Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions is a movie made by Ryantransfromer017 and Transformersprimefan.


There is a planet in the planet in the LEGO Multiverse inhabited by Ryvine Sparkle and his brother, an evil mastermind, Lord Vortech. It is said that he who controls the Foundation Elements that this planets built upon, controls all of the Multiverse. Lord Vortech has vowed to be that ruler, and with Ryvine's and Jay (MRR)'s help, summons characters from a variety of LEGO worlds to help them to find these building bricks of LEGO civilisation. Some have agreed. Others have rebelled. And only the combined power of the greatest LEGO Heroes can stop them. When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away. To save their friends, including Sci-Twi, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstle, Crash, Thomas, Ryan and their friends bravely jumped into the vortex. As they journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations, they soon realize that Ryvine and Lord Vortech are summoning villains from across different LEGO worlds to help them gain control. As his power grew, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and Time to rescue their friends, with some characters helping them and save the universe before the vortexes destroy all of LEGO Humanity.


Prologue: The LEGO Universe

The film starts in the world with a LEGO sea. A portal opens up then Ryvine Sparkle, Cyrille Le Paradox, Jay from Machine Robo Rescue and Lord Vortech comes out. Then a flying robot named X-PO comes out and scans the floor and detects something. Ryvine informs Vortech that they found it and the thing is called "Foundation Prime". A Disaster Warrior named Jay looks at the pictures on the floor and asks Lord Vortech what are they. Lord Vortech informs Jay that these are the artifacts called "the Foundation Elements" and they can gather them in one place. X-PO informs the four that the Foundation Elements are cornerstones of time and space and impotent for the universe. A skunk named Cyrille Le Paradox tells X-PO that the bot's help is no longer needed and Vortech opens a portal behind X-PO and the robot gets sucked into it. Jay laughs with Vortech and he says that they'll make universes collide and control the Foundation Elements' power. Then Vortech feels pain and becomes a giant then he shrinks back to normal size and he informs Ryvine that his dedication for the work is taking it's toll and not for longer can he "pass between dimensions". Ryvine says that there's another way, then both he and Lord Vortech use their magic the make a palace so Vortech can rest his legs. The 4 villains laugh and Jay (MRR) plans revenge on Ryan.

Meanwhile/Thomas finds Wyldstyle

In another universe, Ryan checks his calendar for Sci-Twi's birthday. Meanwhile, Thomas is puffing along until he rolls over something. He saw a tiny leg of a LEGO figuren. Matau gets off Thomas and walks up to the little figure and he pulls it out of the ground. Suddenly, the figure moves to Matau's surprise and he drops it. The figure reattaches its leg and thanks Matau. Matau asks the figure for its name. The figure says her name is Wyldstyle and adds "I'm Not a DJ". Matau is surprised to see that he's talking to a toy. Thomas apologizes to Wyldstyle for running her over and she forgives him. Matau picks up Wyldstyle and ask her where did she come from. Wyldstyle says that she's from the LEGO Movie world and was on her way to Cloud Cuckoo Land. But she got a relic scanner and detects a portal that can take her to Cloud Cuckoo Land but instead she finds herself in the Autobot base and Ryan finds a mini LEGO person on the floor and picks it up. The figure starts to move and Ryan gets scared and drops it. Ryan remembers the figure as Wyldstyle and asks her where is Emmet. She informs Ryan that Emmet is at Cloud Cuckoo land and Unikitty is throwing a party but she got seperated and needs help to get there. Ryan looks in a storage cupboard and finds a box. Crash asks Ryan what he found. He showed Crash the box and opens it to reveal LEGO pieces and the instructions of a LEGO Gateway. Thomas says that they should build it and Ryan starts building it. Then Ryan finally built the gateway and it starts to work. Crash wonders what the Gateway will lead to. Ryan asks Sci-Twi to come with Wyldstyle and Matau says that they can go into the portal and find out where it leads. Sci-Twi and Wyldstyle goes into the portal. Evil Ryan goes into the portal with Bertram and Evil Anna. Sci-Ryan gasps and says that Evil Anna is transported to the Lord of the Rings world, Bertram and Evil Ryan are transported there as well. Ryan says that they can follow them. The team jumps into the portal with Flurry Heart following them.

