This is how Cody's story goes in Ryan's Quest: Chain of Memories.

[We see Cody asleep with Zig from Zig and Sharko]

Zig (Zig and Sharko): [wakes up] What happened? How did I have the ability to talk? Cody? Wake up please.

[Cody does]

Cody Fairbrother: Morning. Where are we, Zig?

Zig (Zig and Sharko): I don't know.

Unknown voice: Stay asleep.

Cody Fairbrother: Huh? Who's there!?

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Who said that?

Unknown voice: You should remain asleep. Here, between light and dark.

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Between... what? [to Cody] Cody? You think a yellow bot was with us?

Cody Fairbrother: Bumblebee and Optimus! Where are they?! Zig? Could you figure out what happened?

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Yeah. Together, we closed the door to darkness. After that....

Unknown voice: You came drifting here with a friend. You did not have the strength to overcome the darkness. Or... maybe you were close to it.

Zig (Zig and Sharko): [laughs] Is it that Cody relay in darkness?

Cody Fairbrother: Is it that I'm a some kind of demon?

Unknown voice: Turn from the light. Shut your eyes. Here, blanketed by the darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But...

[A card appears before Cody and Zig]

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Whoa.

Cody Fairbrother: What is this thing?

Unknown voice: It is the door to the truth. Take it and both your sleeps ends, as you take the first step towards the truth. But know this: the truth will bring you pain. Will you still go? There is no returning to the security of sleep.

Cody Fairbrother: Should I, Zig?

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Yes. I'm with you all the way.

[Cody grabs the card]

Cody Fairbrother: It's a pretty boing place to take a nap.

Unknown voice: That was very well said, Cody.

[Zig and Cody gets transported to Castle Oblivion's Basement]

Zig (Zig and Sharko): Bernie is with us too, Cody.

Cody Fairbrother: A door to the truth, huh?

[Zig nods]

He use the Card and they're in Hollow Bastion

Cody: That's Hollow Bastion!

Unknown Voice: What you and Zig see is not real. It is a world of your memory.

Zig: And you think this is a memory?

Cody: Is that not real?

Unknown Voice: The things you remember from your time at Kaos' castle became a card, and that card made this world. You two have seen it before, haven't you?

Cody: Yes. What will Zig and I learn? Will we meet any people?

Unknown Voice: You would meet the people in your memories. Ordinarily.

Cody: What does it mean?

Then they didn't heard the Voice

Zig: Hey! He's asking you a question!

Still nothing

Cody: Let it go, Zig. But it had better be you I run across next. Voice.

They went off and they're in a Room

Zig: Everything is like you remember it, Cody.

Unknown Voice: It must be nice being back in your old bedroom. Think of all the memories...

Cody: You again. Sorry, but these memories couldn't do without. Kaos gave me this room.

Unknown Voice: So he did. And you lived here. Tempted by the darkness he offered. You cast away your home, your friends, everything... At least they gave you a nice room.

Cody: Stop talking to us!

They left and they're in the Hallway

Cody: No one's here, either--- There's nothing but Heartless in this Castle.

Zig: Voice! I know you're watching. Well, explain this to us! Where are the people from Cody's memory!?

Unknown Voice: Do you want to see them?

Cody: Yes!

Unknown Voice: But you cast them aside.

Cody: What!?

Unknown Voice: You dreamt of the outside world, and you passed through the door to darkness. Behind you, you left family, friends, home---everything---all in pursuit of darkness.

Cody: But, I cast that aside, too!

Unknown Voice: And what do you have to show for it? First your home, then the dark. Your heart only knows how to cast away. It's empty---like that room. Like your memories. That's why you don't meet anyone. Your heart is hollow---except for the residual darkness.

Zig: You're wrong! Cody cast away the darkness!

Unknown Voice: Ha ha ha... Did he really, now?

They left and they saw Kaos

Zig: Kaos?!

Kaos: I knew you're here, Cody.

Cody: Kaos! You're alive!?

Kaos: You don't get it? I am a figment from your memories.

Zig: Of all the people we could ran into, it has to be you?

Kaos: But of course. After all, your heart is steeped in darkness. You can only see those who exist in that same darkness...

Cody: No...

Kaos: Be grateful you have someone to keep you company. Your heart is empty. Were it not for the darkness it contains, you would be completely alone.

Cody: That's sounding pretty good right about now.

Zig: Me too.

Kaos: Come, now. You once turned to me to sate your hunger for darkness. You want me here. Who but I can grant you the darkness you long for?

Cody: There was a time I did want you around. I surrendered my heart to the dark. But never again. You and your darkness have nothing to offer. All I did was lose myself... Empty myself! I'm finished with all that. If I'm stuck seeing people like you, people of the dark... I'll take you out one by one.

Kaos: Then you mustn't forget to destroy yourself last. For, like me, you are one of the dark.

Cody: That's fine with me. I turned to darkness because my heart was weak. I hate that weakness. It's like I'm my own enemy. And seeing people like you embrace the darkness just makes it worse! Enough talk, Kaos.

Kaos: So you hate the darkness enough to fight it. Oh, the agony you must feel! Then let me purge you and your friend. With the awesome power of the DARKNESS!

He transformed into a Monster. Cody defeated him and he and Zig left and return to Castle Oblivion

Zig: That was a battle.

Unknown voice: Why you and Cody shun the darkness?

Cody: C'mon. I know you heard us. Every word Zig and I said to Kaos.

Unknown voice: Darkness is your weapons, Cody and Zig. It is time you learned you must accept it.

