Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama All-Stars is the 5th YIFM/Total Drama crossover made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


This series is an all-star season which features a return of fourteen of the strongest contestants from both the first and second generation cast (including Connor Lacey). This is the first season to feature characters from two different generations competing together. The theme for this season is "Heroes vs. Villains" which means the competitors were separated into teams based on their past performance; with protagonists or "Heroes" from each season having to face off against each season's antagonists or "Villains".

Lists of Episodes

No. Title
Part 1: Total Drama All-Stars
1 "Heroes vs. Villains"
The episode begins with Chris being locked up in jail for hosting the past season at a radioactive location. It has been one year since the last season and Chef comes in to say that his time is done and that his contract states that Chris has to do another season. Chris is very happy for his release and the new Season 5 intro begins. Meanwhile, Chris and Chef arrive in Ireland to tell Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and his friends about a new season of Total Drama. At first, Big Barda angrily tells Chris that he and the gang don't want to do another season after battling through insane challenges, eating disgusting food, and making plenty of enemies. But when Chris explains that he's bringing Gwen and Zoey back to the show together, Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and the others agree to go to Camp Wawanakwa for the new season. Now Chris is at the island next to his personal robot and he then introduces thirteen returning contestants: Cameron, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Scott, Sierra, and Zoey. Chris considers all of these characters as "all-stars", and some of the cast are happy to return, while others are brought back by force, like Courtney. Then the hosts introduces the season's guest heroes and guest villains. Later on Chris announces that they are going to compete again for another million dollars "Heroes vs. Villains" style, and then places the cast into two teams, which are the Heroic Hamsters led by Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and the Villainous Vultures led by Galvatron. Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra and Zoey are placed onto the heroes team while Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning and Scott are placed onto the villains team. Much like Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and his friends, Gwen is mad that she is considered a villain and Galvatron explains to Chris that she is not a worthy member of the team since she is an enemy to villains, but Duncan is happy that he and Gwen are both on the same team. However, the Villainous Vultures only have six members and are one member short (which Jo complains about), so Chris puts in his robot into the villains team, much to Heather's annoyance and soon to be suspicious. Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and his friends are depressed with Gwen being on the villains team when they know she is their friends. Zoey manages to cheer them up by telling them that she will eventually team up with them soon and Zoey is looking forward to team up with them again. The first challenge is to jump off a 1,000 foot tall cliff into shark infested waters and then find the key that opens the door to the good cabin. Meanwhile, Duncan and Gwen seem to be losing interest in each other, as Duncan is annoyed with Gwen's constant complaining, while Gwen refuses to kiss Duncan. At the cliff, the original contestants jump like it's no problem, since it's the newbies (except Lightning) that are too scared to jump, especially since Fang the shark is back, with Scott fear becoming the worst. After they all jump and get the keys, they then have to race back to the cabins on baby strollers with the keys. Both teams jump off the cliff for several times, with the Vultures maintaining an advantage and Jo securing alliances with Lightning and Duncan, then Ireland Rebel X dived into the water to save Gwen. Suddenly the robot jumps too and lands onto the water unharmed after being eaten by sharks, due to Scott's cowardness into jumping into the war where his long time nemesis Fang awaits, but then it explodes due to electrical surges. Alejandro then pops out of the robot suit, scaring and surprising everyone, especially Heather. It is revealed that Alejandro was placed inside a robot in order to heal his wounds after the season finale and although he is healed, his legs aren't. Alejandro and Jo then race back to the cabin on the baby stroller with the right key. Jo finally unlocks the good cabin with the key and Chris announces that the Villainous Vultures win the challenge. The villains now get to sleep on the good cabin, except for Lighting who is transported to bony island after accidentally claiming his reward as a volunteer, while the Heroic Hamsters have to sleep in the bad cabin and vote someone off. In the elimination ceremony, Lindsay is voted off by her team and is thrown into a giant toilet called the Flush of Shame.