In Gotham/Robin was kidnapped (CTaRAOLD)

The team arrived at Gotham city, a Driller vehicle zips past with Batman and Robin inside a Robin-cycle and Batmobile driving in a chase. Flurry Heart flies after the Robin-cycle with Ryan clinging on. Upon seeing the baby alicorn flying beside him, Bane throws Kryptonite at Flurry Heart but she catches one and gives it to Robin. Ryan yells at Bane saying "No littering!" and asks Batman why Bane wants with Kryptonite. Batman informs Ryan that Everyone wants Kryptonite to take down Superman and orders Robin to cut Bane off at the bridge. But just as Robin is about to, he starts to float up to the air and gets sucked into a portal. Flurry Heart saw a portal and flies into it with Batman following her and Ryan. Raven follows Batman, Ryan and Flurry Heart into the portal and they saw a portal that transported them to the Lord of the Rings world. Raven tells Sci-Ryan and the others to follow the three heroes and flies into the portal where they jump into and the others followed them.

Rescuing Gandalf the Grey and Evil Ryan/Frodo was abducted

In the Lord of the Rings world, the Cyberlings are on a quest to Mordor and they and Gandalf let Frodo and the others cross the bridge but stayed to face the Balrog and both Evil Ryan and Gandalf shouts "You shall not pass!" but just as the Balrog is about to cross the bridge, it brakes and falls to it's doom. Evil Ryan gives Gandalf a fist pump and was about to go to Bertram and Evil Anna when a fiery whip hits Evil Ryan and Gandalf and are about to fall. Frodo calls out for Gandalf and Evil Ryan, Gandalf shouts "Fly, you fools!" and Evil Ryan said "Tell Agalope that I love her!" then they fall after the Balrog while Frodo shouts "No!" with a lot of O's. Bee and Cee watch as Evil Ryan and Gandalf fall after the Balrog but as they hit the Balrog with a thud, Raven uses her magic to make a portal then the Batmobile appears with Ryan, Flurry Heart, Crash and the others. Batman ejects himself out of the Batmobile and grapples onto the Balrog and asks Evil Ryan and Gandalf where Robin is. Evil Ryan informs Batman behind him. Ryan gets grabbed by the Balrog saying "Batman said, where's Robin?" Evil Ryan informs Ryan that Gandalf have no idea what he's talking about and asks him if he looks like a fox. Ryan then said "Not Robin Hood, Robin!" and informs Evil Ryan and Gandalf that Robin is got sucked into a portal in Gotham, he and his friends jumped in and it led them to the wizard and Evil Ryan. The Balrog grabs Batman then Gandalf asks Batman who he is, Batman freed himself saying "I'm Batman!" and uses his grapple gun to take Gandalf and Evil Ryan to safety. Ryan and the others follow them while the Balrog is left behind to fall to it's doom. Ryan helps Gandalf up and give him his staff. Bertram and Evil Anna hug Evil Ryan and Sci-Ryan while Gandalf has a chat with Fluttershy. Frodo calls out to Gandalf and runs to Evil Ryan but he gets sucked into a portal with the One Ring. Gandalf tells Fluttershy that this is bad and warns her that she shouldn't show any of the Seven Sins (Wrath, Envy, Lust, Glatney, Sloth, Greed, and Pride) or touch anything because if she does she'll be turned to stone. Evil Ryan informs the others that Frodo has the One Ring and can't fall to the enemies hands and runs into the portal after Frodo. As the gang continues their quest, Fluttershy tells the others what Gandalf told her. Sci-Ryan informs Evil Ryan that Batman is "Not an actual bat" and he and the others jump into the portal and it closes, only Alvin, the Chipmunks and the Fellowship of the Ring are left behind. Samwise informs the Fellowship to wait for them while Alvin and his brothers go to the White City. Simon, being the smart guy, explains that this is a game while Theodore finds a Realm Crystal. Suddenly, a Ghost Ninja named Morro shows up. Theodore runs away, opens a portal and jumps into it. Alvin hopes it leads to the LEGO Movie world and both he and Simon jumps into the portal and it closes which makes Morro angry and flies off. Suddenly, Lord Vortech shows up with Ryvine and Jay and tells Morro that he can help him get the Realm Crystal back. Jay also informs Morro that Ryan is the one who beaten him in the Battle of the Bands and wants Morro to join them. Morro agrees and plans to get revenge.

