Connor Lacey: The Invasion Part 1 is a 1st part of the Connor Lacey's Super Adventures two-part film made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


When Connor Lacey and Pals have heard about the Kraang invasion they must shut the portal to Dimension X down so they head to TCRI to use the Microfission Omni-Disintegrator to destroy the portal with a single shot


  • The Utrom (2012 and 2003),The Legion of Cartoon Heroes,The Reform Squad,Scrappy-Doo,Flim Flam,Ben Tennyson,Gwen Tennyson,Kevin Levin,Rook Blonko,Generator Rex,the Secret Saturdays,the Ninja Storm Rangers,the Dino Thunder Rangers,the Lost Galaxy Rangers,Supergirl,Batgirl,Wonder Woman (DCSHG),Bumblebee (DCSHG),Katana,Poison Ivy (DCSHG),Harley Quinn (DCSHG),the S.P.D. Rangers,the Mystic Force Rangers,The Villain Empire, The Legion of Cartoon Villains, The Crime Empire,Jafar,Maleficent,Hades,Rothbart,The Grand Duke of Owls,the Scooby-Doo! villains,Dr Facilier,the Ben 10 villains,Black Knight,Professor Screweyes,Queen La,Captain Hook,the Grim Buccaneer,ShiverJack,Dr Undergear,Granny Goodness,the Female Furies,Dark Opel,Eclipso,the Monster High villains, Lena Luthor, Brainiac will guest star in this film
  • The storyline continues in Connor Lacey: The Invasion Part 2

Aliens Used


Water Hazard



Connor Lacey: The Invasion Part 1/Transcript

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