Aliens Used: Ripjaws

2 "Evil Dread"
The Villainous Vultures are now happy that they have won the last challenge and that they are now enjoying their new luxurious lives in their new mansion. However, Lightning was left stranded in the wilderness of Boney Island while he is looking for the Chris Head of Invincibility. Meanwhile, the Heroic Hamsters are sleeping in the small bad cabin while Mike is showing all of his personalities again, then the Hamsters, Optimus, Megatron and their friends asked Ireland Rebel X why he saved Gwen in the previous episode, and he told them even though she is a villain teammate she's still their friend and he takes off his suit to reveal Connor Lacey which Twilight Sparkle and the others are happy to see again. Later on, Chris wakes them up and announces the second challenge: for the teams to each dig up seven 3D puzzle pieces and then build a landmark that were visited back in Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour with the pieces. The Heroic Hamsters gets to build the Statue of Liberty while the Villainous Vultures gets to build the Big Ben. During the challenge, Heather and Jo fight over being Galvatron's second-in-command of the Vultures, while Alejandro flirts with Gwen, who is now completely ignoring Duncan. Later on, Galvatron and the other villains saw Connor Lacey and knew what Scott said was true back at Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Cameron digs out an old Fedora hat and then puts it on Mike's head which reveals Manitoba Smith, Mike's first personality in the season. Manitoba Smith then helps out the heroes greatly with their challenge, but then Mike sustains a head injury which results in a new, evil alternate personality. This new evil personality is very mean and emo looking and says that he will take everyone down "one-by-one", just how Alejandro did in TDWT. Since Mike doesn't know about this personality, it won't allow him to transform back into his other personalities either. Everyone (all his personalities) then gets scared and calls Mike's new personality as "The Malevolent One". Meanwhile, Gwen tries once again to patch things up with Courtney, but once again, it backfires, accidentally covering her in trash. Ultimately, after Lightning miscounts the number of pieces the Vultures have, they misbuild their landmark and fail to complete it in time. Thanks to Zoey, The Hamsters manage to finish building their landmark perfectly and win their first challenge, so now it's the villains who get to eliminate someone this time. Gwen attempts to congratulate Courtney for winning the challenge until a bomb popped out and used her shovel to hit it away, defending herself, but accidentally hitting Courtney, covering her in garbage. Gwen tries to apologize, but Chris smiles and tells her she is definitely right on the villains team until an enraged Donald Duck throws a stature piece at Chris, knocking him out, as Connor Lacey and the others confront Chris that Gwen is definitely not right on the villains team. In the confessional, Jafar seems to agree with Connor and his friends about Gwen being on the wrong team. During the elimination ceremony, Chris asks for the heroes to pick someone who wants the reward again, and it's Sam who volunteers to look for the McLean Brand Chris Head on Boney Island this time, due to his lack of participation. Despite finding the most pieces for his team, Lightning is voted off for not being able to count the number of pieces. Lightning then takes the Flush of Shame and loses for the first time ever.

Aliens Used: Tigatron

Songs: Empire (Monster High Boo York Boo York) and Let's Bring Back a Legend (The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar)