Zig: What does it mean?

Unknown voice: Tell Cody to stop resisting, Zig. Accept the darkness. You have no other way...

Ansem appeared

Ansem: ....If you are to serve me again.

Cody: I thought it was you... Ansem.

Zig: So. We meet at last, Ansem the seeker of darkness.

Ansem: Oh. You two don't seem surprised.

Zig: All you been telling me and Cody is about the darkness. I think you want Cody and me to jump in, so you can play us like toys.

Ansem: Smart thinking, Zig. I knew Cody is the one to serve me. And now, Zig. Surrender Cody to me again.

Cody: No thank you! I'll beat you![pulls out his weapon] YEAAAA!!!!!

[Cody attacks Ansem but, Ansem pushed Cody back]

Zig: Cody! Now, you're going to get it![picks up a sword] Get ready for the best!

[Zig tries to attack but, Ansem pushed Zig back as well]

Zig: Ow. Is this power for real?

Ansem: Did you really think you and Zig can do me harm? A weak human like you couldn't even defeat your techno-organic brother Ryan, and you had darkness on your side.

Cody: Sorry. For being weak..

Ansem: And Zig. You know that a hyena like you can't beat Sharko and you don't need darkness.

Zig: Huh? Are you trying to say you can sense the darkness in me?

Ansem: Yes. And you are weak. You need Darkness. Surrender. Bow to Darkness. Bow to Me.

Cody: It won't happen!

Ansem: Only the Darkness can offer to you all of the strength that you will need.

Zig: Not gonna happen!

??????: You're wrong.

They saw Two light spheres

Cody: That Voice... Bumblebee!

Zig: Optimus Prime!

Optimus: That's right! Remember you two, you're not alone.

He and Bumblebee went into Cody's and Zig's Hearts

Bumblebee: Listen close. The light'll never give up on you. You'll always find it, even in the deepest Darkness.

Cody: We got it. We won't lose to darkness. Not today.

Ansem: Do you two think those two lights will protect you and Zig from the darkness that I command?

They are fighting and they defeated him

Cody: What, that all you got?

Ansem: It seems to me that you and Zig are intent on resisting the darkness. Alright. Then see it for yourself. [shows Zig and Cody a card]

Cody: What?

Zig: What is that?

Ansem: This is a card crafted from Cody's memory, Zig. Advance through the world it creates and then, you and Cody will understand. Chasing after light is not the way. It will not give you and Cody distance from the darkness. There is no running from the darkness.

Zig: Don't worry, Ansem. We're not running. Give it to Cody please. My friend and I will enter the world and in the end, if me and Cody didn't give in to the darkness... We win.

Ansem: Unfortunately, Cody will have to go to his memories on his own.

Zig: Wha?

Ansem: But you can help him once he called you from the cards. And then you'll join him after he leaves the world from his memories.

Zig: Cody. You think you can make it? I would come along.

Cody: Don't worry, about me. I can take care of myself. And I will. If you want to go alone from all my memories, then fine. I'll do it!

He give the cards to him

Ansem: I have one more gift for you.

Then clenches his hand, and dark spheres forms inside Cody and he can feel the pain

Zig: Cody! What did you do to him?

Ansem: I simply tempered the Darkness that yet remains in his heart.

Cody: You will think that I'd rely on darkness?

Ansem: To use it or not is your choice. I'll be waiting, Cody, for you to sense it, and yield to the darkness in your heart!

He disappeared

Zig: Be careful, Cody.


Lexaeus appeared

Zexion: Don't I even warrant a hello, Lexaeus?

And then Vexen appeared too

Vexen: What is going on, Zexion? I want an explanation.

Zexion: Nice to see you too, Vexen. It's such a shame. The Organization used to be the rope that bonds us together.

Vexen: You're only number 6! How dare you...

Lexaeus: Let it go, Vexen. [to Zexion] Zexion, tell us. What did you detect?

Zexion: Visitors. I picked up two scents from the castle's lowest basement. One of them was Kaos.

Vexen: Don't be absurd. The dark Portal Master is gone. He cannot return from the realm of darkness of his own volition.

Zexion: If you would let me finish. The scent belonged not to the real Kaos but a very convincing double. But I truly cannot say much beyond that since the double is no more. Our other visitor saw to that.

Lexaeus: And who is it?

Zexion: I do not know for sure... But the scent was very similar to that of the Superior.

Vexen: And yet, not exactly the same, was it?

(Zexion nods)

Vexen: This truly piques my curiosity.

Zexion: Now---what to do?

Lexaeus: We wait---see what develops.

(Cody and Zig leaves the Exit Hall and enters the Eleventh Basement)

Zig: Something smells...funny... What's that scent? It's so familiar...

(Cody gasps silently)

Cody: Darkness. It's the smell of darkness. I can't believe this is happening. The darkness even seeped into my skin...

Optimus: Don't worry, you two.

Zig: Optimus!

Cody: Bumblebee!

(A sphere of light floats down and it turns into Optimus and Bumblebee. They are transparent. They all smile. Cody gasp)

Cody: What happened? We can see...right through you.

Optimus: Funny, huh? I can only send a bit of my power to this place. That's why I've got a request for ya.

Zig: Request?

Bumblebee: Listen, Cody. Just because darkness holds you, don't let go of who you are. You've got to fight the darkness inside you! It won't be easy to do, I know. But please don't forget. Even in the darkest darkness, there's always a little bit of light.

Cody: Light within darkness...