At Cloud Cuckooland/MetalBeard was captured/Starting the quest (CTaRAOLD)

At the LEGO Movie world, Alvin and the Chipmunks are dancing to the song Everything is Awesome with Unikitty, Sci-Twi and Wyldstyle until a portal sucked Metalbeard and his treasure chest in. Alvin is shocked when another portal opens up and Ryan comes out with the others. Sci-Ryan noticed that Wylstyle was the same size as him and noticed two Batmans. Thomas is confused and Unikitty asks why there are 2 Batmans. The DC Batman states that there's only one Batman. Before Evil Ryan can hear Fluttershy he noticed black and white butterflies and saw a princess with the black and white hair named Princess Ivy. Wyldstyle informs Evil Ryan and the others that the only thing they saw was Metalbeard getting dragged into a vortex. Ryan thinks it's a dimensional rift and asks Emmet where is it. Emmet told Ryan that the rift disappeared after it took Metalbeard. Bee informs that Princess Ivy can help on the quest to find the rift and suddenly feels something stone hard. Ryan gasps. Unikitty gets happy and go to pack some rainbow colored LEGO bricks and Emmet goes to get his wrench. But Bee says that its nothing serious but he can't feel his right arm. Sci-Ryan has an idea and informs Ryan if Princess Amber can fly as a butterfly then he needs a spell to make him have a butterfly costume. Twilight looks at the others and asks Bumblebee how come he's the only one with that sliver stuff on him. While Bumblebee talks, Ryan casts a spell on Sci-Ryan saying "Lepidop Leonidas." Twilight asks Gandalf about the stuff on Bumblebee. While Gandalf is telling Twilight, Ryan asks Princess Ivy to join him and his friends for a quest. They agree and Sofia and Amber joins in. Ryan puts the Realm Crystal in his chest and says "I shall name our group the Fellowship of the..." then a portal opens up and they fall in. Twilight jumps in after them and the portal closes. Batman (The LEGO Movie) staits that the name "Fellowship of the Awesome" is a great name. Meanwhile, in the vortex, Ryan and the others are flying in a vortex, Matau says that they need to get out. Batman agrees and tells Wyldstyle to give him her scanner. She does and Batman informs that if he can locate what's generating the rift then he can disrupt it. Thomas agrees and hopes it works. And it does and Ryan and the others fly into another rift to another dimension.

Rebuilding the Gateway (CTaRAOLD)

They arrive in the Gateway room and Ryan noticed that it's going to blow so Ryan and the others got clear then the Gateway explodes and sucks the Keystones into the portal and it closes. Ryan asks if everyone is ok. Twilight says yes. Batman informs the others that the gateway created the rift that got them here. The Cyberlings get an idea and vocalized to Princess Ivy, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle and Cody. Cody suggests that they should rebuild the gateway and they get to work to build the Gateway. They finished building then Batman builds a mini version of the Batmobile and powers up the Gateway. The voice of the Gateway Keeper saying that all systems are go and limited system functionality is restored. Thomas and Wyldstyle smile and wonders if they go through the portal they loss an arm. Batman informs that he saw "glowing parts" gets sucked into the portal and are important. Then they hear an "AARRGGHH!!!!" and Ryan recognizes that sound to be Metalbeard because he's in trouble or very happy and informs his that Metalbeard uses "his catchphrase for a lot of things" and builds some vehicles before jumping into the gateway with Twilight. Thomas and the others jump into the gateway and they end up in a new dimension.

Into the Wizard of Oz World/Defeating the Wicked Witch (CTaRAOLD)

In the Wizard of Oz world, the gang look around and followed the yellow brick road when Ryan and Odette hear singing. They follow the sound to find out that Dorothy and her friends are singing about the wizard of Oz. Batman thought it was the Scarecrow form his world but it's the wrong scarecrow and then Ryan hears a cackle after Dorothy and her friends get sucked into a portal. The Wicked Witch of the West shows up and attacks Ryan who is after the Gateway keystone. As she attacks Matau, an old man wearing a sensei outfit and four guys in Ninja outfits save him. Before Matau can asks the guys, they go into a portal back to where they came from. But one of them stays behind and flips off his mask, to reveal himself to be the Green Ninja, Lloyd Garmadon. The Witch orders a flying monkey to get the Keystone and fly back to her castle but before that happens however, Lloyd throws water on her but misses then she flies back to the castle. Matau asks Lloyd why he save him. Lloyd says that he have to because that's what friends are for. Ryan thanks Lloyd and opens a portal for him to go to Ninjago and Lloyd says that he'll see them again. Crash, Matau and the others run into a forest and the Witch's castle the gang went inside and finds the Keystone and the witch. Then a blue armor wearing knight shows up and builds cages in front of the portals and traps the Witch then breaks free only to smash her crystal ball. The Knight jumps into a portal while Sci-Ryan pulls out a bottle of water while thinking of an idea. He just noticed his water bottle and throws it at the Witch splashing her. And the witch shouts to Sci-Ryan "You cursed brat!" then Batman corrects her by saying "Bat" and the witch melts until she's nothing but a hat on the floor uses. Ryan wonders how the witch don't like water. Then a portal opens up and Crash grabbed the Keystone which was about to get sucked in and the knight comes out again. Sci-Ryan thinks the portal leads to anything better then Oz and the knight and Crash go flying into a wall. Ryan and the gang go into the portal with Crash and the portal closes. The knight wonders who is the bandicoot. Later, he goes to another portal.