3 "Saving Private Leechball"
The episode begins with the Vultures being ashamed by the horrible living conditions of the bad cabins. Heather, Jo and Gwen keep fighting each other while Duncan, Alejandro and Scott say that they never want to lose a challenge ever again. Meanwhile in the McLean Spa Hotel, all of the Heroes Hamsters are very happy that they are being treated like kings in the hotel. Even Courtney thinks that the food in there is perfect. However, at night when Mike sleeps, instead of changing into his different personalities, he now rather sleepwalks as The Malevolent One and goes and breaks Sam's portable gaming device. Sam is the only person to not be in the cabins since he is too busy at Boney Island while being mauled by bears. The next day in the challenge, Chris announces that they will be doing a paintball challenge, but instead of paintballs, it's leeches that are the ammo. Courtney is disgusted by the leeches while Sierra calls all the leaches "Codies". Sam later returns with the team and everyone gives him free food that they smuggled in. Still upset that Courtney and Chris treats Gwen like a villain, Connor and his friends come up with a plan to teach them a lesson. Rhinox insisted that Courtney would keep Sam safe in a cave since she didn't brought any food for Sam (as Mike, Zoey, Cameron, and Sierra were the only members of the heroes' team that brought their breakfast from the McLean Spa Hotel for him). Unbeknownst to Courtney, Ash assumed if Courtney used Sam as a shield to protect herself from the leeches, this would make her switch to the villains' team and Gwen would be on the heroes' team, so they would team up with Gwen again, hoping Courtney and Chris would stop calling her a villain. The challenge then begins and the two teams start an all-out war to shoot at each other with the leeches. Despite the villains getting the good equipment, Alejandro, Scott, and Heather are eliminated instantly. However, Duncan is now ignoring Courtney like how she ignores him, while Sierra begins to imagine that Cameron is Cody. After Duncan, Cameron, Gwen, and Sierra are eliminated back-to-back, only Jo is left for the Vultures, against four heroes. Jo then tracks down Sam, and dodges a leech from Courtney. Courtney is then makes a selfish move by using Sam as a human shield, and Jo almost shoots Courtney, but hears a leech attack from Zoey and dodges it. After Jo's gun jams, Jo throws the ammo holder at Zoey, who catches the leech and defeats Jo, winning the challenge alongside Mike for their team for taking down most of the Vultures with two shots each. That means that the Villainous Vultures now lose for twice in a row and they must vote someone off again. At the elimination ceremony, due to Courtney's selfishness and Duncan taking a hit for Gwen, they switch teams. At first, Connor and his friends were surprised that Duncan is being switched to the heroes' team instead of Gwen (which was not what Rhinox had planned). However, they did managed to succeeded to put Courtney on the villains' team to teach her a lesson for being mean to Gwen. Despite Duncan and Courtney's protests, Big Barda tells them another reason why they should switch teams: Back in Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Action, Duncan offered to help Connor and his friends take down Justin after they find out he was responsible for Gwen's elimination and they offered to help him win the million dollars. In Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour, after Alejandro tricked Duncan into kissing Gwen, Courtney viciously hates Gwen and eliminates her, causing Connor and his friends to hate Courtney. Duncan and Courtney still refuse to switch teams, but Chris manages to help Rattrap by forcing the two to switch. Cameron then continues to be annoyed that Sierra thinks him as the new Cody, so Cameron then volunteers to go to Boney Island to get rid of Sierra. Jo is then voted off for her bossiness and takes the Flush of Shame.

Aliens Used: Pikachu

4 "Food Fright"
The Villainous Vultures are now very sad that they lost twice in a row and that they now get to sleep in the bad cabins again for a second night. Courtney also does not like to be with Gwen and Heather again. Meanwhile, Cameron easily survives exile after being peed on by a bear, due to reading survival tips between seasons. At the McLean Spa Hotel, Connor and the others and the Heroic Hamsters are very happy that Duncan has joined their team so they greet him with a celebration party. However, once Sierra tries to take a picture of them, she then notices that her phone is broken so she gets very sad that her link to Cody is gone. Sierra then loses her mind and tries to imagine her entire team as multiple Codies. Later on it is revealed that it was The Malevolent One that broke the phone on purpose. The next day the challenge begins and Chris says that they have to eat giant pancakes and then run through an obstacle course and try

not to barf. Both teams have to race to see who eats the pancakes faster and whoever barfs is out. Sierra is the first to go and she is instantly disqualified. Later on as the challenge progresses, it's the villains who stay in the lead while the heroes are eating very slowly. Meanwhile, Scott starts to fall in love with Courtney while Mike starts a friendship with Duncan after Duncan finds Mike's voice very familiar. Suddenly the heroes start to catch up, thanks to Sam. In the end, both Sam and Alejandro and tied in the challenge, and both have to race to the finale and Sam wins after Alejandro is stung by a bee stuck in Sam's pants. That means that the Heroic Hamsters now win three times in a row, making the Villainous Vultures be on a losing streak. In the elimination ceremony, the Villainous Vultures are about to vote someone off, before Chris later reveals that Sam had cheated, so Sam now causes his team to lose. That means that the heroes must vote someone off and they do. It is Sam who gets eliminated for cheating so he takes the Flush of Shame. Scott then decides that he wants to volunteer to be exiled to Boney Island since he wants to find the Chris Head of Invincibility again. Sam then gets stuck into the Flush of Shame and Chris then forces Chef to "unclog" the toilet.

