Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Barbie: The Fairy Secret is a new movie.


When Ken, Barbie's boyfriend, gets kidnapped by Princess Graciella, Jesscia Fairbrother's mother, who intends on marrying him, Jessica and her friends including Barbie, Raquel, the Toa from Mata Nui, the Toa from Metru Nui and two fairies named Carrie and Taylor must travel to Gloss Angeles to save him and remove the love potion spell that her mother is under.


Opening/The Movie Premier

The film starts with Ryan and the Dazzlings giving Barbie a make-over with Carrie and Taylor. Bertram fetches some outfits from the Fall Formal for his friends. They choose the perfect outfits for the occasion and Matau opens the Groundbridge to the place where the Movie Premier is. At the movie premier, A reporter is interviewing Carrie, Taylor and Barbie along with Ryan, Sci-Ryan, Crash, the Cyberlings, Thomas and their friends. Then Raquel shows up with the 12th Doctor and Prince Can appears to Jessica in a vision telling her that something strange has happened to her mother, Princess Graciella. Ryan sees Raquel stand on and rip Barbie's dress on purpose and grabs her. However, Carrie fixes it using magic. Later, Carrie and Taylor see Crystal, a student of Prince Can. They wonder what is she doing here and go to her. Mike and Zoey from Total Drama watch the moment where Barbie hugs Ken and they head in.

Crystal's Fashion Photos/The love potion

Later, Prince Can's student, Crystal, shows up in Gloss Angeles and shows Jessica's mother, Princess Graciella some of the photos she took at the premier of Barbie's new movie. Graciella looks at the photo of Ken


  • Conker the Squirrel, will be good guest stars in this film.
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  • Ryan will drink the Love Potion and fall in love with Bad Sofia in this film.


  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Can You Keep A Secret