Optimus: You and I have seen it. The far welcoming light inside the door to darkness... The light of Kingdom Hearts---it will show you the way. Please don't give up. Believe in the light. That's a request from my heart.

Cody: Okay... I'll do my best.

Bumblebee: Trust me. We'll try to find a way to reach you. We"ll get there, I promise.

(They reaches out their hand. They tries to shake it, but their hand passes right through Optimus and Bumblebee's hand)

Zig: You're an illusion...

Optimus: Don't worry. We shook hands in our hearts, remember? We're connected, you and me.

Cody: Guess we are.


Zexion: I have identified the scent. It is Cody Fairbrother.

Vexen: Cody, you say? Has he emerged from the realm of darkness?

Zexion: His existence---it was once doubled in the darkness.

Vexen: Fascinating... That's why you mistook him for the Superior. The dark power given to Cody facilitated his escape from its realm.

Zexion: What I want to know is why he appeared here in Castle Oblivion.

Vexen: That's really quite simple. His existence resonates with that of another hero.

Zexion: Ryan F-Freeman is in the castle?

Vexen: He arrived earlier. Marluxia is already using Megaminé's unique powers to meddle with Ryan's heart.

Zexion: Without even bothering to consult us.

Vexen: It seems he desperately wants the Keyblade master for himself--- What a foolish plan, indeed. Ryan's is not such an interesting existence. The entity that holds true value---is his brother, the hero of darkness.

Back to Cody

Cody saw Vexen

Cody: What the?

Vexen: I take it you're Cody.

Cody: Are you with Ansem?

Vexen: You are half correct. Let us say that he is not the Ansem with which are familiar. He is Ansem and he is not Ansem. Perhaps a "Nobody" best convey the idea.

Zig: I don't know about that riddle. Try again.

Vexen: He belongs to neither the light nor the dark but walks the Twilight between.

Both: (Gasp)

Vexen: (laugh) Catching on now? Oh yes, you also stand in between the light and the darkness. It appears we have much in common.

Cody: Maybe... Like you said, there really is darkness left inside of me. But so what? Darkness is my enemy!

(He summons his Soul Eater)

Cody: And so are you for reeking of that awful smell!

Vexen: Oh ho! So it's a fight you want. Very good---I shall take you on!

(Cody and Vexen fight. They jumps and slashes at Vexen, but he blocks it with his shield. Cody and Zig strikes again, but is blocked. Vexen laughs)

Vexen: I find, coursing through you, there is a darkness of formidable power growing! Well worth the trouble of aggravating you. All this excitement has provided me with invaluable data.

Cody: What?!

(Vexen hits Cody with his shield, which pushes him back)

Vexen: Many thanks, Cody!

(Vexen disappears)

Cody: Tch... It was a trick all along.


Lexaeus: What's happening to Ryan?

Zexion: Megaminé's powers are being used to shuffle his memories as we speak. Marluxia may well succeed in getting his puppet. Ryan would be a valuable asset to the Organization...but Marluxia and Larxene's actions, they---leave me quite uneasy.

Lexaeus: And then there is Axel. Who knows what that one is thinking...

Zexion: Vexen should take care of this. His replica is soon to be completed.

Lexaeus: But Vexen despises Marluxia. Think of the mess it would make.

Zexion: So we must tell him. Isn't it better that Vexen clean up the mess than leave it to us?

Back to Cody

Cody and Zig saw something shocking

Cody: What are you supposed to be!?

They saw a Replica of Cody

Replica: Surprised? I guess you should be. After all, I look just like you. I'll tell you what I am, I am the exact same replica that Vexen made from your Data.

Cody: So, you're a fake me?

Replica: I'm not a fake! I don't care if your real, you're not better. We share the same body and the same talent. But there is one easy to tell us apart, though!

He point at Cody

Replica: Unlike you I fear nothing.

Cody: Are you... Calling me a wimp?

Zig: Go get him, Cody. It might be one of Ansem's traps.

Replica: Ansem? I don't know about him. But for you, Real thing. You're afraid of the dark, the Darkness inside you still frightens you, no matter what you say.

Cody: Grr...

Replica: But I'M different. I embrace the darkness. I can do whatever I want. So I can wipe the floor with you.

He fight the Replica of him and he defeated him

Cody: Hey, Fake! I thought I heard you said, that you're gonna wipe the floor with me.

Replica: Hmph. Don't forget. I'm still new. I'll get stronger and stronger. The next time we fight, you're finished!

Cody: So let's fight now!

He attacked him but the Dark energy blast Cody and the Replica laugh

Zig: Grrr!! If you fight him, you're going to have to go through me!

Replica: It's nice having darkness on my side! You are SO missing out. How could you be scared of something that can be so thrilling?

Cody: Stop it!

Replica: Hmph. So now the Hero is playing tough. So long, Real Thing. Hope you don't miss me.

He left

Cody: Wait! No way, I'm not a wimp.

Zig: Calm down. Cody. Let's move on and stay away from Ansem's darkness.


Vexen: So, how was the real thing?

Cody Replica: He's spineless. In no time at all, I'll be better than him.

Vexen: In the meantime, would you be interested in meeting another who's considered a hero?

Cody Replica: You mean Ryan. I hear he's somewhere in the castle. You want me to take care of him?

Vexen: We'll see... Yes... I intend to make good use of you.

Cody Replica: No worries. The real Cody was nothing. Ryan won't be, either. They're no match for me.

Back to Cody

Cody: Come out! Show yourself, Fake!

