This is a script for Connor Lacey's​ Adventures of Scooby-doo! and the Cyber Chase

Professor Kaufman: Any progress, Eric?

Eric: Sorry, Professor Kaufman. There's still something wrong with the program.

Professor Kaufman: We can't do any more experiments with the laser until you boys fix it.

Bill: We know. We know. Hey, wait! I've found something.

All: What?

Professor Kaufman: Who turned on the laser?

Both: Not me!

Professor Kaufman: Shut it down!

Bill: I can't! It's not responding!


[Phantom Virus laughs]

Professor Kaufman: What is that?

Bill: I was hoping you'd know, professor. Look, he's absorbing all our computer data.

Professor Kaufman: Call security!

[Eric yells]

[Both gasps]

[Phantom Virus laughs]

Shaggy: Like, are we there yet, Fred?

Fred: I told you, Shaggy, soon.

Shaggy: But you said that an hour ago, man.

Daphne: It's so impressive that Eric got a grant for his computer project.

Fred: Doesn't surprise me. Back in high school, he practically lived in the computer lab. Right, Velma?

Velma: Yeah. He's one smart cookie.

Scooby-doo: Cookie? Cookie?!

Velma: Sorry, Scooby. Figure of speech.

Shaggy: Cheer up, Scoob. When we get there, we'll get to play the game Eric designed. I bet it's way cooler than this one.

Scooby-doo: Yeah, cooler!

Fred: Imagine a computer game starring all of us!

Velma: Solving mysteries in cyberspace.

Shaggy: Like, I hope I do better on Eric's game than this one.

Connor Lacey: Hiya Scooby gang.

Fred: Hi Connor.

MewTwo: I guess we're all going to see your old friend Eric.

Velma: That's right MewTwo.

Officer Wembly: Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Velma: To visit our friend Eric Staufer. He's a student here.

Officer Wembly: Not if you're not on my list.

Fred: It should be under "Fred Jones".

Officer Wembly: Is this whole group with you?

Fred: Yes, sir.

Officer Wembly: Including the dog?

Scooby-doo: Dog? Where?

Connor Lacey: He means you Scooby.

Officer Wembly: There you are. But just so you know......I don't like a bunch of punks running around my university.

Daphne: Your university?

Officer Wembly: It might as well be. I've been here for 20 years and there's never been any trouble on my watch. I'm the head of security. Wembley's the name.

Velma: Twenty years is an impressive record.

Officer Wembly: You bet it is. I want to make sure that it stays... A wise guy, eh? I'm keeping a special eye on you, pooch!

Scooby-doo: Pooch?

Connor Lacey: He means you.

Shaggy: Like, Scooby's just playing, officer.

Scooby-doo: Yeah, sorry.

Fred: We just need some help finding the computer lab.

Officer Wembly: The lab is three buildings down on the left.

Fred: Thanks.

Officer Wembly: And keep your dog off the grass.

Daphne: Wow, Eric, this lab is one groovy setup.

Eric: Yeah. We like it too.

Shaggy: Zoinks.

Bill: You don't want to eat those.

Both: Huh?

Bill: Because they're grown in radioactive soil.

Shaggy: Zoinks!

Connor Lacey: That was close.

Twilight Sparkle: You've said it, Connor.

Eric: Everyone, this is my lab partner, Bill McLemore.

Fred: Nice to meet you.

Velma: Thanks for keeping Shaggy and Scooby from glowing in the dark.

Eric: We'll go to dinner after the tour.

Shaggy: But first, can you show us your new video game? Scoob and I have been dying to play it.

Professor Kaufman: No one is playing the game until we get rid of our problem.

Eric: Professor Kaufman, I'd like you to meet the mystery gang I based my game on.

Fred,Velma and Daphne: Oh, hi!

Fred: Nice to meet you.

Professor Kaufman: The famous Mystery, Inc.

Shaggy: And that's Scooby-Doo.