Aliens Used: Swampfire

5 "Moon Madness"
The episode begins by showing the heroes in the cabins. Cameron eats the food given the them by chef when he trips. Zoey is shocked as she looks

under the stairs. It is later revealed that Mike's evil personality tripped Cameron, which Lashina likes. Zoey whispers to Cameron that Mike tripped him up. Meanwhile, the villains are enjoying dinner. Heather is annoyed that Alejandro is losing his feelings for Heather, making Galvatron and the villains worry, so they come up with a plan to bring the two together. It then cuts to show Courtney on the balcony. She wonders how Scott is doing on Boney Island. Scott starts sticking things with a stick. A bear pop out of a bush and tries to attack Scott. A claw from Chris' Helicopter picks up Scott and takes him back to the island. Chris explains that they will race to the other side of the island in another version of Season 4's treasure hunt challenge. He also explains that that night's moon has a "special effect" on the animals. As the winners of the last challenge the vultures get a map with the shortest distance to the other side of the island. The Hamsters get sausage tails and bacon hats as bait for the animals. They walk into the forest. Shortly afterwards the moon takes its effect on the animals. Alejandro then explains that the moon caused the animals to act as their opposite. The moon also activates The Malevolent One with Jetstorm (BM), Tankor, Megatron (Unicron Trilogy), Starscream (Unicron Trilogy), Demolisher (Unicron Trilogy), Cyclonis/Snowcat, Tidal Wave, Scorpinock (Energon), Demon Sunset Shimmer, the real Dazzlings, Midnight Sparkle, the Knave of Hearts, Clouse and evil Juniper Montage who reveals that he wants to cause havoc among the other campers. On the Villains side Heather starts acting nice which scares everybody. The birds, bunnies, and other animals attack the hamsters due to the bacon hats and sausage tails. The hamsters then follow the vulture into the forest however Mike's evil personality separates them. Meanwhile, the villains arrive at a bridge. Gwen offers to take an alternate route around the bridge. Courtney refuses and they take the bridge. Scott cowers across the bridge and safely makes it across. He is bitten by a beaver. Scott shakes the beaver off his arm. The beaver cut the rope. While the Villains try to cross Heather falls and Alejandro grabs her hand. She then reveals that she was faking being affected by the moon and was just trying to be one step ahead of Alejandro. They make it across and Courtney then cuts the other rope so the hamsters can't get across. The hamsters arrive at the cliff. Sierra makes a rope and they swing across the gorge. The villains then arrive nearby the finish line before a deer attacks Courtney. Out of nowhere Gwen saves Courtney. The hamsters are nearby the finish line when the moon wears off. Mike is back in control of his own body and then Gwen, Courtney, and Mike race to the finish line. Gwen and Courtney make it across the finish line first ;therefore, the vultures win and the hamsters losing streak continues. At the elimination ceremony, Gwen breaks up with Duncan after he kept talking about Courtney and realizing that Connor and his friends were right about Trent being a better boyfriend to her instead of Duncan. Cameron volunteers to be eliminated but Chris reveals it's the season's fake elimination and places Cameron on the Vultures. Scott then volunteers for exile on Boney Island again, much to Courtney's disappointment. Cameron then promises to Mike to cure him even if they are on opposite teams.