Zig: Come out and fight like a man, Fake!

Ansem: Fake? Oh, no... That's not exactly the right word.

(They look around for Ansem, and he appears)

Cody: What are you saying? Isn't he just a copy of me?

Ansem: More like a model. He is an example of what you should try to be. He accepts the darkness...just like you once couldn't help but accept me. But now you are afraid. Perhaps YOU are the one who is being fake. Fake when you pretend to have no fear.

Zig: When have Cody been afraid of the dark?

Ansem: Inside of the grappled desperately with the darkness. Desperation is fear. You fight the darkness because it is what frightens you.

Cody: I... Be quiet!

(Codu summons his Soul Eater. He attacks Ansem, who catches the blow and flings him backward)

Ansem: Stubborn boy.

(He tosses a card to Cody)

Ansem: Then continue your fight, if you must. Eventually, you will learn. You cannot resist the darkness.


Axel: How can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.

Vexen: I came to lend you a hand. You obviously believe this Ryan has much potential, but I remain unconvinced he is truly worth such coddling. I think an experiment would show if he really is of any value to us.

Larxene: Hmph. Well, here we go again. It's just an excuse so you can carry out your little experiments. That's all.

Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes.

Axel: Whatever. You can do what you want. But you know, I think testing Ryan is just a cover for testing your valet.

Vexen: Valet? He's the product of pure research.

Larxene: What he actually is is a toy.

Vexen: Hmph. You should just learn to be quiet.

(Larxene looks away)

Axel: Anyway... Since you came all this way, you're gonna need this.

(Axel holds out a card of Canterlot High)

Axel: A humble gift to my elder. I hope you use it to put on a very good show for us.

(Vexen takes the card and smiles. And then the Replica of Cody appeared)

Axel: That Card holds the Memories of Ryan and Cody's Home.

Replica: That was a card. How come it's so precious?

Larxene: With a little help from Megaminé, you'll have all the real Cody's memories. Maybe we can get her to make you forget you're nothing but a fake. In other words, we'll remake your heart so you can be---exactly the same as the real Cody, 'kay?

(The replica gasps)

Replica: What does it mean? And are you saying you going to remake my heart? The real Cody is a loser who was afraid of the dark. Why would I want a heart of a loser?

Larxene: Any objection, Vexen? After all, you do want to test on Ryan.

Vexen: It must be done.

Replica: How could you!? Are you betraying me!?

Vexen: I told you I would make good use of you.

Replica: What!?

Larxene: Relax, Kiddo. I'm sure it won't hurt you so bad.

Replica: I'll hurt you!

He attacked him and she blast him with her power and she laughed

Larxene: Stupid little toy! Think you could defeat me? Where would you ever get a thought like that?

(As Larxene talks, the replica starts to get scared, and Megaminé watches in horror at the far end of the room)

Larxene: But---look on the bright side. Along with everything else in your head, Naminé will erase the memory of me knocking you flat. Instead, she will implant the loveliest little memories you could ever hope for! It's no big deal if they're all lies.

Replica: No! No!!!!!

[Hours Later]

Larxene: Why so glum, Megaminé? Is there something that's been troubling you? Are you feeling awful about tinkering with Ryan's memory? Or maybe you---

Cody Replica: Cut it out, Larxene.

(The Cody Replica enters the room)

Cody Replica: Megaminé---she doesn't want to remember Ryan.

Larxene: Is that so?

Cody Replica: (To Megaminé) Don' worry. Whatever's hurting you, I'll make it go away.

(He takes out her good luck charm)

Cody Replica: I swear it on this---the good luck charm you gave me. See ya.

(The replica leaves)

Larxene: That's just amazing. It's almost like you completely made his heart from scratch. Nice touch with the good luck charm. I didn't know you could use memories to transform objects like cards into keepsakes. You used the same trick on Ryan, right? You changed Meg's good luck charm with your magic, didn't you? (Giggles) It won't be long before Ryan forgets about Meg completely! And then he'll be all yours to---

Megaminé: He won't forget.

Larxene: Huh?

Megaminé: No matter how much I change his memory, Ryan will never forget Meg. Memories of me--- More false memories of me will just make his feelings for Meg even stronger than before. Because...I'm the shadow of Kairi.

Larxene: What's your problem with that? That should be your incentive not to screw anything up. Just do a good job rewriting Ryan's heart. Then you can actually be somebody---and no longer just Meg's shadow. You'll be real in Ryan's heart.


Lexaeus: Vexen is no more. 

Zexion: Yes, his scent is gone. Axel struck him down...something I find deplorable--- Agents of the Organization striking each other down.

Lexaeus: Our problem is Ryan. Vexen proved to be no match for him, yet he's still under Naminé's control.

Zexion: But we cannot eliminate Ryan, can we?

Lexaeus: Correct. For our Superior---he is in dire need of the hero of light. When light loses sight of its path---we may find use for the dark. What we must do---is obtain the darkness.

Back to Cody

Zig: Ok, Cody. We did well. How many cards we have?

Cody: Just one card left. If we get through this, will we be free of the darkness?

Zig: I don't know. What if Ansem possess me like he did to you?

Cody: We'll find out soon. This is the only card we have left now.

[Minutes Later]

[They saw Lexaeus]

Cody: That scent... You're another one of those "nobodies."

Lexaeus: You've done well thus far. But to possess your powers, and yet fear darkness... What a waste.

Cody: I do not...fear it!