[Scooby Giggles]

Connor Lacey: And this is Ash Ketchum,Pikachu,Misty,Togepi,Brock,Tracy,May,Max,Dawn,Piplup,Iris,Axew,Cilan,Clemont,Bonnie,Serena,Hau,Lillie,Gladion,Tai,Agumon,Sora,Biyomon,Matt,Gabumon,Izzy,Tentomon,Joe,Gomamon,Mimi,Palmon,T.K.,Patamon,Kari,Gatomon,Davis,Veemon,Ken,Wormmon,Yolei,Hawkmon,Cody,Armadillomon,Yugi Moto,Tea,Tristan,Joey Wheeler,Bakura,Serenity Wheeler,Duke,Seto Kaiba,Mokuba Kaiba,Jaden Yuki,Yubel,Syrus Truesdale,Chumley Huffington,Zane Truesdale,Bastion Masawa,Chazz Princeton,Alexis Rhodes,Blair Underwood,Tyranno Hassleberry,Alister Phoenix,Adrian Gecko,Axel Brodie,Jesse Anderson,Yusei Fudo,Crow,Jack,Akiza,Leo,Luna,Yuma Tsukamo,Astral,Tori Meadow,Brock the duelist,Flip,Caswell,Kat,Vetrix,Trey,Quattro,Quinton,Kite Tenjo,Orbital 7,Lillybot,Yuya,Zuzu,Declan,Gong,Riley,Sylvio,Yuto,Yugo,Yuri,

