This how confronting TD-1000 and the crash landing goes in Vengeance & Rage!.

[Soon they're taken to the bridge]

TD-1000: Ah yes. The master of one of my enemies. General Griffin. We've been waiting for you.

Droid: [hands TD-1000 Brian, Chris, and Barret's Lightsabers] Here you go, sir.

TD-1000: That was hardly what I could call a "rescue". And... Chris Griffin. I was expecting someone with your reputation to be someone, older.

Chris: TD-1000, your shorter than I expected.

TD-1000: [growls] Jedi, scumbag!

Brian: We have a task at hand Chris, try to upset him.

Kratt: [beeps]

TD-1000: Your lightsabers will make fine additions to my own collection. [puts them onto magnets in his cape]

Brian: I don't think so. Because this time you're not escaping from us.

Chris: Kratt!

[Kratt then starts going crazy as Brian Force grabs his saber and cuts them free, givng Chris and Barret a chance to retreive their sabers.]

TD-1000: Crush them! Crush them!

[The 3 Jedi fight the Magna Droids as they clash sabers with their electrostaffs]

TD-1000: Stay in your positions!

[but soon the 3 kill all Magna droids and then kill the regular droids, as they then corner General Skull]

Brian: Surrdener, TD. You lost.

TD-1000: No, you lost, General Griffin! [he then uses one of the electro-staffs to break the glass as it cracks open and everyhting is sucked out]

[but TD-1000 deploys a grappling hook and grabs onto the side of the ship, As Chris then shuts the emergency hatches]

TD-1000: [gets into one of the escape pods] Time to make my escape. [all of the escape pods then latch]

Chris: All escape pods have been launched!

Brian: TD. (to Chris) Do you think you can fly this thing?

Chris: Well, if you mean be able to land this thing, then I'm not sure. But we don't really have any other options. Strap yourselves in, this kind be a bumpy ride.

[the ship is is heading straight for the planet's atmousphere as the back half breaks off]

Kratt: Uh-oh!

Barret: We've lost something. Something important.

Brian: Don't worry. We got half of the ship.

Chris: Now we're really picking up speed!

[Soon parts start coming off the ship]

Brian: We're in the atmosphere!

Chris: Drop the lever down!

Barret: Hurry! We're gonna crash into the city if we don't get control!

Chris: Hang on!

Brian: Look, over there!

[then several ships fly next to the ship and they start to extinguish the flames on the ship as it heads it way to the city!]

Chris: Hang on!

[Soon the ship skids on the city and it comes to a complete stop]

Brian: Another happy landing!