Lexaeus: I sense that you do. You're also capable of controlling the darkness. Cast away your useless fear. Open your heart. Embrace the darkness.

Cody: And if I say no?

Lexaeus: Then you lose both light and darkness---and disappear!

(Lexaeus surrounds himself with a red and black aura. Cody struggles against the pressure released from the aura)

Lexaeus: I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the frail heart---of an infantile coward! Now, stop resisting---and let the darkness in!

They are fighting and they defeated him

Cody: You're done!

Lexaeus: Don't mock it!

He hit them and they got unconscious

Lexaeus: You were too much trouble.

Then Dark Aura goes around Cody, he get up and defeated Laxaues

Cody: You're too slow.

Lexeaus: You really are the Supirior's. Forgive me, Zexion. This was a fight I should not have started.

He fading away

Zig: [laughs weakly]

In Cody's Heart

Ansem: I can you now... Clearly.

Cody: Where am I? Zig? Lexeaus? That's not right.

Ansem: Cody... I can see your heart...

Cody: Oh no. That kind of darkness could only mean one chap...

Ansem: That's it, remember me... Let me drift into your heart...

Cody: Ansem!

Ansem: (Laugh) You called out my name. You have been thinking about me... You're afraid of the darkness I command. Good... The more you think of me, the closer my return draws. And when I have awoken, I will take hold.

He appear

Ansem: Your heart will be mine!

He's gonna reach him and then a Light has saved Cody

Optimus Prime: Cody! Don't let him win!

Cody: Optimus Prime!

Ansem: You meddlesome Prime!

Back in Castle Oblivion

Cody wakes up and so does Zig

Zig: Cody? What happend? Did Ansem got me?

Cody: No. He only got me. Optimus... He saved me... Optimus? Where are you, Optimus!

Zig: We could thank him when Ansem is gone for good.

Cody: You're with me, aren't you?


Zexion: Lexaeus is gone as well...

(Axel appears)

Axel: Vexen, Larxene, Lexaeus... I wonder who will be next in line.

Zexion: I thought perhaps it might be you.

Axel: Me? No way. My illusion of me already took my pounding from Ryan. He thinks I'm done for good. Nope, I think it'll be Marluxia next. For defying the Organization and targeting Ryan. I hope he moves exactly as his heart commands him to. So, what about you? I thought you guys had plans for Cody.

Zexion: Yes, we were going to set him off against the traitors... But with Marluxia gone, there is no more need. He is nothing but a nuisance now.

Axel: And he's dangerous, as well. After all, he took down Lexaeus.

Zexion: You know that is not how I do things. Tell me, did you obtain the data on Cody's home?

Back to Cody

(There is a great rumble in the castle. Cody gasps)

Zig: Whoa.

Cody: What? One of the scents has died---a really strong one. Huh?

(Zexion appears)

Zexion: The keeper of this castle, Marluxia, has just been felled by the Keyblade master.

Cody: Keyblade? You mean... My brother? My brother is here!

Zexion: Yes. Want to see him? But...can you face him?

Cody: What?

Zexion: The world of darkness, and Ansem's shadow, still nest within your heart. Do you plan to face Ryan like that? Are you not ashamed?

(Cody looks away)

Zexion: Ryan's fate is to battle the darkness. He must oppose anyone who hosts the dark---in other words, it's you. If you don't believe the words I say...

(Zexion tosses a card to Cody)

Zexion: then you had best see the truth with your own eyes.

Cody: This card... This is our-

It the Card of Canterlot High

Zexion: Yes, it is your home.

[He disappeared and Cody went to the Door and he's in Canterlot High alone]

Cody: I never thought I'd miss the school school so much... Hmph. There was a time I couldn't wait to get off this rock. And now I'm acting all relieved.

(He sees Tino, Carver, Tish and Lor in the distance)

Cody: Is that...? Hey!

(They don't hear him. Cody runs over to them)

Cody: What's with you guys? I don't think I've ever seen the four of you so quiet.

(They look at him but don't respond)

Cody: What, is there something on my face?

(Still no response)

Cody: Guys?!

(The three vanish. Cody is shocked, he went off and he saw Meg)

Cody: Meg... Hey, Meg. Are you---

She disappeared

Cody: Ah--- No!

Zexion: Surely you knew this would happen.

Cody saw him

Zexion: You've been to a number of worlds in your memory before this one. And in those worlds, you met only dark beings. That's all that's left in your heart: dark memories. Your memories of home are gone---each and every one.

Cody: You're lying! I know everyone from school. Tino, Lor, Tish, Carver, Meg, Lois, Chris, Peter, Brian, Stewie, Meg and My brother. They were my... My... My closest friends.

Zexion: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions that you've forgotten. You destroyed your home!

(There is a flash of darkness, and the islands are reduced to a single landmass. Cody gasps and observes his surroundings)

Cody: This is...that night!

Zexion: All of the town you grew up on were sundered, scattered. Many hearts were forever lost to the darkness. Because of what YOU did!

(Zexion points over to a projection of Cody at the edge of the island. Cody gasps)

Zexion: You hated being around in school, so you opened the door to darkness and destroyed the islands. It was YOU! You were pulled into the darkness then, and now you belong to the darkness.

(Cody clutches his heart and looks ahead in horror)

Zexion: You should look---look at what you truly are!

(The projection of Cody transforms into a Darkside Heartless)

Cody: This...this can't be who I really am!

He is fighting it and he defeated it and he saw Ryan

Cody: Ryan!? Ryan!