It looks like you showed up
just in time for a mystery.
- A mystery?
- Why? What happened?
This is a hyper-energy laser.
We've been using it to break down actual objects
and project them into cyberspace.
Jinkies! You mean you can transport objects
from the real world into the computer world?
- Precisely, young lady.
- That's fantastic!
It was, until the laser beamed
a monster into our world last night.
A monster?!
Yes, the laser beamed a computer virus
right here into this lab.
A really freaky-looking thing.
He erased all the computers' data
by just walking near them.
This virus is also able to control
and manipulate electrical objects.
- But where did it come from?
- Eric's computer game.
Computer viruses don't just appear.
They have to be created by someone.
- But I didn't create it!
- I'm sure it wasn't Mr. Staufer.
But whoever created this virus
is in serious trouble.
Our civilization is
so dependent on technology...
...that this virus is a threat
to the entire world.
Can you show us how the laser works?
You can show the demo,
but don't start the game!
Yes, sir.
Like, check it out! We're digital!
Yeah! Digital!
We used the game to extrapolate
3- D data into quantum particles.
- Of course, it's so simple!
- It is?
He used the Scooby game as the location in
cyberspace to store physical objects.
- And you're sure the virus came from the game?
- Unfortunately, yes.
There's no virus in my baseball game,
and it's more entertaining.
Batter up!
Strike one!
- Now, this is a game you can get into.
- That's really cool, Bill.
- I'm a huge baseball fan myself.
- You have good taste, Fred.
- I think it's the greatest sport in the world.
- Baseball's okay...
- ... but it doesn't have Scooby and me in it.
- That's right!
The Scooby game has 10 levels.
You battle monsters or villains...
...while trying to find
Scooby Snacks on each level.
Oh, boy! Scooby Snacks!
Okay, Professor.
Now, check out the monitor.
- Cool!
- Jinkies!
I wouldn't believe it
if I didn't see it with my own eyes!
Like, I don't believe it either.
We didn't even get one Scooby Snack.
Eric and Bill are sure to win
the $250,000 grand prize...
- ... at the international science fair.
- Wow, that's some prize.
It'll be a reward for their talent
and hard work on the laser project.
We couldn't have done it without you, prof.
Kaufman. You should share the reward too.
No, no. As a teacher,
being able to guide young minds... their full potential
is reward enough, Eric.
Speaking of rewards, is it possible to get
the Scooby Snacks out of the game?
- Groovy!
- Oh, boy!
- Hey, that's mine!
- No, mine!
Is that the way the virus
came out of the game, Eric?
Yeah. It was pretty scary.
If it's just a computer virus,
what harm can it do in our world?
From what we observed the last night,
this virus has the potential... steal every
computer program in the world.
And the virus made the telephone
come to life, which attacked Eric.
It kept coming toward us
and we couldnt't stop it.
When I held up a magnetic bar
in defense...
... it seemed to have
an adverse effect on the virus.
Yeah. It seemed like the magnet weakened
him. Like kryptonite to Superman.
- Wow!
- Creepy!
The security guards checked the campus,
but couldn't find him anywhere.
I suspect that he is still
in this building somewhere.
Still here?
No more arguing, boys.
So what can we do to help, Eric?
If you can lure the Phantom Virus
into the lab...
...I can use the laser to beam him
back into cyberspace.
Great. Like, you want us
to be virus bait?
- Like, no way, man.
- Uh-uh.
Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?
Hold on, Scoob. Only one Scooby Snack
to go chase a phantom?
I don't think so.
What if I gave you each
two Scooby Snacks?
Okay, you got a deal.
Go long, guys!
This place is so big, we'll probably
never see this virus anyway.
How do we capture the Phantom Virus
once we find him?
The Phantom Virus is composed
of electromagnetic energy.
Get close enough to him
with one of these super-magnets...
...and it will render him helpless.
Be careful, Scooby.
Those are pretty strong magnets.
- Now let's really put them to the test.
- I knew I could count on you guys.
This building is so big!
This Phantom Virus could be anywhere.
I think we stand a better chance
