Here is how confronting the workers, and unleashing his anger, hatred and rage goes in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[we see Nighlock wearing his civilian clothes walk into a steam works]

Nighlock:[uses his telekinesis to close all exits] Someone spoke to the police. You all have loved ones, and imagine what they'll feel when they're loved ones never returned from work.

Woker 1:[in a foreign language] Anthony, please. Don't do this.

Nighlock:[shakes his head] My name isn't Anthony anymore.[a tear rolls down his cheek] My name is Nighlock.

[before he could kill them, a flash of blue appeared behind him, and so did Apocalypse, Ozai, Flash Fire and Kylo Ren]

Nighlock: Who are you?

[Apocalypse's eyes turn white, and the workers become stuck in the ground]

Nighlock:[kills them] They took everything from me.

[Flash Fire motions him to come forward]

Apocalypse:[teleports them to an abandoned military base] Look around. What do you see, child?

Nighlock: A base of the people that took them.

Apocalypse:[walks over to him] You have more power than me or these three. And it relies on your emotions. But now, they rely on what fuels your negative feelings.[puts his hand on his and puts it to the ground] Now you must unleash you anger. Unleash your hatred. Unleash your rage.

[as he stares at the ground memories of the past begin to flood him]

[we see the dirt moving on its own around his hand, both metal and non-metal minerals]

[He sees this and gets up, as everything in his telekinetic range lifts up into the air, from parts of the military base, to trees around it]

[as this goes on, he starts seeing visions of everyone who was different being called a freak]

Young Petunia:[in the vision] Freak! Come here. I'm going to tell mummy! You're a freak! You're freaky! Come here!

[as this continues, he shakes with rage, causing the whole Earth to do so as well, creating both a telekinetic storm and earthquake]

[the Autobots, Decepticons, and M.E.C.H detect the energy surge]

Ryan F-Freeman: Frank! Let me handle the blue guy!

[back at the base]

Nighlock: NO!

[as he screams in rage, everything that is in the air disentegrates]

Apocalypse: Everything they've built will fall! And from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one!

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