Connie Carmichael is the mother of Chloe Carmichael.

Connie Carmichael

Connie is the mother of Chloe and wife to Clark Carmichael. Described as an "Extreme Veterinarian" by Chloe, she is first seen flying into Chloe's room through the window after attempting to mend a flying squirrel wing in mid air. She seems to not spend much time at home as she is constantly traveling all over the world, helping out wildlife in any way she can.

She has a very loving relationship with her husband, as they seem to often go on missions together, and are always complimenting each other. She also puts her daughter on a pedestal, viewing her highly, although she does seem to get disappointed in her when she makes bad decisions. Chloe describes them as people who do not pay attention to little things, always looking at the big picture.

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