Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Revenge of the Island is the 4th YIFM/Total Drama crossover made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Like Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Island, this season is a fictional reality show that follows the competition of thirteen new contestants at Camp Wawanakwa, a summer camp on a fictional island located in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario. However, since the island has been forgotten and left alone for the past two seasons, the island has been used as a toxic nuclear waste dump, transforming it into the perfect location for the most dramatic and brutal challenges yet. 13 new contestants participate in competitions to avoid being voted off the island as they all try to get ready to compete with some of the most popular original contestants in the fifth season. They spend almost 2 weeks (13 days) in this camp competing in challenges for immunity and at the end of the season, one winning contestant will have the chance to win one million Canadian dollars. The competition is hosted by Chris McLean (Christian Potenza), who is assisted by the camp's chef, Chef Hatchet (Clé Bennett).

At the beginning of the season, the thirteen campers are placed onto two teams, the Mutant Maggots and the Toxic Rats. In each episode, the teams participate in a challenge, in which one or more campers can win invincibility for their team. The losing team is called to the elimination ceremony at night, where they vote one of their own members off the island. At the ceremony, Chris declares which contestants are safe by calling their name and giving them a marshmallow, while the one whose name is not called is eliminated from the game and given a radioactive marshmallow. The eliminated camper is then taken to the Hurl of Shame and catapulted to the Playa de Losers. However, an eliminated camper can still come back to the game if they find a wooden Chris head.

About halfway through the season, the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots are disbanded, after which the challenges continue; the winner of each challenge then only receives invincibility for him or herself, whereupon a camper without invincibility is voted off the island. Ireland Rebel X (aka Connor Lacey) and his friends team up with Zoey (due to Gwen not competing in this season) in hopes they will help her win the million dollars while facing their new enemy: Scott. This process of elimination is continued on until two players (Cameron and Lightning) remain on the island, where then they are subject to a final contest. At the end of the season, Cameron is crowned winner of the season and is given the million dollars by Chris. Lightning however, wins in the alternate ending, which airs only in the United States.

List of Episodes

Episode Title
1 "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"

Back at Camp Wawanakwa (the original location of the first season of Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama), the area has been used as a bio-hazardous waste dump, causing all of the island's environment and creatures to become radioactive. Thirteen new contestants are introduced: Anne Maria, B, Brick, Cameron, Dakota, Dawn, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam, Scott, Staci, and Zoey. Ireland Rebel X and his friends decide to ask to Zoey to team up with them so they will help her win the million dollars (due to Gwen not competing this season), They are divided into two teams: the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots. Near the end of the first challenge, Owen asks Chris if the original contestants are going to compete again, which Chris denies before blowing Owen back off the island. The first challenge is to race through the forest to the finish line, form the teams, cut down their team's totem log from a tree, and race the totems down a mountain to the cabins before the bomb attached to them explodes in seven minutes. Throughout the episode, Mike and Zoey form a close bond, while Mike reveals his first personality, an old man named Chester. Staci annoys her entire team with her constant lies about her relatives, resulting in her elimination that night. She is given the first "Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom" (a radioactive marshmallow, which causes her to lose almost all of her hair) and then taken to the Hurl of Shame.

Aliens Used: Wildvine

2 "Truth or Mutant Shark"

The episodes starts as Galvatron and some other villains arrive to help Scott sabotage his team mates in order to win the season. As the competition narrows to 12, the contestants face a "Truth or Dare" challenge, which forces the contestants to either embarrass themselves by saying the truth, or have their entire team be plunged into shark-infested waters. During the challenge, Sam reveals he farted on his only date, Brick reveals he wet his pants on his first and last day of school one year, and B's reveals his first name is Beverly. After a dip in the water in the midst of the challenge, Scott inadvertently begins a rivalry with Fang (a large, mutated shark with two legs) when, after he escapes certain consumption, he knocks out one of the shark's teeth and chooses to keep it. The contestants begin to bicker over the challenge, until Chris decides to cancel it and move them into an even more dangerous one. Throughout the episode, Mike continues his growing relationship with Zoey, while Sam starts a relationship with Dakota. The second challenge is a relay race where the teams must each carry their team mascot through an obstacle course. The course is a parody of the Qualifier in the show Total Wipeout. Scott tries unsuccessfully to move through his part of the relay very slowly to delay the Toxic Rats and thus throw the challenge. Mike reveals another personality that turns him into a highly skilled Russian gymnast named Svetlana. Zoey escapes becoming lunch to two giant, mutated beavers by kicking them both in their kiwis. Cameron wins the challenge for the Mutant Maggots, and the Toxic Rats face elimination again. Because Dakota is distracted by her paparazzi throughout her entire time in the season, she is eliminated.

