Connor Lacey: It's Fusion Time Part 3 is a 3rd part of the Connor Lacey's Super Adventures three-part film made by MegatronMovies1999. It will appear on YouTube in the near future. 


With Connor and his friends nearing the semi finals, They must beat Emperor Mavro in the finals for Princess Flurry Heart and to save the Total Drama team and win the tournament.


The Fusion Fighters,Team Blue Flare,the Legion of Cartoon Heroes,the Reform Squad,Dulcea,Rex and his friends,Scrappy-Doo,Flim Flam,Ben Tennyson,Gwen Tennyson,Kevin Levin,Rook Blonko,Generator Rex,the Secret Saturdays,the Alien Rangers,the In Space Rangers,the Zeo Rangers,the Turbo Rangers,the Ninja Storm Rangers,the Dino Thunder Rangers,the Lost Galaxy Rangers,the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers,the Time Force Rangers,the Wild Force,the Jungle Fury Rangers,the RPM Rangers,the Samurai Rangers,the Megaforce Rangers,Scrooge McDuck and his family,Princess Celestia,Princess Luna,Princess Cadance, Shining Armour,Princess Flurry Heart,the Human Mane 7,Spike the Dog,the S.P.D. Rangers,the Mystic Force Rangers,Gwen,Trent,Owen,Izzy,Lindsay,Tyler,Beth,Geoff,Bridgette,DJ,Duncan,Courtney,Leshawna,Harold,Noah,Cody,Sierra,Zoey,Mike,Cameron,Sam,Dakota,Jo,Dawn,Brick,Anne Maria,Shawn,Jasmine,Sky,Ella,Samey,Topher,Leonard,Rodney,Emma,Kitty,Carrie,Devin,Brody,MacArthur,Sanders,Chris McLean,Chef Hatchet,the reformed enemies of the Power Rangers,Axeknightmon,the Bagra Army,the Masters of Evil,the Legion of Cartoon Villains,the Crime Empire,Jafar,Maleficent,Hades,Rothbart,Choobo,Zeltrax,Broodwing,Morticon,Imperious,the Eight Terrors,Octoskull,The Grand Duke of Owls,the Decepticons,the Scooby-Doo! villains,Dr Facilier,the Ben 10 villains,Black Knight,Professor Screweyes,Queen La,Captain Hook,the Grim Buccaneer,ShiverJack,Dr Undergear,Granny Goodness,the Female Furies,Dark Opel,Eclipso,Lena Luthor,Heather,Justin,Alejandro,Scott,Lightning,Mal,Scarlett,Max,Amy,Sugar,Dave,Josee and Jacques will guest star in this film

In the end of the film the Fusion Fighters and Team Blue Flare will join Connor Lacey and Pals for more adventures

Aliens Used


CANA Hoopa

Megatron (Armada)

Daydream Megatron (Armada)


Pikachu X4K


Charizard X7

Charizard X7SM


Ultimate Swampfire

Super Ultimate Swampfire (MirageGaoGaMon (left) and Rayquaza (right)


Connor Lacey: It's Fusion Time Part 3/Transcript