of finding it if we split up.
Hey, you guys, I didn't say how
we were gonna split up.
Like, do we ever do it any other way?
Do we really have to look in the basement?
We have to search the whole building,
top to bottom.
This stuff looks like it should be
in the Smithsonian.
Why do they bother keeping this old junk?
Oh, I don't know. Some of this
old junk could be very valuable.
Jinkies! It's him!
- Uh-oh!
- Watch out!
The magnets!
Get back, you... creepy... thingy!
"Creepy thingy"?
You'll pay for this!
We don't think so.
After him!
- I wonder why they left?
- I don't know.
Man, it's bad enough we're
always chasing real ghosts.
Now we're chasing
computer-generated ones.
It's a good thing phantoms
don't care about lunch.
Santa Claus!
I think we lost him.
Wait! Look!
What do we do?
Get as close to him as possible
with our magnets.
Ready? One, two, three!
I thought I heard
some noise down here.
What are you kids doing?
The basement's for staff only.
We're hunting for the Phantom Virus.
Yeah, I heard about
this so-called virus.
I think it's some kind of a college prank.
No, Officer Wembley. You see, we...
You kids are coming with me back
to Kaufman's lab.
Can you believe the cafeteria
ran out of food?
- And we're still hungry.
- Yeah. Hungry!
I think I saw a vending machine
down the hall.
What is it, Scoob?
Oh, hello, Mr. Phantom.
Thank you for volunteering
for our experiment, Mr. Virus.
- Nurse, take the patient over to the table.
- Okay. This way, please.
Sit down.
Just relax.
Now, can you tell us how many layers
are in an ideal club sandwich?
Time's up. The correct answer is,
"Never enough! "
Let's try one more.
When's the best time to enjoy
a milkshake with your french fries?
Time's up. The answer is, "Anytime! "
I'm worried about Shaggy and Scooby.
They've been gone for a long time.
Maybe we should go look for them.
Nobody goes anywhere
until Professor Kaufman gets back.
- What was that?
- It's the Phantom!
Jinkies! It looks like we've been
beamed into Eric's computer game.
- What?
- The laser's been fired.
At that Phantom Virus, I hope.
I don't think so. Look here.
Your friends have been transported
into cyberspace!
So? Throw a switch or something
and get them out.
But thing doesn't work that way. They have to
play through all the levels to get out.
- You're kidding me.
- I wish he was.
Until they can get out
by winning every level of the game...
- ... the danger is very real.
- Danger?
Check this out. I'm, like, a superhero!
Be careful, Shaggy.
There's less gravity on the moon.
Look! It's Super-Shaggy!
Scooby, could you get Shaggy back here
before he hurts himself?
Nice try, Scoob!
Like, catch me if you can.
- Shaggy, are you all right?
- I think so.
- But I made an important discovery.
- What's that?
In this video game, you can get hurt.
Or worse. We'd better be careful.
Velma's right. Eric said this game
has creatures and who knows what else.
Zoinks! I know who!
- Oh, no!
- He must've gotten beamed into the game too.
Yikes! Help!
Oh, no! He's not alone.
Let's play ball!
Like, let's not!
- I thought we were chasing him.
- Back at the lab, we were.
- But here in the game, he's got friends.
- They don't look very friendly to me.
I think we lost them.
You know, getting beamed into cyberspace
might not be such a bad thing.
- And how's that, Velma?
- Yeah!
Maybe if we play along, we can
find out who created this virus.
Right! Maybe we can find some clues.
Remember what Eric said?
We need to find the box of Scooby Snacks.
And, like, there it is!
Wow, that was easy.
It's only the first level of the game.
It's supposed to be easy.
Over there!
Oh, no! Here they come!
- Look, a rover!
- Huh?
- A moon rover!
- And what a cool paint job!
Come on, guys!
This thing needs new shocks!
As long as it gets us away
from those moon goons, who cares?
Oh, no! They've got
a set of wheels too!
Step on it, Freddy! They're gaining on us!
I am, but this is as fast as it goes.
Man, he got us!
It's okay, guys.
The Scooby Snacks are right there.
Oh, boy! Scooby Snacks!
Go, Scooby, go!
Stop that dog!
Come on, Scoob! You can do it, pal!
- Hi!
- Watch out!
What happened to...?
- What?
- Where are we now?
If I'm not mistaken,
we're inside the Roman Colosseum.
- Colosseum?
- Like, where they play football?