Aliens Used: Brainstorm and XLR8

3 "Ice Ice Baby"

In the cafeteria, Mike tries to explain his personality problem by telling everyone that he is role-playing, but admits his disorder at the confessional. The contestants are taken to the first challenge: to climb up a mountain to the top with their bare hands and feet, or by using stuff from a junk pile that is owned by a giant mutated cockroach. While climbing the mountain, they must avoid the stuff that Chef throws at them. The Toxic Rats manage to get to the top of the mountain first by shooting themselves on a sofa to the top, winning the first challenge and earning them an advantage in the second challenge: a "Capture the Flag" challenge where each of the teams owns an ice castle in a snowy area, and must destroy each other's castle, either by melting or by snowballs, in order to capture the other team's flag. Dawn shows she may have feelings for Scott while he makes the mutant cockroach attack the other team. Mike's Svetlana personality captures his team's flag and wins the challenge for the Mutant Maggots. Another of Mike's personalities is revealed: an egotistical hero named Vito, whom Anne Maria starts to have a crush on. In the elimination ceremony, Scott successfully sets up B to be voted off. Dakota returns after her father complains that she is unfairly voted out. She becomes an intern on the show and does not compete for the million dollar prize. B is voted off.

Aliens Used: Diamond Head and Big Chill/Ultimate Big Chill

4 "Finders Creepers"

The 10 remaining campers compete in a spooky challenge in which they are taken to the forest and must navigate their way to a cemetery, dig up and open a coffin, grab a flashlight from inside the coffin, then find their way around the forest to the finish line. Throughout the challenge, they encounter several mutated animals. A giant pink spider attacks and captures all of the contestants except Mike, Cameron, and Anne Maria. Scott's rivalry with his archnemesis Fang the shark continues when he's ambushed by him in the cemetery.

Mike's Vito personality continues to attract Anne Maria and causes her and Mike to get together, without Mike remembering Zoey. When set off to fight the giant spider, Zoey sees Mike and Anne Maria kissing and begins to get jealous. Cameron and Svetlana rescue everyone from the giant spider. However, the Rats win the challenge and the Maggots lose for the first time. When Cameron defeats the spider, it is revealed that the spider has been Izzy inside a giant spider costume.

At the campfire ceremony, Brick votes himself out because he left his team behind when Jo forced him to forget about his code of leaving no man behind. However, Chris reveals that the person who is voted out that night will be on the other team tomorrow, meaning Jo and Brick will be battling it out on separate teams, with Jo on the Maggots and Brick joining the Rats. With no one to throw, Dakota (an intern on the show) is hurled by Chris, who says she can swim back.

  • Note 1: This is the only episode where Dawn is seen in her pajamas.
  • Note 2: Brick's probable elimination would've been Jo's fault, as she told him to leave his team behind which caused the Maggot's loss.

Dakota returns in the next episode.

Aliens Used: Blitzwolfer and Whampire

5 "Backstabbers Ahoy"
The characters go on a daunting scuba diving challenge to release water skis that are tied to the ocean floor. Jo and Brick scuba dive and release the skis and must use them in a water ski racing challenge to ring the bells on top of water mines. Dakota returns as an intern, along with Bridgette. Zoey is heartbroken, since Mike is now spending more of his time (as Vito) with Anne Maria. Cameron finds a way to trigger Svetlana which helps the Mutant maggots win a point. Lightning and Cameron crash into one of the water mines and Cameron is severely injured. Scott sabotages Dawn to successfully cause everyone to vote her off, but not before Dawn tries to warn Ireland Rebel X and his friends why Galvatron and the other villains are helping Scott until she was interrupted when the Hurl Of Shame shot her away from the competition.

