This is how Collide Bandicoot, Mana and Raibow Dash and Kotori stop the quake in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

[Kuryan was about to touch Tish then something cut his left hand off. Mana and her 2 friends arrive]

Tish: Mana!

Sci-Ryan: Rainbow Dash and Collide!

Mana: Hi. Are you ok with Ryan, Sci-Ryan?

Collide Bandicoot: I think you are safe, Tish. The NEXO Knight teacher is here.

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs] Right on time like always. Your Keyblade has that wired power to cut my spirit armor that easy. This time, however. Things have changed so you will accept that I will not die like Evil Ryan and you won't live. Fetch me, Zafkiel! Come to me now!

[A clock appears with Kuryan's guns and Keyblade]

Tish: Wow.

Ryan Tokisaki: Daletto.

[The hands on Kuryan's clock eye turns. Red smoke flows from the 4 and into his gun. Kuryan puts the gun under his chin and fires. Kuryan's hand flies and connects to Kuryan's arm]

Collide Bandicoot: Your healing powers are cool.

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs] I am not healing in the least. I'm just turning back the clock. Come! Fight! Let the fun begin!

Sci-Ryan: Bring it on.

Mana: Collide will kill you like I did to Kurumi.

Ryan Tokisaki: [chuckles] You don't get it. Do you? Try as much as you want but you will not be able to get rid of me that easy!

Human Rainbow Dash: We shall see, Tokiman.

Mana: Get ready to be exterminated!

Collide Bandicoot: Or reformed. Which ever comes first.

Ryan Tokisaki: [points his gun at a 1] Aleph!

[Kuryan shoots himself and teleports to Mana. He swings his Keyblade like a baseball bat and send her flying]

Sci-Ryan: Mana!

[Mana flies then Kuryan hits her with his boot]

Ryan Tokisaki: Zayin.

[Kuryan shoots Mana]

Mana: But, How!

[She freezes in time]

Sci-Ryan: Mana! No!

[Kuryan shoots Mana, wounding her]

Tish: Kuryan?

[Mana falls on the floor knocking Human Rainbow Dash down]

Sci-Ryan: She's alive!

Mana: Please... don't come any closer.

Collide Bandicoot: Don't worry. I can handle him. [Points her Keyblade at Kuryan] You think you're a Keyblade wielder.

Tohka: Tish!

Iago: Sci-Ryan!

Sci-Ryan: Thank Primus. You are here!

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh how nice. The heroes are here.

Iago: Kuryan! You are going to pay for what you are doing here.

Tohka: What Iago said.

Origami: You can't run from us.

[Sci-Ryan gasps in confusion]

Ryan Tokisaki: Wow. I am so scared. To attack poor sweet Kuryan with a lot of heroes at once. Lucky for me. I am playing for keeps.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, Kuryan. You need to surrender or I'll kill you like I did to Megatron.

Ryan Tokisaki: [to his clones] Is that right, buddies?

[Kuryan's clones start to appear]

Iago: Whoa!

Tish: What the heck is all of that?!

Ryan Tokisaki: This is my past, my dear Tish. My history. They're pretty. Aren't they? Now do you understand why I can not be killed completley?

Casey Fairbrother: Where do these clones come from?!

Ryan Tokisaki: Time. Now we need to end this.

[The heroes are get pointed at with guns and Keyblades while Origami got into a sleeper holder by a Kuryan clone]

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs] When you're gone, I can be free. There you go, you should not get your hopes high, Tish. I know that I got some careful thinking so Pumpkin Pie can't kill Kurumi again.

[Kuryan raise his Keyblade up and the spaequake alarm goes off]

Tino: No! And don't call me that!

Ryan Tokisaki: He he. Get ready to be surounded by lots of deaths and the last one Tish wants to save is me.

Sci-Ryan and Tish: Please! NOOOO!!!!!!

[Kuryan laughs so crazily that it echoes. He then trusts his Keyblade at the floor and the spacequake is started but something stops it]

Sci-Ryan: Huh?

Evil Anna: It stopped.

Ryan Tokisaki: What is going on here?

Kotori Itsuka: You mean Sci-Ryan and you don't know? Here is a fact. Spacail quakes can be destroyed by another spacequake.

Sci-Ryan: Wow... Kotori.

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