This is the transcript of Confronting the Darkness in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series.

(The episode begins with our heroes are in Lumiose City)

Ash Ketchum: Lumiose City! We're back again!

Bonnie: We get to see Clemont too!

Serena: So Ash, ready to go?

Ash Ketchum: You bet, ready to battle!

Tai Kamiya: You're the man!

Rokit: This is going to be awesome!

(Then they run to Clemont and Clembot)

Bonnie: Clemont!

(Pikachu and Chespin dance in their reunion)

Ash Ketchum: Hey, Clemont!

Emerl: It's so good to see you!

Clemont: And I'm so glad you're back!

Clembot: It's a pleasure to see everyone again.

Ash Ketchum: Thanks. It sure has been a while.















Ash Ketchum: So you're Belmondo!

Angemon: We found you and Dark Clembot now!

Belmondo: Who are you?!

Clembot: This monster was trying to sneak inside the Lumiose museum!

Izzy Izumi: Just what are you planning to do with that fake Clembot?

Belmondo: (Giggles) To frame your robot as a common criminal simple is that!

Clemont: (Growls in anger)

Serena: I'll go and get Officer Jenny right now.

Bonnie: Okay.

Angewomon: Trying to frame Clembot!?

Kari Kamiya: Why would you do that?!





Serena: Team Rocket, again!

Cody Hida: There's Zach Varmitech and his Zackbots!

Tai Kamiya: Orbot and Cubot!

Yoshi: Bowser!

Sonic: And Dr. Eggman too!

Eddy: Not those jerks again!

Jessie: (Giggling) We attracted, technically advanced robots and replied twerps!

James: And Team Rocket naturally knows the behavoir is the way of life!

Dr. Eggman: We also got Emerl, Gmerl and their robot friends!

Bowser: There's nothing you can do to stop us!

Meowth: And with this magnet, we can grab both of those metal heads at once!

Zach Varmitech: And I'll also turn your robots friends into my evil robot army! (Laughing evilly)

Belmondo: What?!

Tai Kamiya: Your not taking away Emerl and the others!

Takato Matsuki: Let's biomerge to stop them!

Guilmon: Okay, Takatomon!

(Suddenly a flamethrower came out of nowhere burning on the villains, then we see Blaziken Mask and his Mega Blaziken)

Ash Ketchum: It's Blaziken Mask!

Clemont: And Mega Blaziken!

Matt Ishida: About time those superheroes showed up!

Alexa: Ash!

Ash Ketchum: Alexa! It's Blaziken Mask! See?

Alexa: Yeah!

Blaziken Mask: I won't let you cause any trouble for this city!

Zach Varmitech: That superhero Blaziken Mask and his Mega Blaziken are here! Zackbots, get 'em!

Blaziken Mask: Use Flare Blitz!

(Mega Blaziken activates the attack ramming on the Zackbots and then destroy the rope cutting down the magntic and also freeing two Clembots, Emerl, Gmerl, Philmac, Mark EVO and N.A.N.O.)

Ash Ketchum: Emerl! (He runs and catches Emerl just in time before he could crash to the ground)

Tai Kamiya: Are you okay?

Emerl: I'm fine.

Blaziken Mask: Use Blaze Kick, now!

(Mega Blaziken kicks the Balloon and made a big hole and explodes sending the villains blast off to the sky)

Team Rocket and Team Robot's Enemies: We're blasting off again!








Officer Jenny: Dr. Belmondo, you're under arrest.

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