Here's how Connie shows the team her lightsaber and where Yuna requests to take Connie as her apprentice in The Day Connie Came

[the next day, the team are once again at Connie's Mansion]

[we see the team are in Connie's room]

Button Mash: You are so lucky, I wish I had a plasma screen tv in my bedroom back home.

Connie: Why?

Button Mash: So I could play some of the kick flank videogames I own!

Connie: Oh.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah, Button loves playing videos of anykind, I've played a few with him.

Connie: Oh. Well, I don't really use the Tv for anything, but I sometimes watch nature shows or something else.

[then Scootaloo notices a brown case on Connie's dresser]

Scootaloo: Hey Connie, what's in this case?

Connie: Oh! Um.... Nothing.

Scootaloo: Come on, what is it?

Connie: Well, it's something my daddy gave me 2 years ago.

Scootaloo: Could we see it?

Connie: [thinks for a moment] I guess so. [she takes the case and then sets it on her bed and opens it]

Yuna: Oh my!

Skyla; It that a?

Button Mash: It is one!

Zeñorita: Si!

[inside we see a lightsaber!]

Connie: Yeah, I've had it for a while now.

Apple Bloom: Why didn't ya tells sooner you had a Lightsaber?

Connie: Because, I never knew the Jedi.

Scootaloo: [gasps] Seriously?

Connie: Yes. I haven't even had anyone train me of the ways of the Force.

Sweetie Belle: Oh, my.

Yuna: Oh, dear. [in her mind] Poor Connie. Then again with everyone in Manehatten mistreating her, I can understand why she hasn't had training with the Force. But she could make a for good Jedi, I do feel the Force within her, if only.... Wait a Minute! I could train Connie to be a Jedi! But I'll have to talk to Mama, first.

[At Canterlot castle]

Yuna: Mama.

Princess Luna: Yes, sweetie?

Yuna: Our new friend Connie, she has a lightsaber.

Princess Luna: A Lightsaber?

Yuna: Yeah, but she hasn't had any training with the ways of the Force, so, I wanna take her in as my Padawan.

Princess Luna: You wanna take in your friend Connie as your Padawan?

Yuna: Yes.

Princess Luna: I don't know, having an Padawan is a huge responsibility, are you up for that?

Yuna: Yes. I sense the force within Connie, I have no doubt she can be a good Jedi, escpeically since her lightsaber is a uniquely shaped one.

Princess Luna: How so?

Yuna: It's a double ended one with an "s" shaped hilt.

Princess Luna: A lightsaber with an "s" shape? That is something.

Yuna: I know. What do you think?

Princess Luna: [thinks for a moment] Alright, Yuna. You may take Connie as your Padawan, I'll go and speak with Master Yoda and Tia about the matter as well.

Yuna: Alright.

[in another room]

Princess Luna: Master Yoda?

Master Yoda: Mmm?

Princess Luna: My daughter, Yuna, has found out her friend Connie, a giraffe, has a lightsaber.

Master Yoda: A lightsaber, her friend has?

Princess Luna: Yes.

Master Yoda: Hmmm?

Princess Luna: Yeah, Yuna tells me her friend hasn't any training with the Force so, she aksed me if she could take her in as her Padwan.

Master Yoda: To take her friend in as her Padawan, Yuna wishes?

Princess Luna: Yes.

Master Yoda: Meet the giraffe, I will.

[Later, Yoda is now talking with Green Bills about the matter]

Green Bills: So, Yuna wishes to take my daughter in as her Padawan?

Master Yoda: Yes.

Green Bills: Well, I will gladly have Yuna train my Daughter.

Master Yoda: [smiles]

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