Not exactly. In ancient Rome...
...people used to gather in the Colosseum
to watch all kinds of events.
You mean like sports and music?
Yeah, they did that too. But the Colosseum
is famous as the place...
...where Romans fed people
to the lions for lunch.
- Lions?
- Well, it looks deserted now.
Speaking of lunch, we didn't even get to keep
the Scooby Snacks from the moon level.
Don't worry, Scoob. I bet there's
a concession stand somewhere.
- What's this?
- What are these white lines for?
Like, it's chalk!
Yikes! Virus!
Welcome to level two, game players,
where things get a little tougher.
But first, let me introduce you
to the home team!
Those guys look like
they've got a bone to pick, huh, Scoob?
Don't worry, gang. We can beat
those meatless gladiators.
And now for the home team's mascot.
The lion's got the Scooby Snacks!
You know, for once, I'm not in the mood
for Scooby Snacks.
Me neither!
- Good idea, Scooby!
- Come on, Shaggy!
- Are you all right, Shaggy?
- Yeah. But I'm really tangled up.
- A chariot.
- Good thinking, Scoob!
Thank you.
Faster, Scoob! Faster!
Yikes! Like, hit the turbo, Scoob!
Good work, guys! You handle the gladiators,
and we'll take care of this lion.
How exactly are we going to do that?
- Give me your jacket.
- But I just bought this.
- Daphne!
- Oh, all right.
I know this isn't red,
but it'll have to do.
Toro! Toro!
Leo! Leo!
- That was too close.
- I have an idea.
Leo! Leo!
Way to go, girls!
- Thanks.
- This will hold him.
- That was very brave, Freddy.
- Thanks.
Here's your jacket.
Shaggy and Scooby need our help!
Come on!
Good going, guys!
Yeah, whatever.
Keep those gladiators busy just a little
bit longer. I'll get the Scooby Snacks.
- That's easy for you to say, man.
- Yeah!
- Try to lead them up into the stands.
- I don't think we have the energy.
But, maybe we do!
- Here.
- What are we supposed to do with these?
- Use them to pole-vault over the wall.
- Like, and then what?
Never mind.
Friends, Romans and spooky gladiators.
All hail Emperor Scooby!
So where are we now?
- Looks like a jungle of some kind.
- It's gorgeous here.
I'll say. This place beats
ancient Rome any day, eh, Scoob?
Oh, no! This is a prehistoric jungle!
I take back what I said.
Rome is lovely this time of year.
Look over there!
What's that?!
How's this for a heavy hitter?
Jinkies! He's riding a T. rex!
Let's head for the trees.
It's too thick for them to follow.
- That was a close one.
- They're doing pretty good so far.
I'm wondering something here, fellas.
Who activated that laser and sent
those poor kids into the game?
Who knows? Could be anyone.
Even someone in this very room.
We hiked through miles of jungle
and still can't find the Scooby Snacks!
We'd better, otherwise we'll
be stuck in this level forever.
All I know is that this virus likes
to scare us in cyberspace... much as in the real world.
Nice work, guys. Which one of you
did the drawing over there?
- Not me.
- Not me.
- It looks like a volcano.
- I wonder if it means anything.
Oh, no! The fire's going out.
It's gonna be dark in a few hours, too.
Scooby and Shaggy, it's your turn
to get the firewood.
- All right. Come on, Scoob.
- Okay.
Like, just a few more sticks,
and we can head back, Scoob.
- Smoke!
- Smoke?
Zoinks! Up there!
Like, all the trees are burning!
Like, where did that come from?
Forget the wood, Scoob.
We've gotta warn the others.
What happened, guys?
Where's the firewood?
Like, if we don't get out of here soon,
we're all gonna be firewood.
- What are you talking about, Shaggy?
- Volcano!
Great! It looks like
it's really cooking.
I bet that's where
the Scooby Snacks are.
That drawing is a clue
to lead us to the Scooby Snacks!
But it's miles away.
It'll take us hours to get there!
- Where there's a will, there's...
- Woolly mammoths?
Mammoths didn't live in the same
age as dinosaurs, but I'm not complaining!
I am! I wish Eric had put
saddles on these guys.
I can't take much more of this.
I wish he'd made them
smell better too.
- How are you guys doing?
- Like, do you have an airsickness bag?
Well, hang on, guys.
We're almost there.
- Any sign of the Scooby Snacks?
- Like, all I can see is smoke.
And lava!
Look up there!
- That poor baby pterodactyl's trapped.
- Poor little guy.
- The volcano's erupting again.
