Cody Fairbrother (Opposite) A.K.A Evil Cody Fairbrother is the evil clone of Cody Fairbrother.


When Evil Sunset uses her DNA with Cody's, it makes a clone of Cody Fairbrother. Then Ryvine recited the bad clone of Cody to join the Decepticons after Ryvine takes Megatron's leadership. Evil Cody trains with his master Makuta, Mata Nui's brother. He earned his cutie mark when he helped Morro and Jestro to get the Book of Monsters (a book that has eyes and a mouth and can talk) and formed his own version of the Knights of Ren called the "Knights of NEXO" who are a group of knights consisting of Flay, Crush, Amy, Lilly and Claymore.


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