Connor Lacey meets Ben 10 Alien Force is 2nd YIFM/Cartoon Network crossover made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Set five years after the end of the original series, Ben Tennyson, now a teenager, once again dons the Omnitrix to protect the earth and other parts of the universe from villainous alien activity. The Omnitrix itself, a wristwatch-shaped device, allows Ben to transform into numerous alien forms, thereby inheriting the unique abilities of that alien race.

List of Episodes

Season 1

  1. Ben 10 Returns: Part 1
  2. Ben 10 Returns: Part 2
  3. Everybody's Talking About The Weather
  4. Kevin's Big Score
  5. All That Glitters
  6. Max Out
  7. Pier Pressure
  8. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  9. The Gauntlet
  10. Paradox
  11. Be-Knighted
  12. Plumbers' Helpers
  13. X=Ben+2

Season 2

  1. Darkstar Rising
  2. Alone Together
  3. Good Copy, Bad Copy
  4. Save the Last Dance
  5. Undercover
  6. Pet Project
  7. Grounded
  8. Voided
  9. Inside Man
  10. Birds of a Feather
  11. Unearthed
  12. War of the Worlds Part 1
  13. War of the Worlds Part 2


Ben 10 Alien Swarm

Season 3

  1. Vengeance of Vilgax Part 1
  2. Vengeance of Vilgax Part 2
  3. Inferno
  4. Fool's Gold
  5. Simple
  6. Vreedle, Vreedle
  7. Singlehanded
  8. If All Else Fails
  9. In Charm's Way
  10. Ghost Town
  11. Trade-Off
  12. Busy Box
  13. Con of Rath
  14. Primus
  15. Time Heals
  16. The Secret of Chromastone
  17. Above and Beyond
  18. Vendetta
  19. The Final Battle Part 1
  20. The Final Battle Part 2


  • Sean Allen/Darth Villaineous will guest star in this series.
  • In this series, Ryan will gain the power of the Ultimatrix.
  • The storyline continues in Connor Lacey meets Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.
  • In the episode "Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and 2", Ryan and Connor Lacey has scanned the DNA of the DNAlien and the Highbreed and gained DNConnor and Omnibreed along with the DNA of Argit in "Kevin's Big Score", the DNA of Verdona in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", the DNA of the alien chips and gained Nanomech in "Ben 10: Alien Swarm", the DNA


  1. Ben 10 Returns: Part 1/Transcript
  2. Ben 10 Returns: Part 2/Transcript
  3. Everybody's Talking About The Weather/Transcript
  4. Kevin's Big Score/Transcript
  5. All That Glitters/Transcript
  6. Max Out/Transcript
  7. Pier Pressure/Transcript
  8. What Are Little Girls Made Of?/Transcript
  9. The Gauntlet/Transcript
  10. Paradox/Transcript
  11. Be-Knighted/Transcript
  12. Plumbers' Helpers/Transcript
  13. X=Ben+2/Transcript
  14. Darkstar Rising/Transcript
  15. Alone Together/Transcript
  16. Good Copy, Bad Copy/Transcript
  17. Save the Last Dance/Transcript
  18. Undercover/Transcript
  19. Pet Project

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