Connor Lacey and The Rise of Darth Villaineous is the 1st Connor Lacey's Adventures film made by MegatronMovies1999. It will appear on the near future. 


After the events of Connor Lacey's Adventures of My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks the villains are digging up Serpentera and is creating the Villain Megazord to destroy Ireland and it's Rebel Alliance so it's up to Connor Lacey and Pals with the rest of his friends to stop the villains and save Ireland


Aliens Used



Ultimate MewTwo

Hyper-Ultimate MewTwo Extreme

Hyper-Ultimate MewTwo Extreme Omniverse Variant

Hyper-Ultimate MewTwo Extreme Transformer Maximum

Hyper-Ultimate MewTwo Ultimate Pokémon GigaZord

Hyper-Ultimate MewTwo Kingbreaker White Lightning


Connor Lacey and The Rise of Darth Villaineous/Transcript