- No. We've got company!
Start climbing!
I think we're safe. T. rex is built
for running, not climbing.
Look! The mama pterodactyl
is trying to save its baby.
- Hey! Where are you going, Scoob?
- Be careful, Scooby!
Scooby Snacks!
He found the Scooby Snacks!
I think we're finally home.
No more monsters chasing us.
Let's celebrate with some chow.
It might be a little early
for a celebration, gang.
Aw, man, we're still in the game.
And I thought we were home free.
Okay. They've made it to the last level.
But this one's the toughest of all.
No player's ever won it. Not even me.
It'll take everything they've got
just to survive.
So now what?
All we have to do is find
the last box of Scooby Snacks.
But this city is so big.
Where do we start?
Let's see if that woman
knows anything.
- Excuse us, ma'am, we were wondering...
- Surprise!
- The virus!
- Welcome to the final level.
You're in the major leagues now.
- Like, where are we going?
- Hey, let's hide in the malt shop.
Great idea, Freddy!
Can someone help us?
- You're me.
- And, like, you're me.
- You're the characters in Eric's video game!
- And you're from the real world.
Did I really wear that years ago?
That jacket with that skirt?
- Nice ascot.
- Works for me.
I guess it's been a while since we've seen Eric.
He hasn't seen our fashion changes.
- We'll go shopping later.
- Like, why don't you join us for a little snack?
Man, I thought you'd never ask!
Here you go, pal.
Thanks a lot.
We don't have time to play around. We need
to find the Scooby Snacks and get out of here.
- You guys need to relax.
- Yeah! What are you worried about?
Aren't you afraid
of the Phantom Virus?
Phantom who?
Never heard of him.
- You're kidding.
- Oh, I get it.
The virus isn't part of this game.
He has no reason to look
for our cyber doubles.
You cyber-guys are lucky.
The Phantom Virus is creepy
and has this really scary laugh.
Just like that.
Come out and play!
It's him!
Come out, come out.
Let's get out of here.
The Mystery Machine's out back.
- I'll drive.
- I'll drive.
This is nostalgic.
I miss this old van.
In cyber-world,
things never get old. It's pretty cool.
There's a lot to like in cyber-world.
Stores, theaters, parks... and lots of tasty food.
What about the monsters and villains?
We haven't seen any.
They're probably guarding the Scooby Snacks.
You mean you guys don't know
where the Scooby Snacks are?
We know where they are. There's just
no reason to go after them.
Because even if we get the Scooby Snacks,
we just go right back to the beginning of the game.
And we like it here.
Until you guys showed up
with that Phantom Virus, that is.
- We'd gladly get rid of him for you.
- If we could.
You know,
if all ten of us team up...
...the Phantom Virus
wouldn't stand a chance.
I guess we were gonna go
after the snacks eventually.
- So you'll help?
- Count us in.
Well then, let's go.
Well, here we are.
Man, this place is awesome!
So where are the Scooby Snacks?
On the Scooby game, of course.
Right inside the video arcade.
What's that sound?
There it is again.
- Baseball.
- Cyber-Scooby is right.
There's a batting cage over there.
Wow, that guy is really
clobbering the ball.
Hey, man. Great swing.
Thanks! Want my autograph?
Let's play ball!
Everybody make a run
for the video arcade!
- Jeepers! It's the Creeper!
- The what?
- He's one of the villains from our past.
- And he's got a pet.
It's Jaguaro.
He's supposed to be in Brazil.
Gator Ghoul and the Tar Monster?
Head for the beach!
No way. Look!
It's Old Iron Face!
Man, you guys know
some strange people.
It's like every villain
we've ever faced is here!
Maybe we shouldn't have told Eric
so much about our mysteries.
How right you are, my dear.
Wait a minute.
All these creatures in the real world
turned out to be just people in costumes.
Velma's right. They were all fakes.
Nice try, Phantom Virus.
But you can't fool us.
Tough time with the mask, guys?
He's real!
That means that they're all real!
Get them!
Let's split up, gang.
- Right.
- Okay, Freddy.
Step right up and test your strength.
How about you, handsome?
- Me?
- Yes, you, sir!
Let us show you how easy it is.
Creepy. Why'd you pick
this place to hide?
Me? I was following you.
If you thought this wasn't a good place,
you should've said something.