Aliens Used: Ripjaws

6 "Runaway Model"

Both teams face off in a fashion contest by finding models (who are actually the mutated creatures) on the island. They save Lindsay after she is kidnapped by Sasquatchanakwa after Sam gets the wrong idea about stripes from Dakota. Sasquatchanakwa becomes furious and Dakota says she meant vertical stripes because horizontal stripes make anything or anyone look fat. During the challenge, Scott's rivalry with Fang heats up after he tricks him into falling into one of his own traps, and he tries to sow some seeds to get Zoey under his thumb in the future. Sam goes on a video game frenzy, which almost wins the challenge until Jo, angry at having her looks laughed at, punches Sasquatchanakwa to save Lindsay and win the challenge. The Rats to vote off Sam, unknowingly fulfilling his wish to be eliminated either sixth or seventh. Before Sam is hurled off, Dakota gives him her number and he loses it. Jo and Scott, after volunteering themselves as their teams' strongest members, are asked to switch teams, placing Jo on the Rats and Scott on the Maggots.

Aliens Used: Charizard

7 "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
The two teams are sent into an abandoned mine, where Jo takes charge of the Rats. Mike's disorder gets more out of hand when a fourth personality,

Mannitoba Smith, makes his debut. Brick throws the challenge to save his former team, the Maggots, resulting in another loss for the Toxic Rats. A still-feral Ezekiel falls in love with Anne Maria, remembered Connor Lacey inside of the Ireland Rebel X suit, and wins her over by giving her a diamond-like gem. Brick is voted off for throwing the challenge and Anne Maria quits the competition, thinking she'll be rich with the gem she's received. She later finds out that the gem is made of cubic zirconia, making it worthless. She tries to get back into the game, but gets hurled along with Brick. With Anne Maria gone, Chris decides to force Dakota back into the game and places her on the Maggots. Cameron, Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and the others find out about Mike's MPD (multiple personality disorder) and they make a deal with Mike to help him control his other personalities. Meanwhile, Scott had report to the Legion of Cartoon Villains, Lokar, Team Radikor, Team Imperiaz, Team Battacor, Team Hiverax, Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, Eclipso, Dark Opal, Lena Luthor, Brainiac, Naare, Bigs and Bluefur that Connor Lacey is still alive, which shocks them in anger that he must be destroyed.

Aliens Used: Heatblast and Jetray

8 "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean"
The teams wake up in the middle of the lake and Chris orders them to return to the island, with the last team arriving set for punishment. Mike purposely places Scott in a position for another encounter with Fang, who attacks him near, then on, the Maggots' raft. Dakota fends off the shark as she begins a mutant transformation into a monster, then seeks friends from Zoey and Ireland Rebel X (Connor Lacey) and his pals. Cameron tries to help Mike keep his secret under control. Scott has found the Chris Head of Invincibility, and asks Zoey to keep it a secret. After the Maggots lose the second challenge, finding a burried chest containing a past contestant (Gwen) and an eliminated contestant from he current season (Sam), Scott is voted off, but uses the Chris Head of Invincibility to stay in the game. Dakota is eliminated instead. Gwen appears in a cameo, and Sam temporarily returns as part of the challenge.

Aliens Used: Ripjaws, XLR8 and Armadrillo

9 "Grand Chef Auto"

The Maggots' cabin is destroyed when the teams merge. The contestants must search the kitchen for keys to the go-karts. They use the go-karts to go to three different locations around the island and spray-paint their symbol on each location. Zoey's symbol is a heart, Scott's is an X, Mike's is a check, Cameron's is a picture of Chris giving him the money, Jo puts a circle with a line through it on top of Cameron's symbol, then Cameron switches to the pi symbol, and Lightning's symbol is a lightning bolt. Chef tricks the contestants into going to a fourth location, the Chris Monument (called Mount Chrismore).

