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Count Dracula is an imfamous vampire famed as the most feared or among the most feared monsters in transilvainia. Despite his supposedly major appearance in the prologue, he never appeared much again in the rest of the film, because Scroopfan suffered several delays and problems that made him sort of forget him, and also an overly large character amount.

Supposedly, he helped the horned king and the villain leagers along with his monster horde to find the black cauldron, and use it's powers to gain halloween back under the monsters control. His dopey hunchbacks, the hunch bunch, (indiviualy named Brunch and Crunch) are his to-do monsters, and the most loyal then his other ones.

after the plan failed, it is uncerten what became of him and the transylvainia monsters, other that they may of ran off. it is rumored in the furture project, Spongebob and friends face the nightmare before Chrismas, He, Revolta, the Grim Creeper, and the Skull Ghost, will appear to help Oogie Boggie to try and destroy christmas for being the holiday everyone likes more then Halloween.

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