cody's and Twivine's Battle of the Bands is a new movie.


When Twivine's band and her brother's band joined forces to turn Odette's world's musical showcase into a Big Battling Brand Brawl, Cody, Rigby (EG) and his sister must join forces with Matau and the Skylanders, Ryan and the Dazzlings, Morro, Sci-Ryan, the Dark Stars (AKA the Mermaids), the Cyberlings, the Thunderbolts, the Rainbooms, the Steambooms and the Ninjago-landers and the Doom Raiders to stop Twivine's band and her brother's band before it's too late.


Prologue: Twivine's band

The film starts Ryvine and his best friend, Rothbart, walking in the tower of Ryvine's castle. Then they hear singing and music coming from the other room. They follow it and found Twivine and her friends practicing on their songs. Rothbart claps his hands for Twivine and her band and Twivine smiles at him, revealing a black gemstone pendant on her neck. Ryvine asks Twivine why she got a pendant. Twivine informs Ryvine that her pendant is the same as the Dazzlings' pendants and her bandmates are wearing their pendants. Ryvine guess the name of Twivine's band called "The Plunderers" and Rothbart informs Ryvine that he can be in his band "The Rythvines" then Uka Uka informs Ryvine and Rothbart that Ryvine's band needs more members so they can be adored. Then Ryvine says "I know just the guys." and Rothbart talks to Bad Sofia that she's became a member of Ryvine's band and Ryvine uses his magic to summon the


  • will work for



  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Ode to Snow

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