Jo and Lightning are briefly detained by Chef, and Fang is ordered to guard them. Jo escapes by using Lightning as a distraction for Fang, but Lightning gets away himself by offering up Scott to Fang. Scott (with the villains' help) used Mike's multiple personality disorder to his advantage by threatening to tell Zoey about it if Mike doesn't do what he says. However, Zoey discovers Mike's condition through another source.

Mike overcomes his personalities, and he and Zoey become a couple. Scott wins invincibility and gets to decide who should leave. Mike is voted off by Scott, and he gives Zoey a pendant to remember him by. They almost kiss until Mike is catapulted. Duncan, a former contestant, makes brief cameos throughout the episode. On Cartoon Network, the title of this episode was changed to "Extreme Chef Auto," presumably to avoid copyright infringement of Rockstar Games, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

Aliens Used: Upgrade/Ultimate Upgrade

10 "Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon"

The remaining five contestants must now fly through rings of fire by using a specific flying object provided by Chris, but first they must go to the waste dump to find the pieces in order build to their flying object. Jo has to build a flying balloon, Lightning must build a helicopter, Zoey must build a plane with the help of Ireland Rebel X and the others, Cameron must build a rocket ship and Scott gets to build a bird. To test the rings of fire to determine if they are safe to fly through, Chris uses Connor's past Total Drama enemy Heather as a test dummy to see if she survives the flight. Heather uses a jet pack and she survives. While the contestants are building their flying objects, Zoey is mad that Scott eliminated Mike, so she steals Scott's parts to build her plane, causing Scott to get nothing except a pair of wings he got from birds.

At the challenge, the five are ready to fly their objects through the rings of fire, but Heather gets mad and steals the million dollar case from Chris and takes off on a blimp. The challenge is now to chase the blimp and capture Heather to retrieve the money. Everyone is chasing the blimp and, during flight, Zoey flies on radioactive flying goats that breathe fire, emabling her to take her revenge on Scott by shooting fire at him. Scott has to deal with Fang trying to eat him, both on land and in the air. Lightning gets on the blimp, and retrieves the money case from Heather. The blimp loses control when Cameron crashes his rocket into it and makes a crash landing. Lightning hops out with the case and gives it back to Chris. The blimp crashes into the ocean and sinks and, even though Lightning has retrieved the million dollars, it is Cameron who wins immunity for crashing the ship and taking out Heather. In the elimination ceremony, Jo is eliminated. The final four are now Scott, Zoey, Lightning, and Cameron.

Aliens Used: Jury Rig and Stinkfly

11 "Eat, Puke & Be Wary"

Chris is injured by one of Scott's shark traps and crashes into the restrooms. Chef temporary becomes the host and makes the contestants do a cooking challenge. Cameron makes some quiche pie with radioactive mushrooms, Scott makes a more toxic quiche, Zoey made a living salad, and Lightning cooks a mutated maggot. They are supposed to feed their meals to classic competitor DJ, but he runs away and they are forced to eat what they have cooked. Scott switches his quiche with Cameron, and ends up winning the challenge, with the others puking.

Chef then puts them through a hunting challenge with the contestants as the prey. They are to make it to a flagpole before Chef catches them with a spaghetti bazooka. After Chef injures Zoey and breaks her pendant, she becomes bent on revenge against Scott, his villainous allies, and Chef with Ireland Rebel X and the others helping her. Scott makes it to the flagpole first and almost wins the challenge, but suddenly, Fang appears, chases him, and reveals that he's only been chasing Scott because he took his tooth, which Scott refuses to return to him. Fang then is caught by one of Zoey's traps, while another trap hits Scott, putting him in a full-body cast. Ireland Rebel X and his friends manage to defeat the rest of the villains (except for Naare, Bigs and Bluefur, who are hiding in a bush). Cameron wins immunity after sneakingly riding on Lightning's back to the flagpole. Lightning swears revenge on Cameron for stealing his immunity, igniting a rivalry between the two boys. With two votes against, Scott is eliminated. Chris returns as host and gets payback on Scott by making him ride the Hurl of Shame with Fang, who gets his tooth back from him, but is still determined to eat him. Cameron, Zoey, and Lightning are now the final three.