Where did that come from?
These fun houses have
all sorts of trap doors.
Let's keep an eye open for more.
Oh, no!
What's wrong?
- Look how fat I am!
- It's just a trick mirror.
- You look perfect.
- Oh, thanks. You too.
- Keep away from us!
- What do we do?
Sorry. You're not our type.
Way to go, girl!
He's climbing back up!
That door won't hold him long.
Hey! Where are you?
Come on!
- Is he still behind us?
- Yep.
That walking handbag
will reach us any minute now.
- What do we do now?
- Jump!
- What?! We must be five stories high!
- Down there!
One, two, three. Go!
That was some jump.
But it beats getting eaten
by an alligator.
Just barely.
See you later, alligator!
- These wax figures are pretty creepy.
- At least they're not real.
Hey, what's that?
This must be where
they make the wax figurines.
That one looks like...
Old Iron Face! Jinkies!
Let's get out of here.
- Oh, no! My glasses!
- Mine too!
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
The wax is hardening. He can't move.
Yes, he can. Let's get out of here!
Great work, Scoobs.
Don't be scared. It's just us.
I thought we lost him.
Go, Shaggys!
- The Tar Monster is right behind us.
- And boy, is he mad!
Let's get out of here!
- Bye-bye!
- Bye-bye!
- Scooby-Doos!
- Where are you?
I wonder where they are.
- Over here.
- There they are!
Come on, Scooby.
Now that we're all here,
we've got one last monster to face.
The Phantom Virus.
And this is the final level,
so the virus won't be easy to beat.
What's this? Zoinks!
I've still got the magnet
Professor Kaufman gave me.
You had that magnet with you
all this time and forgot about it?
Guess I was too busy being scared.
What's wrong with cyber-Shag?
What's going on here?
The cyber-gang is made of electromagnetic energy
and therefore affected by the magnet.
Just like the Phantom Virus.
- What's this about a magnet?
- We have a way to beat the virus now.
And we know he's guarding
the Scooby Snacks in there.
- We need your gang to stay here.
- You don't want us help to help you?
We wouldn't want you
to get hurt by the magnet again.
- Magnet? What are you talking about?
- Oh, never mind.
Man, this is one great video arcade.
- Just keep an eye open for the virus.
- Look. There's the Scooby-Doo video game.
- And the Scooby Snacks!
- Oh, boy! Scooby Snacks!
Like, I hear him, but I don't see him.
Ready to play some games?
Shaggy, the magnet!
Oh, right!
- You need to get closer!
- Like, that's easy for you to say.
- Then toss the magnet over here.
- With pleasure.
Hey, Mr. Zappy!
It's working! Scooby, go grab the snacks.
Hurry, Scooby! I don't know how much
longer this is gonna work!
Oh, no!
Oh, tough break.
- Freddy!
- Freddy!
Not again!
If you thought my hitting was good...
...wait till you see my pitching.
What do we do now?
- Looks like they're in trouble!
- Like, we've gotta do something.
Right! Let's go help them.
Oh, no! They're back!
Oh, no!
- Cyber-Scooby?
- That's right!
It's no use.
We need some wire cutters.
- I got an idea. Want to help?
- Okay.
Great. Here's the plan.
Over here.
What are you doing, Scooby?
Scooby, get back here!
You're down to your final out.
I've never seen Scooby so brave.
Oh, I get it! That's Cyber-Scooby.
And that's old Scoob
going for the snacks.
Meddling canine!
All right, Scoob!
You did it!
You beat the Phantom Virus.
Great job, guys!
It looks like we're leaving.
Are you sure you want to split?
There's a lot of cyber-buffets to try.
Yeah! Okay!
Sorry, but we have to go.
- I guess this is goodbye.
- Bye!
Thanks for all the help!
Bye, Scooby.
You're back! I thought you'd be
stuck in the game forever.
There's no place like home.
- Everyone okay?
- I think so.
Well done! You've saved the world
from a terrible menace.
- But did you find out who created the virus?
- We've got a pretty good idea.
Good. Because whoever created
the virus must be punished.
Glad you agree, Professor, because you're
as much a suspect as anyone here.
What? Me? But I'm a scientist!
I've dedicated my life
to my students and this university.
But you also stood to make $250,000
at the science fair.
If you stole the invention.
And let's not forget Officer Wembley.
What? I'm an officer
of the law! Sort of.
Anyway, I've never committed
a crime in my life!