The Villain, Lord Vortech (CTaRAOLD)

Into the Jurassic World/Meeting Owen Grady (CTaRAOLD)

Terra Shows Her New Outfit

Owen joins the group (CTaROLD)

Before Crash and the others go to another world, Owen Grady decides to help Ryan and his friends.

Into the World of Chima

Thunderwing battle

Thunderwing joins Lord Vortech

Laval, Eris and Cragger join the group

Into the Simpsons World/Fight Lord Business and the Joker (CTaRAOLD)

The Simpsons and Krusty the clown joins the group

Into the Ninjago World/Reuniting with Nya

Into the Doctor Who world/Mata Nui's Glatorian friends, WALL-E, M-O and EVE join the group

Into the DC Comics world/Sly Cooper and the Gang join the group

Into the Adventure Time World/Finn and Jake joins the team

Into the Back to the Future world/The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts join the group

Meet X-PO/Building some Vehicles

Into the Portal 2 World/The NEXO Knights join the group

Into the Lord of the Rings World/5 of Sly's ancestors join the group

Into the NEXO Knights world/Getting the next Foundation Element

Into the Teen Titans Go! World/

Into the Sonic the Hedgehog world/

Thunderwing betrays Lord Vortech

Battling Trypticon


  • Alice, Wallace and Gromit, Sci-Ryan, Spike the Dog, the Cyberlings, the Dazzlings, Spyro, Sci-Twi, Matau T. Monkey (EG), Timothy (Non-ghost engine version), Emmet, Lapis Laius, Gwen (Total Drama), Gamer Kid, Benson, Machine Robos, Mario, MetalBeard, Flurry Heart, Windblade, Captain Hook, Captain Qwark, Clank, Thomas (EG), Scorpan, Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley, Salim al-Kupar, Caveman "Bob" Cooper, Rioichi Cooper, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, Sir Galleth Cooper, Carmelita Fox, Mike (Total Drama), Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, King Roland, Queen Miranda, Princess Ivy, Princess Odette, will be good guest stars in this film.
  • The film will reveal that all the LEGO worlds except Ninjago is under the Curse of the Seven sins.
  • The Simpsons, Krusty, the Doom Raiders, Emmet, Bad Cop, Owen, will help Crash, Ryan and the others.
  • This is a Prequel to Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) Back Cover and before Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance.
  • Dr Neo Cortex, Sunset Shimmer (Opposite), Azula, Captain DuBois, Makuta, El Jefe, Aloysius O'Hare, Janja, Rothbart, Princess Malucia, John Lumic, the Night time Villains, Grizz (Sly Cooper), Morro, Kylo Ren, Tirek, Bellatrix Lestrange, General Grievous, Cool Cat, Thunderwing, Lou Strickland, Don Octavio, Kaos, Sofia the Worst and Ultron will work for Lord Vortech.
  • Cody Fairbrother (Opposite), Scar, Pete, will be bad guest stars in this film.
  • In the film, while Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle recruit the Ghostbusters, the 12th Doctor, the Spaceship Defender, GLaDOS and Scooby and the gang, Ryan, Princess Odette and Matau recruits Prince Derek, the MasterBuilders and The Toa of Mata Nui, Sci-Ryan recruits Principle Cinch, Vice Principle Shinnok, the Weekenders and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Ryanset and Eris recruits Clavius, Top Cat and the gang, Nina Cortex and Zelda (Swan Princess), Crash, his friends and Gaia Everfree recruit the Stone Generals, Timber Spruce, Yeveltal and the pirates of Misfortune's Keep, the Cyberlings recruit Kyubi, Bubbles (SpongeBob SquarePants), Alise, Crash and Bernstein, the CPA Shadowbolts recruit