Aliens Used: Humongosaur

12 "The Enchanted Franken-Forest"

After Naare, Bigs and Bluefur join forces with Lighting to help him crush Cameron, Ireland Rebel X and the others in exchange to help them catch Ash's Pikachu, Zoey, Cameron, and Connor Lacey and the others agree to team up against Lightning, Naare, Bigs and Bluefur to eliminate them before the final two. Cameron is interested in doing so because he knows Lightning is targeting him for stealing invincibility from him. Chris sends the final three campers into the enchanted forest to retrieve a flower from a Venus flytrap named Larry. Inside the forest, the campers encounter mutated animals, including Ezekiel. Throughout the challenge, Zoey starts to be rude to Cameron (much to the dismay of our heroes), while Lightning and Naare get lost. Cameron then realizes that Zoey is changing, but Zoey gives up winning the challenge to save Cameron from dying, and Lightning wins the challenge. Cameron is certain that Lightning will eliminate him due to their rivalry, but Lightning chooses Zoey to be eliminated instead, because Zoey is a bigger threat, and it will be easier for him to beat Cameron in the finals, causing Ireland Rebel X and his friends to become shocked with Zoey getting eliminated and becoming enemies with Lightning. This marks the first time two members of the same gender and ethnicity compete against each other in the finale. Cameron is the second geek to appear in the final two in YIFM/Total Drama series. Beth was the first when she went up against Duncan in Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama Action. Mike temporarily returns as part of a flashback.

Aliens Used: Mecha-Super-Hero

13 "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown"

Lightning and Cameron, the final two contestants, are told to vent all of their feelings in the confessional. They both watch video messages on a television from their relatives at home. Lightning's father bets his championship rings that Lightning can win. They arrive at a massive arena where Chris, Chef, two interns, and the 11 previously-eliminated contestants are watching them from the stands. A pile of junk is dropped into the middle of the arena, and the two finalists must find a way to use some of the junk as either armor or weapons for a duel. Lightning creates a rather crude set of armor with ankle plates, a chest plate, a pan as his helmet, and a plastic mannequin's leg with nails sticking out of the top. Cameron creates a mechanical suitcase that turns him into Iron Man.

The battle begins, and the two battle for so long with no clear winner that Chris decides to make it interesting and drops every mutated creature from the island into the arena. The creatures (including Ezekiel) start attacking everyone. Cameron tries to save the other contestants from the monsters, while Lightning keeps attacking Cameron only. Eventually, one of Cameron's iron suit's abilities causes many of the barrels of toxic waste to magnetize to Lightning's body armor, giving Lightning white hair and causing him to get tired and black out. Cameron gets tired, too, and falls on top of Lightning, causing Cameron win the final challenge, much to the dismay of Naare, Bigs and Bluefur (whom Depth Charge manages to catapult them away). Chris crowns Cameron the winner of Connor Lacey's Super Adventures of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the new recipient of the million dollars. As Chef and the 13 contestants sail away on a boat, Chris attempts to detonate a bomb placed on the underside of the boat, but the bomb goes off on the dock directly beneath Chris, because Chef moved the bomb. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police descends on the island, putting the island under government protection. Chris is ordered to be quarantined, while Chef and the rest of the cast flee and cheer.

Alternate Ending: In the United States, Cameron's suit runs out of power and he collapses to the ground. Afterwards, Lightning is shocked by a lightning bolt, making his hair turn white while he topples over Cameron, pinning Cameron down for three seconds, thereby making Lightning the winner. However, Ireland Rebel X and his friends still manage to defeat Lightning with Ash Ketchum angrily punching him (possibly for revenge for eliminating Zoey) and Depth Charge still catapults Naare, Bigs and Bluefur away.

Aliens Used: Swampfire/Ultimate Swampfire


Episode Transcripts

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