(Cody walks over to Ryan)

Cody: Brother, it's me---

(Cody turns around and attacks Cody with his Keyblade. Cody jumps backward and dodges it)

Cody: What?!

(Ryan jumps at Cody and strikes him. Cody blocks the attack with his Soul Eater, their blades now clashing)

Cody: Stop it, Ryan! Don't you recognize me?

Ryan: Yeah, I recognize you. I can see exactly what you've become!

(Ryan jumps back and fires a laser at Cody, knocking him on his back)

Ryan: How can the light hurt you? Cody... Have you really become a creature of the dark? You're not brother anymore... You're just a pawn of the darkness. So be it. It's time for you to face the light!

(Ryan holds up his Keyblade and creates a sphere, which engulfs everything in light. Cody is floating in a white void afterwards]

Cody: I'm...fading... Fading away...into the light.

?????: You won't fade.

(Meg appears)

Meg: You can't fade. There's no power that can defeat you---not the light, not the dark. So don't run from the light---and don't fear the darkness. Because both will make you stronger.

Cody: Make me stronger? Darkness too?

Meg: Yeah. Strength that's yours. The darkness inside your heart---it's vast and it's deep...but if you can truly stare into it and never try to look away, you won't be afraid of anything again.

Cody: All this time I've tried to push the darkness away---

Meg: You've gotta just remember to be brave. Know that the darkness is there and don't give in. If you do that, you will gain strength---the kind that's unlike any other. You'll be able to escape the deepest darkness---

Cody: ---and I'll be able to see through the brightest light---

Meg: Follow the darkness. It'll show you the way to your friends.

Cody: Can I face them?

(Megaminé's image fuses with Meg's and their voices meld)

Meg & Megaminé: You don't want to?

Cody: You know I do. Of course.

(Meg nods and disappears)

Cody: And I will! With my strength--- My dark strength!

(Cody reappears in a dark shroud)

Cody: Darkness!

(Cody enters Dark Mode and summons his Soul Eater. He slashes the air and is released from the void. Back at school, Cody has slashed through Ryan)

Zexion: Impossible!

(Ryan transforms back into Zexion. He falls to the ground)

Zexion: How is it that you found me when you were there in the light?

Cody: You reek of darkness. Even the light can't block the smell.

(Zexion gasps)

Cody: I guess I followed the darkness right to you.

Zexion: This is absurd... Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing---nothing but a mere illusion!

(Cody fights and defeats Zexion. Zexion is on the ground after the fight)

Zexion: After all your protests, you're still like us, on the side of darkness.

Cody: I know who I am.

Zexion: When did that happen? You were always terrified of the dark before---

Cody: Not anymore!

(Zexion gasps. Cody slashes through him. Zexion groans in pain and disappears. Cody returns to normal.)

Zexion: What IS he?! (Slamming the wall) No one's EVER worn the darkness the way that he does! It's impossible!

(Axel and Cody appear in the room. Zexion gasps and cowers by the wall. He notices something in Cody)

Zexion: Oh... Oh, yes. The replica, of course. We can use this Cody to defeat the real one. Axel?

Axel: (To the replica) Wouldn't you like to be real?

(The replica nods)

Axel: All you need is the kind of power that the real Cody doesn't have. If you can get that, you can be a new person---not Riku, nor anybody else. You won't just be a copy of someone. You will be unique, your OWN self.

Zexion: Axel! What are you saying to him?!

Axel: You know, he's as good a place to start as any.

Zexion: You can't do this!

(The replica grabs Zexion by the collar. He is surrounded by an aura of darkness as he starts draining Zexion's life force. Zexion begins to fade away)

Axel: So sorry, Zexion. Hm... You just found out way too much.

Back to Cody

Ansem: Cody... Cody...

Cody: Who's there!

Ansem: I know you can feel it... The grip that I have in your heart.

[They realised that Ansem is in Cody's Heart]

Ansem: You have let in the darkness, Cody. That means very soon your heart shall become all-consuming darkness.

Cody: I'm not like that now!

Ansem: Yes, you are.

Then Cody has can't move his body

Cody: I can't move!

Zig: Ansem! Let him go!

Ansem: I can't. The deeper the darkness runs inside you, the stronger I become. Controlling you is effortless.

(Optimus's sphere appears and fuses into Cody's heart. Everything is consumed in light)

Ansem: Ugh... Must you interfere again?!

(Cody regains control of himself. He tries to catch his breath)

Zig: Are you okay?

Bumblebee: Phew! Sure glad we made it in time! Heh! That oughta keep Ansem busy for a while.

Both: Huh?

(Optimus and Bumblebee is behind Cody and Zig, in solid form)

Optimus: Sorry we couldn't come here sooner, Cody.

Cody: Optimus, Bumblebee, is it you?

Optimus: Yeah.

(Hw touches the robot face)

Optimus: Whoa! What are you doing?

(Cody laughs in relief)

Cody: This time, you're not an illusion. I'm so glad that you could make it here.

Optimus: We made a promise to make sure we find you, Huh?

Zig: Are you okay?

(Cody falls down)

Cody: Ahh..I'm okay. Don't worry. Guess I'm just relieved. Me--- me and Zig been alone so long that having someone else around a little...overwhelming. But...uh, how did you make it here? I thought it was too far.

Optimus: I found a card to help me.

(He takes out a card of Twilight Town)

Optimus: We needed a way outta the realm of darkness, and then suddenly, this card appeared right in front of me. When I picked it up, I could see your heart beyond the darkness. That's what let me find you. I guess the card thought its place was to be with you.