Aliens Used: Inferno (Energon)

6 "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition"
At the hotel, Gwen helps Cameron fix his broken glasses and the two of them start to form a friendship. Heather sees this and proposes a temporary alliance to Alejandro to avoid getting voted off. Although he accepts, they both reveal in the confessional that they want to lower the other's guard and get them eliminated without Galvatron and the villains knowing. Meanwhile for the Hamsters, Duncan realizes that he's starting to become nicer and it freaks him out, Mike's evil personality breaks Duncan's knife the night before, Sierra cries as she misses "Cam-Cody", and Zoey finds herself afraid of Mike, making Connor and the others worried. Meanwhile, all of the contestants travel to Boney Island where Chris says that they will be in the "Fun Zone." The challenge is to find six mutant eggs for the team baskets. For the Hamsters, Zoey and Mike work together, Duncan becomes more like a nice team player, and Sierra becomes the "mom" of a pair of attached mutant rat twins. Meanwhile for

the Vultures, Gwen and Cameron stick together, and Courtney and Scott grow closer than before. Heather lies to them to convince them to vote off Alejandro. Later, she stumbles across the McLean-Brand Chris Head and hides it so no one else can find it, not knowing that Alejandro saw everything. When the score is 5–3 for the Vultures, Zoey, Mike, and Connor and the others hurry back with a nest full of eggs. Heather hurries back with the final egg for the Vultures. She throws it to Cameron, but it hatches and the baby mutant flying goat gives the wedgies to Cameron before flying off. Zoey and Mike place their eggs inside the team basket, earning victory for the Hamsters. When Heather goes back for the invincibility statue, she finds that it is gone and immediately blames Chris. In the confessional, Mike drops a boulder on his head to seal away his evil personality, and, Connor's allies' dark sides have returned, but the reverse happens and he finds himself trapped inside his own mind. Prior to the elimination ceremony, Gwen finally makes amends with Courtney, and Chris tells Zoey that she will get a prize for the next challenge since she collected the most eggs for her team. Everyone on the Vultures vote Alejandro off, much to Heather's delight. But he stands up, to everyone's surprise, and reveals that it was he who stole the invincibility statue, thus he is safe from elimination. Chris reveals that the only vote that wasn't for Alejandro was for Heather, eliminating her instead. Meanwhile, when Evil Mike whistles his way to Boney Island exile, Duncan suddenly remembers that Mike was in juvie and he was a dangerous inmate known as "Mal." At the Flush of Shame, Alejandro considers the slate between him and Heather clean and they can start over. But Heather pushes him off the toilet and allows herself to be flushed by Chris.

Aliens Used: XLR8

7 "Suckers Punched"
With Heather eliminated, Galvatron and the villains (except Lashina who teamed up with Mal) decide to team up with Alejandro in order to help him win. Galvatron instructs Butch to write a list of plans of they will get revenge on Connor and his friends after Alejandro (or Mal) wins. Duncan warns Zoey, Connor and the others about how he knew Mike and that Mal is dangerous. The teams do a boxing challenge which is rigged by Chris who make the opponents face their fear. As Zoey helped win for her team in the last episode, she didn't have to fight and the hamster got a point. First to 3 points wins. Mike, Alejandro, Courtney and Gwen were the only people to win a fight. Duncan and Sierra lost their fights against two of the mutant animals. Alejandro fought against his older brother Jose, Mal (as Mike) fought against Izzy, and Courtney and Gwen (with prompting from Chris) fought each other. It was Gwen and Courtney who won the challenge for their team after their heartwarming reconciliation. In elimination, Chris said that the vultures would vote off a member of the hamsters and they voted off Sierra. But the hamsters were allowed to say who would go to exile, they picked Alejandro.

