Here's how Thomas' is still confused about his place in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

Patchy: Ahoy kids! Come inside, I got a treat for you today. You know Thomas the tank engine, right? Well today you're gonna see a movie, of when he and his friends face off the leader of the Deceptitrains! I can't tell you his name, it'll ruin the fun for you.

Potty: He doesn't fight the Deceptitrain leader!

Patchy: Yes, he does.

Potty: Nope.

Patchy: He most certainly does.

Potty: No he doesn't.

Patchy: Yes he does!

Potty: No.

Patchy: [angry] I know for a fact that he does!

Potty: …not. [Patchy fumes.]


Thomas: [has a strange feeling]

Twilight: Thomas, is something wrong?

Brian: Yeah, you look distressed.

Thomas: I don't know guys. But I'm getting a feeling that somewhere in Encino California, a pirate and parrot are arguing about me. And the parrot is winning!

[Back to Patchy and Potty]

Patchy: Does.

Potty: Doesn't.

Patchy: Does.

Potty: Doesn't.

Patchy: Does.

Potty: Doesn't.

Patchy: Does! While we're arguing enjoy "Thomas' Place as a Prime"!  [to Potty] Does.

Potty: Doesn't.

Patchy: [growls]

[The film begins with the 20th Century Fox logo then the Paramount logo]

Optimus Prime: [narrating] Sometime ago, my friend Thomas was just a normal tank engine and a student to Princess Celestia, ruler of all of Equestria. He has done many extraordinary things before. But he did one amazing thing that earned him the privilege to be a Prime. However, he hasn't found his place as a Prime yet. But I know that he'll find his place as a Prime when the time comes.

[the title transforms into view and then it fades]

[Then film opens to Canterlot castle where our heroes are]

Thomas: [sighs]

Percy: What's wrong Thomas?

Thomas: I'm still confused about my place as A Prime. I still don't know it.

Twilight: Don't be a silly engine. You will find it

???: Yes. Listen to the unicorn.

[A silver streamline engine puffs up]

Everyone: Spencer?!

J.J.: What are you doing here Spencer?

Spencer: I'm here, cause the Princess invited me. [looks down] Who are those fillies?

Cadance: This is my daughter, Skyla.

Skyla: Hello.

Snowdrop: I'm Snowdrop.

Yuna: I'm Yuna.

Hiro: Yuna is me and Luna's daughter.

Spencer: So, you and Luna, already have a daughter?

Princess Luna: Yes Spencer. [she lands with Celestia]

Princess Celestia: I'm glad you all can make it.

Thomas: Thanks Princess, but...

Peter Griffin: But what, Thomas?

Thomas: I'm still wondering about my place. But I don't know what I'm suppose to do! [a little tear comes out]

Optimus Prime: Don't you worry Thomas, you'll find out what your place is. If Twilight could, you can too.

Twilight: [nuzzles Thomas] I may of quit my princess duties, but you'll have your position found.

Thomas: I know Twilight, but..

Brian: [punches Thomas gently] Come on Thomas, you're my friend. We did wacky adventures, you guys saved the world 3 times from Megatron, saved a farm with 3 cows, stopped an alien invasion with Alex Hopper, and more.

Percy: those are strong words coming from you, Bri. Especially since you tried to make him look bad back then.

Brian: (annoyed) I thought we agreed we weren't gonna talk about that again. I don't wanna even think about that time.

Spencer: Sounds like you guys had a lot of adventures.

Stephen: We sure did Spencer.

Gordon: But you did tag along with us when we first meet Tracy, fighting human Decepticons and a evil emperor.

Spencer: That's true.

Thomas: But all those times were a long time ago. This is a different path for me now!

Optimus Prime: I know this isn't easy, but you will find it. I believe in you.

Thomas: But what if I fail the Prime's code?

Twilight: You fail the Prime's code? I doubt that, you've kept to it for a long time. Other wise, you wouldn't of become a Prime in the first place.

Brian: I know you will find it.

Yuna: Mama, do you think Thomas' place will be found?

Princess Luna: I'm not sure, sweetie.

Snowdrop: I hope he finds his place soon, I can't stand hearing Thomas so sad.

Eddy: Yeah, me too.

Thomas: I hope so. [starts singing] 

It isn't that I'm ungrateful
For all the things that I've earned,
For all the journeys I have taken,
All the lessons that I have learned
But I wonder where I'm going now,
What my role is meant to be
I don't know how to travel
To a future that I can't see
I have my logo, I wear this form
I'm a Prime, this is true
But it's still unclear to me
Just what I am meant to do
I wanna have a purpose
Wanna do all that I can
I wanna make a contribution
I want to be a part of the plan
[Princess Celestia]
Your destiny's uncertain
And that's sometimes hard to take
But it will become much clearer
With every new choice you make
[Princess Luna]
Patience is never easy
I understand wanting more
I know how hard it is to wait
To spread out your wheels and soar
[Optimus Prime]
But you stand here for a reason
You're gifted and you are strong
That logo is upon your side because
You belong
[Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Optimus]
Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a Prime; you'll play your part
[Princess Luna]
We understand you wanting more
A chance to shine, a chance to soar
Soon will come the day it turns around
[Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Optimus]
Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a Prime; you'll play your part
[Optimus Prime]
You are a Prime; you'll play your part

Princess Celestia: Your time will come.

Thomas: [smiles]

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