(Cody takes the card and looks at it)

Cody: Maybe you are right.

Zig: Good luck, Cody. I got some unfinished buisines.

He went to the Door and he's in Twilight Town alone

Cody: Where am I? What is this place? Oh! Zig? Optimus? Bumblebee?

(They are not there. Ansem appears)

Ansem: You must battle me all alone. Against my dark powers!

(Cody gets angry and summons his weapon. He notices something and drops his guard)

Ansem: What's this? Are you giving up? Finally ready to surrender to your fate?

Cody: You're not the true Ansem.

(Ansem drops his guard and allows Riku to talk)

Cody: Your scent is different. The Ansem in my heart smells darker. The odor is more foul. But your scent just isn't that. It's not darkness. It's something else. I finally understand. You're the one who guided me when it started. You came to me pretending to be Ansem. You gave me the card--- To make me face the darkness.

(Ansem gives off a bright yellow aura, and his voice melds with that of another man)

Ansem: Hm. That is correct.

(Ansem transforms into a different man. He wears a red and black outfit, and a red sash that covers his face)

DiZ: DiZ, or so I am known. You---I've watched you all along.

Cody: Really. Who are you? And what do you want from me?

DiZ: For you to choose.

Cody: Choose?

DiZ: You are a special entity. You exist between light and dark. You stand in the twilight. You are to meet Megaminé, then choose.

Cody: Megaminé? Who's that?

DiZ: You will know soon.

(DiZ transforms into a ball of light and flies away, Cody went to the Old Mansion)

Cody: Maybe Megaminé is here.

Replica: Hold it!

Cody: What?

(He saw the Replica of Him)

Replica: Hmph. You've changed. your own darkness--- it doesn't frighten you anymore.

Cody: How can you tell?

Replica: Because I'm you.

Cody: No, I'm me.

Replica: "I'm me," he says. Must be nice being real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that. (Starting to sound angry) That's right, I'm a phony, a fake! The way I look, the way I feel, everything I remember! And even this newfound power!

(The replica surrounds himself with a dark aura)

Cody: Huh?!

Replica: I thought by finding some new strength, I could finally be someone---someone who is not at all you! But...nothing changes... I'm still just empty! Everything about me is borrowed. As long as you're around, I'll never be more than a shadow!

(Cody fights and defeats his replica. After the battle, the replica is lying on the ground, fading away into darkness)

Replica:'s over. Hmph. Death doesn't frighten me. Good riddance to a phony life. My heart was never real. I'm sure even what I'm feeling now is probably all fake.

Cody: How was it?

Replica: What happens when a fake dies---one like me? Where will my heart go? Does it disappear?

Cody: It'll go somewhere. Maybe to the same place like mine.

Replica: Tsk. A faithful replica until the very end. That's.... Nice.

[He fade away and he saw Megaminé]

Cody: Are you Megaminé?

Megaminé: Yes.

Cody: I see... That was you...

Megaminé: Huh?

Cody: Forget it. Nothing.

Megaminé: Please... Come this way.

(Cody sees Ryan inside his pod and gasps. He runs to the pod)

Cody: Ryan! (To Megaminé) What have you done to my brother?

Megaminé: Nothing. He's just asleep. To get his memory back.

(Megaminé explains everything to Cody)

Cody: So Ryan chose to forget about this castle...and get his old memories back?

Megaminé: You have a choice to make, too.

Cody: Why me, too? No one's messed with my memories.

Megaminé: It's not your memories. It's your darkness. In your heart there is darkness, and in that darkness is Ansem. He may be at bay for now---but eventually he'll wake, and he will take over you just like he did before. But I have powers you can use. With my powers, I can put a tight lock on your heart. That way, Ansem could never come out from inside you.

Cody: What happens to me if I let you do that? Will I forget everything like Ryan?

(Megaminé is silent)

Cody: I'll have to.

Megaminé: The darkness in you will be sealed tight just like your memory. You'll stop remembering the darkness. You'll go back to how you were. Cody, please choose.

(Cody thinks for a moment and looks at Ryan, sleeping in his pod)

Cody: He doesn't even look worried. Will I sleep like that, too?

Megaminé: Yes.

Cody: Figures. Ryan always did as he pleased. Whatever we'd be doing together, he'd find a way to slack off. Even trying to leave the town---I did all the work on the vehicle by myself. That's it. When this slacker wakes up, I'll tell him off. I told him to take care of Meg and here he is just taking a nap! But I can't chew him out like he deserves---if I've been asleep.

(Megaminé gasps)

Cody: I don't need my heart locked. I'm ready---I'm gonna fight Ansem.

Megaminé: But what if his darkness overtakes you?

Cody: If that happens, then the darkness will show me the way.

Megaminé: Yes... That's true.

Cody: (Chuckles) Why do I get the feeling that you knew I would say that?

Megaminé: I didn't know. I hoped. I wanted you to face the darkness, because you're the one who can

Cody: So that's the reason---that's why you came to my rescue inside that light... ... In the form of Meg.

Megaminé: When'd you know?

Cody: I knew when I met you. You and Meg smell the same.

(Cody starts to leave)

Cody: Look after my brother.

(Megaminé nods and smiles. And he's back in Castle Oblivion)

Zig: I guess you decided not to go to sleep.

Cody: How'd you know that?

Bumblebee: We heard it from DiZ.

(Cody gasps. DiZ in on the left side of the hall)

Cody: Do you know him?