Aliens Used: Diamond Head

8 "You Regatta Be Kidding Me"
With the merge being announced at the start of the episode, each contestant fights for their individual right to remain in the competition. Zoey's prediction of Gwen tramming up with Connor and his friends have come true, and so half of the heroes side with Gwen while the other half stays with Zoey. Galvatron asks Butch where the list of their plans of revenge were, to which Butch explains he has it with a little weapon. In the confessional, Mal revealed that he left Butch's list while the man was sleeping and placed a weapon. Chris explains the challenge, which is a boat race around the island. There were a variety of boats to choose from, and it was first come, first serve. Alejandro and the villains took an early lead with a speedboat with a tag-team of Courtney and Gwen not far behind. Mal shows up and sabotages the majority of the remaining boats, and taking one for himself. The remaining four are forced to team up with nothing but two poles, a rope, and a raft. After everyone chooses a boat, we come to Mike, who is still chained to the rock inside his mind. He notices a tower-like structure in the distance, and manages to free himself from his imprisonment. After some walking, he comes across Chester, who joins Mike in his journey to the tower. Then, we come back to the race. Naturally, the raft ends up far behind everyone else, but Cameron's quick thinking let to Scott being used as bait for Fang to propel the raft after getting snagged on the rope. Chef later attacked the campers with dynamite, destroying Gwen and Courtney's motor. Duncan had caught a stick and kept it for himself after putting out the fuse. Immediately after, Chris' "cottage" comes into view, and Duncan, still set on proving he's no softy, sets out to destroy it. After, much stalling, Gwen and Courtney finally get their motor running again, and are back in the race. As Zoey, Cameron, and Scott are catching up to Mal, Zoey and Cameron debate how they can determine that Mike is in control. After realizing the one way, Zoey jumps off the raft and lets herself into danger with the piranhas surrounding her, and with only a pole between them. Mike regains control briefly after hearing Zoey scream, but it almost immediately replaced with Mal again, who saves her to avoid suspicions. Finally, the race comes to the final stretch, and Alejandro (along with the villains), who had been sitting in front of the finishing line because of his stalling motor, wins by a nose, quite literally. After the campers all regroup, Chris ponders where Duncan is only to hear an explosion and look at the rubble that was once his "cottage". After plentiful sulking from Chris, the voting ceremony begins, and Chris says he has a surprise for "Boom Boom". The police show up, and Duncan is arrested and notified that this time, he's going to a "big boy jail". The voting finally commences, and Cameron is chosen for the Flush of Shame. However, he stays because Duncan had already been booted off only moments beforehand. The episode ends with Cameron explaining how the thinks the votes were tampered with, and it's immediately revealed that Mal HAD tampered with them.

Aliens Used: Rampage

9 "Zeek and Ye Shall Find"
Alejandro, Galvatron, and the other villains discover the monitor room and watched a DVD of Mal's evil deeds including when he give Butch a weapon and tampered the votes on Cameron. They see Mal placing the votes in Alejandro's cabin bed, but Alejandro manages to swipe the votes to Mike's bed instead before Cameron could find them. Chris throws a party for the remaining seven campers celebrate the 100th episode of Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama, but it is ruined when Ezekiel kidnaps him. Zoey and Connor and the others still doubt Duncan's theory about Mal (who is still posing as Mike). Scott and Courtney "accidentally" kiss, and begin their relationship. Mal tries to form an alliance with Cameron. Cameron doubts his friendship with Gwen (because of Mal). Inside his mine, Ezekiel holds Chris tied upside down, held above the toxic goop from season four. Chef promises the remaining seven campers special circumstances for the one who saves Chris and stops Ezekiel. Ezekiel captures Zoey, Courtney, Scott, Alejandro, Connor and the other heroes, and Galvatron and the other villains. Mal betrays Cameron, leaving him hanging over a hole, before Ezekiel kidnaps him. Gwen saves Cam and the pair fight Ezekiel together. Ezekiel pukes acid over Cameron's head, and makes him get crushed with rocks, causing his elimination. Gwen finally saves Chris and stops Ezekiel. Cameron is kicked off the island due to his injuries, becoming the second contestant to do so (Izzy was the first when she got hit by the plane in TDWT). Mal reveals to Cameron his true identity, but Cameron, being wrapped head to toe in bandages, can't warn anyone before he is flushed away.

