This is a script for Connor Lacey: The Invasion Part 2

Narrator: Previously on Connor Lacey's Super Adventures

Kraangdroids: Kraang, Kraang, Kraang, Kraang, Kraang!

Kraang Queen: The invasion that is known as the invasion on Earth begins now!

Leonardo: In 6 hours something called the Technodrome is coming through that portal.

Connor Lacey: We've gotta​ find a way to shut that portal down. All right gang let's do this.

April O'Neil: This must be the way to Villain Island.

Casey Jones: They've got April!

Utrom Shredder: We took your friend away and now with the help of the Kraang we can put an end to you!

Rook: With the world at steak the only thing of importance is that you complete your mission. No matter what you have to sacrifice or who.

Chris Kratt: That wasn't​ so hard was it? Oh I've gotta stop saying stuff like that.

(In the sky)

Michaelangelo: I think I speak for all of us when I say... (Screams)

Fred Jones: What is that?

Connor Lacey: It's the Technodrome! The one that has came through the portal from Dimension X!

Conner McKnight: We gotta get inside and stop the Kraang from whatever they're doing to April!

Connor Lacey: Right! Everyone follow my lead! (Hits Ultimatrix)

Terrakion: Terrakion! Take those weapons down!

All: Right!

(April O'Neil (2012) groaning and then gasps)

Kraang Prime: April O'Neil. Kraang has waited a long time.

April O'Neil: Where am I? What's going on?

Kraang Prime: Like all Kraang I'm called Kraang but you can call me Kraang Prime. Kraang has need of this planet for Kraang to live on.

April O'Neil: Um that's great. But we're kinda using it. So you came all this way for nothing. Bummer.

Kraang Prime: No. Kraang came all this way for you April O'Neil.

April O'Neil: Oh really? As if I have anything to offer to you Kraangs.

Kraang Prime: Your mental energy is uniquely at tune to this universe. Once Kraang gains this ability we'll transform your world into a home for Kraang.

April O'Neil: And how are you going to do that exactly? (Screams)

Terrakion: (Grunts) April's in danger. I can feel it in the Force.

Megatron (Prime): Well hang on Connor we're going inside!

Big Barda: I just hope she's not destroyed.

Marik Ishtar: We're inside the Technodrome.

(Terrakion reverts back to Connor Lacey)

Leonardo: Whoa! Gravity's getting a little weird in here guys.

Donatello: It appears the Kraang are using Anti-Gravitons

Connor Lacey: Is there anyway for you to generate Gravitons?

Donatello: I guess not.

Pinkie Pie: We still have a job to do.

Applejack: You're right Pinkie. Let's go.

Michaelangelo: Yo Zero-G is banging. The Kraang should turn this into a carnival ride.

Starlight Glimmer: Uh I think they're more interested in using it to destroy the Earth.

Discord: It could do both.

(April O'Neil (2012) screams)

Yumi: Do you hear that? That sounds like April!

Ulrich: Could you say that a little louder? I don't think the entire Technodrome heard you. Never mind. They did.

(Connor Lacey hits Ultimatrix)

Armadrillo: Armadrillo! Take them out.

(Technodrome humming)

(Kraang Prime laughing and April O'Neil (2012) panting)

Kraang Subprime: Yes. Yes! It's working!

Kraang Prime: Now we'll be rulers of Earth!

Kraang Queen: And, I will finally get my revenge on Connor Lacey.

Adagio Dazzle: That's right.

Armadrillo: That can't be good.

(April O'Neil (2012) screams and Kraang Prime laughing)

Kraang Prime: April O'Neil your mind belongs to Kraang. Soon your world will be ours. Let the planetary mutation begin. Witness the end of your kind!

Connor Lacey: Not​ if we can help it!

Kraang Prime: The Ireland Rebel Alliance? Kraang can't be stopped by pathetic humans and toons!

Yugi Moto: At least we're not stupid aliens!

Jaden Yuki: Take this!

(Kraang Prime yells)

April O'Neil: Thanks guys. I needed that.

Velma Dinkley: Now let's see who Kraang Queen really is.

All (excluding Connor Lacey): Another mutant!?

Connor Lacey: Linda Ryan!

All (excluding Connor Lacey): Linda Ryan?

Leonardo: But Connor you said all of the Ryans were destroyed at the explosion.

Connor Lacey: Looks like Linda must've survived.

Linda Ryan: Yes. Shocking isn't it? Next to you who would suspect me poor unfortunate Linda Ryan?

Connor Lacey: But that day. Before the explosion. Sean tried to destroy me.

Linda Ryan: Not only him. Me with Sean tried to destroy you! And trust me if my deceased husband hasn't told you to make a choice I would have succeeded.

Connor Lacey: Daddy's saying that just to save me?

Linda Ryan: That's right Connor. And because of him I traveled to Dimension X to let my wounds heal. I was hoping to have servants like those Utrom.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): So you created Kraang Queen and turned the Utrom into the Kraang with a Utrom mind-control helmet created by Kraang Prime so you can get revenge on Connor.

Linda Ryan: Sure did. And I'll get away with it despite of you meddling heroes. Kraang attack!

Karai (2012): Even if she's not Kraang Queen she still controls the Kraang!

Connor Lacey: If I can destroy the mind-control helmet then the Kraangdroids​ including Kraang Subprime would return to being their Utrom selves. (Hits Ultimatrix)

Daydream Sun: Daydream Sun! (Then hits Ultimatrix three times)

Orion Super Ultimate Daydream Sun: Orion Super Ultimate Daydream Sun! Robo Thundersaurus/Heatblast formation!

Linda Ryan: I see you picked up a few new tricks since I last saw you.

Orion Super Ultimate Daydream Sun: That's right Linda. So prepare yourself for some beat down!


Utrom #1: What happened

Knight: Oh. My head.

Poison Ivy: The Kraang have turned into the Utrom again.

Orion Super Ultimate Daydream Sun: Now to put you behind bars. In the Cursed Realm.

(Linda Ryan yells)

Lord Dominator: Human you just made a big mistake.

(Orion Super Ultimate Daydream Sun reverts back to Connor Lacey)

Megatron (Prime): We did it. We saved the world!

Knockout: For now. But it's not over. The villains will come back.

Connor Lacey: And we'll be ready for them.

Optimus Prime (G1): And we'll keep an eye out for them in case they have new plans.

(Party music playing)

Aelita: Masters of Evil,Crime Empire,Cartoon Villain Legionnaires,Vehicons army and Kraang wannabes. If they can't stop us what can?

Mokuba Kaiba: That's for tomorrow to decide. Today we celebrate the saving of the Earth.

(Meanwhile at outer space)

Emperor Mavro: Linda Ryan's gone. It's our turn now.

Vrak: Father, brother is that you?

Emperor Mavro: That's right my son. Daddy's here. (Laughs evilly)

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