Whisper is playing a Videogame and Ryder look so sleepy, because Whisper play that game so long

Ryder: Whisper?

Whisper: Yes, Whis?

Ryder: Whisper, you have to go back to bed. The rest of us are sleeping.

Whisper: Oh. But I'm almost finished the level. I can't go back to bed yet.

Ryder: (Sigh) Finish this game, and go back to sleep. And keep that volume down, it's making me awake.

Whisper: Ok.

Whisper is still playing the game and then he feel so sleepy and then he slept

In the Dream

Ryantransformer017 Studio presents. A Disney and Squre Enix production. In asociasions with Naughty Dog, Funimation, Toei Animation, Comedy Central and Hannah Barbra.

The man named professor Kaufman went to see his students named Eric, Bill, Duncan and Rico

Kaufman: Any progress, Eric and Duncan?

Eric: Sorry, Professor Kaufman. There's still something wrong with the program.

Duncan: And we can't access it.

Kaufman: We can't do any more experiments with the laser until you boys fix it.

Bill: We know. We know. Hey wait! I found something.

Then computer is malfunctioning

Kaufman: What?- Who turned on the laser?

All: Not me!

Kaufman Shut it down!

They are trying to do their best

Bill: I can't! It's not responding!

Duncan: What?!

Then a Computer virus appeared

Kaufman: What is that?

Bill: I was hoping you'd know, professor.

Then they saw it absorbing all the computer data

Rico: What's going on!?

Bill: He's absorbing all our computer data.

Kaufman: Call security!

[They are going to call him but the fires just wrap at Eric's arm and the Phantom Virus is heading towards them]

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