Connor Lacey: Age of the Villains the musical is the 1st Connor Lacey's Adventures musical film made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on Youtube as part of a double feature with Connor Lacey's Adventures of Alice Through the Looking Glass in the near future.


When Connor Lacey and Pals have learned that the villains have been taking over Equestria they must find a way to stop them before they rule Equestria forever.


The film starts off with the villains planning a new world-domination plan. Which is to take over Equestria and put the Mane 6 in their place for the capture of their Elements of Harmony. Meanwhile, Connor Lacey and Pals are training for their next big mission when the alarm rang and discovered that the villains were attacking Equestria and are going to steal the Elements of Harmony. So, they head there to find Twilight Sparkle and her friends dealing with the villains, but they might need some assistance, so Connor Lacey and Pals decided to help them fight back against them with their weapons and the Ultimatrix. Together, they defeated the villains and threw rocks at the villains as they retreat. So, the heroes celebrate by having a music number at the Canterlot Castle.


Aliens Used

  • Water Hazard
  • Megatron (G1)
  • Charizard
  • Ultimate Charizard


  1. Ben 10 Omniverse opening
  2. Tonight We Strike - The Villain Empire, The Crime Empire and The Legion of Cartoon Villains
  3. Villains - Connor Lacey and Pals
  4. We're in this Together - Connor Lacey and Pals, The Villain Empire, The Crime Empire and The Legion of Cartoon Villains

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