Songs: Rogues Are We (from Holy Musical B@man)

Aliens Used: Water Hazard

10 "The Obsta-kill Kourse"
The remaining campers have to compete in a deadly obstacle course. Alejandro and Soundwave (Prime), who are aware of Mal and know he is one of Mike's personalities, tries to warn Gwen and Scott about him, but fails to do so each time. Gwen and Connor and the others get mad at Courtney for Cameron kissing her. Mal, who is pretending to be Mike, convinces everyone else to vote for Alejandro in order to keep his cover. This works successfully and he is eliminated. He tries to warn everyone that a new evil is lurking and that "The truth is in the art". But he disappears before he can say anything else. The final 5 is now Mike, Courtney, Gwen, Scott and Zoey, who (along with Connor and the others), thanks to Alejandro and Soundwave, is starting to grow suspicious of Mike, but Galvatron and the villains are starting to trust Mal.

Aliens Used: Transmetal Megatron

11 "Sundae Muddy Sundae"
Soundwave (Prime) is upset that Mal and his partners caused Alejandro's elimination. He gets an idea of he can save his master of the Great War: Megatron. He would secretly offer to help Connor and his friends to help Zoey win and get rid of Mal in order to show him who the real evil villains are. At first Connor and his friends deny Soundwave's offer, but they accept it and tell him he is out of their alliance if he cause any trouble. Courtney makes a list of who to eliminate, but Mal, as Mike, and the villains exposes it, causing her to lose her friendship with Gwen, because even though Courtney promised her they would make it into the final two together, she wrote in her chart that Gwen will be placed 2nd to last. Courtney tries to apologize to Gwen about the chart, but she refuses to listen. Chris has the contestants make ice cream sundaes for his starving interns by finding the ingredients in various locations around the island. Mal and the villains purposely destroys the chocolate sauce, forcing Courtney to use the burnt remains of it, along with bird barf. She reaches first place, but much to her shock, Chris reveals everyone now has to eat their own sundaes. Zoey wins the challenge and Courtney gets flushed.

Aliens Used: Megatron (Animated)

Songs: I Have A Plan (The Lion Guard: Let the Sleeping Crocs Lie)

12 "The Bold and the Booty-ful"
In homage to season one's key hunt challenge, the final four have to find various objects; Gwen has to find an intact picture of Chris inside the wreckage of his old cottage, Mal and the other villains has to find a long-lost golden statuette of Chris, Scott has to retrieve a diamond being guarded by Fang, and Zoey has to find the Sasquatchanakwa. Zoey and Connor and the others are determined not to let Mal win after finally learning who he is and that Soundwave is telling the truth, and Mal, still masquerading as Mike, forms an alliance with Scott by helping him get the diamond off Fang by trapping him. But Mal double-crossed Scott by trapping him instead of Fang and serves as a revenge from Grand Chef Auto. Gwen accidentally ruins Chris' painting by smearing her hand all over it, so she puts bear poop on it as a last resort, and when she shows it to Chris and told him what it was, Chris declares Gwen to be the next eliminated. Scott and Mal, meanwhile, are left empty-handed, while Zoey wins yet again. After saying goodbye to Gwen, she chooses to eliminate Scott, hoping to save Mike from Mal and the other villains. Meanwhile, Mike and his other alternate personalities are shocked to discover that Mal is the original personality, and not Mike but was later revealed that the license was fake, thanks to Manitoba Smith's encouraging. Mike then ultimately decides to take down Mal, anyways, and be reunited with Zoey.

Aliens Used: Diamondhead and Lodestar

13 "The Final Wreck-ening"
Zoey, the heroes, and Soundwave (Prime) are seen watching the DVD of Mike's evil personality. Then, outside, Mal and the other villains tells them Mike is not returning, to which Connor and his friends believe he was lying. Platinum is shown to be angry at Chris exclaiming that he knew all along Mal was in control of Mike and he did nothing to warn him and the gang, though Chris insisted that he didn't want to warn them about it just to keep the drama going, making Platinum completely frustrated. Then they grab weapons for the first part of the challenge which is that they have to pop balloons that contain a eliminated contestant. The contestants that fall out have to help who popped their ballons win. Zoey gets Gwen, with Jo, Duncan, Sam, Sierra, Courtney, Lindsay and Cameron with Mal getting Lightning, Scott, Alejandro and Heather, who are now dating much to the villains' delight. The contestants then have to scale a 4 level tower, each level having a moat that must be