Optimus: Well, I'm not sure. Gotta feelin' that I've met him...somewhere...

Zig: I haven't seen him before.

Cody: (To DiZ) Hey. Who are you?

DiZ: I could be nobody or anybody. It is up to you whether you choose to believe in me or not.

Cody: Boy, you really like pushing decisions on other people.

DiZ: And you have pushed away slumber making the choice to face Ansem.

Cody: Do you think I'm reckless?

DiZ: You have chosen your own path.

Cody: Are you supporting me? Or are you abandoning me?

DiZ: That will be your choice as well.

(DiZ hands a black coat to Cody. He takes it)

Cody: What's this?

DiZ: The Organization will pursue you. Like a pack of hunting dogs, they will sneak up on you if they sense your presence. However---this cloak that is worn by Nobodies will render their eyes and noses useless. The face, not so... They wear this to give themselves protection from being devoured by darkness. Is it clear? Even the Organization cannot rule the darkness.

Cody: Doesn't matter. I won't run from the darkness.

DiZ: Hmm.

(DiZ tosses a card of Castle Oblivion to Cody)

DiZ: The card will draw out your heart's darkness. Finish your business with Ansem.

Cody: (To Optimus, Bumblebee and Zig) Come on. Let's go.

They are going to the door

Cody: He said this card will draw Ansem out...

Zig: Don't worry! We can defeat him together!

Cody: Sorry... I've gotta face him alone.

Bumblebee: But why?!

Cody: There's no point in doing this if I can't do it on my own. But I do need a favor. If Ansem is the victor, he's going to enslave me. If that happens, use your powers to destr---

Optimus: O'course! I'll be right there to save ya!

Cody: Huh? No that's not it. I want you to destr---

Zig: No way! No matter what happens, we're gonna be right there to help ya. We promise ya that. don't believe we'll come through for ya...

Cody: I choose to believe in you---always, guys.

Optimus: And I in you. You're not gonna lose, I know it.

Cody: Thanks.

(Cody holds up the Castle Oblivion card to the door, and he enters. He runs down the halls of the castle when he stops to catch his breath. He summons his Soul Eater)

Cody: Ansem! Where are you? Show yourself!

(Ansem laughs)

Cody: Huh?

Ansem: Why in such a hurry? I'll be here at the very heart of darkness... Watching you plunge into the same darkness---inside of you.

Cody: I smell you, Ansem. Show yourself.

(Ansem appears)

Ansem: I have watched you fight. I know your strength. Your skill with darkness has grown. It has become more mature. And yet, why... Why do you accept the darkness---but still refuse me? You know you and I are similar. We both follow where the darkness leads. Indeed, we are the same, so why? Does some part of your heart still have a fear of the dark?

Cody: That's not it. The truth is...

(Cody summons his Soul Eater)

Cody: I just can't stand your foul stench.

Ansem: You are a fool. You should know my powers well by now.

Cody: Yeah, I know. Or did you forget? I used all the power you had to give--- and I still got beaten by my brother Ryan. I'm not at all impressed with your powers!

Ansem: Very well. In that case---

(Darkness surrounds Ansem)

Ansem: You shall sink into the abyss!

(Ansem releases a huge wave of darkness. Cody tries to fight the pressure given off. Cody is transported to a dark area with only a single white platform)

Cody: Huh?

(Ansem's Guardian appears and attacks Cody. Cody dodges)

Ansem: Hm!

(Cody fights and defeats Ansem. They reappear back in the castle)

Ansem: Insolent brat!

(Ansem fires a dark energy ball at Cody. Cody catches it with his weapon and slashes it, causing it to dissipate)

Cody: Ansem!

Ansem: Huh?

(Cody runs to Ansem and slashes through him)

Cody: This is the end!

Ansem: hardly...the end... Your darkness---I gave it...all to you... My dark shadow...lingers... Someday... Someday... I will return!

(Ansem explodes and releases a huge cloud of darkness. Cody is consumed)

Cody: Ryan... Meg...

(Three sphere appears)

Optimus: Look, Cody, I know you wanted to do this alone...but ya don't mind gettin' a LITTLE help, do ya?

(They appears and helps Cody out of the darkness. Back in the castle, they enter the First Floor and are about to exit the castle)

Zig: So, Codt...what happens next? Are you goin' home?

Cody: I can't go home---not yet. It's still here. It's really faint, but I can sense him. So I think his darkness may still have a hold on me.

Optimus: Your darkness belongs to you. Just the same way your light does. Up till now, I thought darkness was something that should never exist. Then I spent time with you and changed my mind. The road you chose---I didn't know. Light and dark, back to back. With you, I think they might meet in a way nobody's seen before. Wonder where that road leads. I'd like to see myself.

Cody: Hm?

(They holds out they hand)

Bumblebee: We'd like to walk the road with ya.

(Cody laughs and joins his hand with them)

Cody: Guys, I'm really flattered... I don't know what to say.

Optimus: Look, Cody you know you don't have to call me that now. We're pals.

Cody: Fair enough, Optimus.

(They all leave the castle. They are wearing black coats as they walk down a dirt path surrounded by grass. They come to a crossroads of four paths and meet with DiZ in the center)

Cody: What are you making me choose now?

DiZ: Between the road to light---and the road to darkness.

Cody: Neither suits me.

(Optimus, Bumblebee and Zit is surprised. Cody walks past DiZ to the road in the middle)

Cody: I'm taking the middle road.

DiZ: Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?

Cody: No. It's the road to dawn.

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