You were the only person that was with us
in the lab when we got sent into the game.
But once inside the game,
we found some important clues.
Our first clue came when we were on the moon level.
The Phantom Virus shouted, "Play ball! "
And on the Colosseum level, we found some
chalk lines like a large diamond.
But our biggest clue
was on the final level.
When the Phantom Virus
appeared in a batting cage.
All I'm getting is that the virus
had a thing for... Baseball!
Not so fast, kid!
Okay, son, it's all over.
- Bill, you were my best friend.
- And my best student.
- But you didn't pick my project.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Professor Kaufman chose your video design
over mine even though I've been here 2 years longer.
Students are all equal, Bill.
So you invented the Phantom Virus,
hoping it would scare Eric away.
That's right. And it worked,
till you guys showed up.
You were afraid that we would find out
who created the virus.
So you beamed us into cyberspace.
The prize would've been all mine,
if it wasn't for...
Us meddling kids!
I want to thank you for getting rid
of the Phantom Virus. Lunch is on me, guys.
- In that case, I'll have another cheeseburger.
- Two cheeseburgers!
No problem.
I'm sorry you guys got trapped
in cyberspace.
- Well, it really wasn't all that bad.
- Really?
Going back in time was really fun.
You did a great job
designing all the game levels.
- Thanks, Daphne.
- But next time, go easier on the monsters.
Hey, Shaggy, I just pulled up the Scooby-Doo
video game on my laptop. Want to play?
What do you say, Scoob?
Now that there's
no creepy virus in the game.
Haven't you had enough for one day?
Zoinks! Look!
What are you doing, Scoob?
Now that's what I call hacking!
Hacking and Scooby-Snacking!
I may be a bit of a bookworm,
but I've got a wild side too.
That's why my favorite part of the
Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase...
...was shooting in the prehistoric jungle.
It brought out the animal in me.
This one likes me.
Look how calm he is.
Thanks, Scooby.
Hey, Velma, that one likes you too.
Trying to tam those wolly mammoths
was like a prehistoric rodeo.
Shaggy found out what
it was like to be a real cowpoke.
And after a little practice, Scooby
and I started the first cattle drive.
My dream of playing
pro baseball ended pretty early.
But another dream of mine came true
when we made the movie.
Fred Jones, gladiator.
- You look so cute in that outfit, Freddy.
- Cute? That's not what I was going for.
You can beat him, Fred!
All that Frisbee-playing
with Shaggy really paid off.
I was amazed how acting like
Shaggy helped me during battle.
I lured my opponents into traps,
jumped high when I was scared...
...and most importantly,
ran really fast.
Just because I wear nice clothes
and like to shop...
doesn't mean I don't have
a sense of adventure.
That's why I enjoyed
shooting at the North Pole.
Besides, when it's 40 below,
no one cares what you're wearing.
- The air is so cold.
- You gotta keep moving around.
- Shaggy and Scooby have the right idea.
- They're doing Arctic aerobics.
Like, help!
- Nice work, Daphne.
- Now you know why I accessorize.
If you're exploring the Arctic,
you need to make sacrifices.
Your shelter must be practical,
you need to travel light...
...and most importantly,
enjoy the 24 hours of sunlight.
The part I enjoyed most
about this movie...
...was all the time Scooby and I
got to spend at the arcade.
Like, there's only one thing I love more
than playing games, and that's winning at 'em.
One more point and I win.
Game over, Scoob. Like, I'm the
air-hockey champion of the world!
Two out of three?
I could have been a better sport,
or at least not gotten so excited.
But when I rubbed it in
after beating him at free throws...
...Scooby made a winning shot
of his own.
Your time, Scoob. What was your favorite part
of Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase?
The laser.
Like, I got it. Fire away, Scoob.
Zoinks! It's amazing what you
can find on the Web. Eh, Scoob?
We visited the
Scooby Snacks home page...
...found a great Web site
for dessert...
...which I found out
was spelled with two S's.
And best of all, we got to see
an old friend, right, Scoob?

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