crossed. The first had toxic waste, the second lava and the third had water with Fang in it. At the top they must get past Chef and pull a sword out of stone to win. Then it starts! While Zoey and her teammates work together to cross the first moat, Mal, Lightning, Scott and the other villains leaves Heather and Alejandro behind. Then he shoves Jo, Duncan, Sam, Sierra, Courtney, Lindsay, Cameron and Gwen off the second level, chasing Zoey up to the third. Mal jumps on Zoey but Soundwave (Prime) pushes Mal and made him fall into the pond. In the pond Mike permanently regains control of his mind and body and destroys Mal, which angers the villains (especially Lashina). He then saves Zoey from Fang and they finally share their first, on-screen, kiss. Connor and the others are happy to see that Zoey and Mike have reunited. Realizing that Soundwave (Prime) caused Mal to be gone for good, Galvatron and the other villains decide they are enemies of him, just before they tackle Chris for breaking up Heather and Alejandro's bonding love for each other, as well as Connor and his friends tackling him for wrongly placing Gwen, Jo, Duncan, Courtney and Cameron on the villains team and not warning them about Mal sooner. At the top, the villains, with Lightning, Scott, Alejandro and Heather were distracted by Chef, Team Zoey (now with Mike in it) runs to pull the sword of justice and wins. The island then starts to rumble, float, and then sinks. Lightning, Scott, Alejandro, Heather, and the villains get chased by Fang, and Mike, Zoey, Jo, Duncan, Sam, Sierra, Courtney, Lindsay, Cameron, Gwen, and the heroes (with Soundwave) are then seen on the roof of a cabin floating in the water. Then, Chris signs off this segment of the season.

Aliens Used: Hybrid Connor/Ultimate Hybrid Connor


  • The Legion of Cartoon Heroes, The Reform Squad, Rowan Freemaker, Kordi Freemaker, Zander Freemaker, RO-GR (Roger), the Monster High students, Black Canary, the Toxic Crusaders, The Mini Force Rangers, Max (Max Steel), Steel, Team Go Go, Danny Phantom, The Legion of Cartoon Villains, Lokar, Team Radikor, Team Imperiaz, Team Battacor, Team Hiverax, Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, Eclipso, Dark Opal, Lena Luthor, Brainiac, Naare, Monica D'Kay, Nefera de Nile, Van Hellscream, Valetine, Bartleby Farnum, Rocco, Lilith Van Hellscream, Moanatella Ghostier, Djinni "Whisp" Grant, Lord Stoker, Revenant, The Music Meister, Bigs, Bluefur, Pascal (Miniforce), Vlad Plasmius, Jackson Storm, Makino and Hawk Moth will guest star in this series.
  • In this series Ireland Rebel X/Connor Lacey can transform into his aliens in each episode
  • In Episode 5 and the rest of the series Jetstorm (BM), Tankor, Megatron (Unicron Trilogy), Starscream (Unicron Trilogy), Demolisher (Unicron Trilogy), Cyclonis/Snowcat, Tidal Wave (Energon), Scorpinock (Energon), Demon Sunset Shimmer, the real Dazzlings, Midnight Sparkle, the Knave of Hearts, Clouse, and the evil Juniper Montage have returned to destroy Connor and his friends
  • In this series Connor Lacey has scanned the DNA of Makino, the Miniforce's vehicles, and the Jinlins
  • In the end of the series Soundwave (Prime) will join the Reform Squad for more adventures with Connor Lacey and Pals while The Mini Force Rangers, Max (Max Steel), Steel, Team Go Go and Danny Phantom will join Connor Lacey and Pals for more adventures
  • The storyline continues in Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Episode Transcript

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