  • Friendship Games
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Laughter Song
  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Tonight We Strike
  • Fade Away (sung by Terra and Beast Boy)
  • A Kindness of Friendship
  • Be Prepared
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • I'm Full of Surprises
  • Part of Your World
  • Friend Like Me
  • Weekend Whip
  • Unleash the Magic
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • This is Aperture
  • Computer Song
  • Heffalumps and Woozles
  • Terrorcons Everywhere
  • This Fliegel Has Landed
  • What More Is Out There
  • No Fear
  • Ghostbusters theme song
  • Cleaning Up the Town
  • We Will Stand Everfree
  • Defeat the Darkness
  • Robot Riot
  • You Wouldn't Know


Full story

  1. Prologue: The LEGO Universe
  2. Meanwhile/Thomas finds Wyldstyle
  3. In Gotham/Robin was kidnapped (CTaRAOLD)
  4. Rescuing Gandalf the Grey and Evil Ryan/Frodo was abducted
  5. At Cloud Cuckooland/MetalBeard was captured/Starting the quest (CTaRAOLD)
  6. Rebuilding the Gateway (CTaRAOLD)
  7. Into the Wizard of Oz World/Defeating the Wicked Witch (CTaRAOLD)
  8. The villain, Lord Vortech (CTaRAOLD)
  9. Into the Jurassic World/Meeting Owen Grady (CTaRAOLD)
  10. Terra Shows Her New Outfit
  11. Owen joins the group (CTaROLD)
  12. Into the World of Chima
  13. Lord Vortech turns Twilight to stone
  14. Thunderwing battle
  15. Thunderwing joins Lord Vortech
  16. Laval, Eris and Cragger join the group
  17. Into the Harry Potter World/Hugo, Rita, Human Crash and Ryan Tokisaki join the group
  18. Harry, Ron, and Hermione join the Group (CTaRAOLD)
  19. Into the Simpsons World/Fight Lord Business and the Joker (CTaRAOLD)
  20. The Simpsons and Krusty the clown join the group
  21. Into the Ninjago World/Reuniting with Nya
  22. Into the Doctor Who world/Mata Nui's Glatorian friends, WALL-E, M-O and EVE join the group
  23. Into the DC Comics world/Sly Cooper and the Gang join the group
  24. Into the Adventure Time World/Finn and Jake join the team
  25. Into the Back to the Future world/The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts join the group
  26. Meet X-PO/Building some Vehicles
  27. Into the Portal 2 World/The NEXO Knights join the group
  28. Into the Lord of the Rings World/5 of Sly's ancestors join the group
  29. Into the NEXO Knights world/Getting the next Foundation Element
  30. Into the Teen Titans Go! World/Heading to the Volcano
  31. Into the Sonic the Hedgehog world/Stop Eggman's Plan
  32. Thunderwing betrays Lord Vortech and corrupts the Mane Six
  33. Into the Powerpuff Girls world/Zombies Attacking the City of Townsville
  34. Into the Ghostbusters world/Joy and her friends join the group
  35. Into the Ghostbusters (2016) World/Finding the Elements
  36. Into the Mission Impossible world/Arresting Jim Phelp
  37. Into the A-Team World/Plane Attack
  38. Into the E.T. World/A Photo Shot
  39. Into the Powerpuff Girls (2016) World/Stop Mojo Jojo's Plan
  40. Into the Goonies World/Save the World
  41. Into the Gremlins World/Gizmo joins the Group
  42. Into the Bionicle World/Save the World
  43. Into the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World/Stop Kaos
  44. Into The LEGO Batman Movie World/Save the People
  45. Into the Knight Rider World/Infiltrate the Building
  46. Into the LEGO City: Undercover World/Stop Rex Fury
  47. Into the Beetlejuice World/Ryan-Ko, Ladybug and Cat Noir joins the group
  48. Into the Midway Arcade world/Nate and his friends join the group
  49. Into the Scooby Doo world/Building more Vehicles
  50. Battling Trypticon
  51. Mal Tricks Bumblebee
  52. Going to Foundation Prime/Encountering the villains (CTaROLD)
  53. Defeating the Tri/Rescuing Robin, Frodo and MetalBeard (CTaRAOLD)
  54. Getting Some Recruits/The Plan to stop Lord Vortech (CTaRAOLD)
  55. Dimensions Takes over from Lord Vortech
  56. Ryan fights Jay/Ryan and Sci-Ryan gets Sci-Ryan's lunchbox back
  57. Clay turns Sunset to normal!
  58. Sci-Ryan's core transfer/The birth of RyanDOS
  59. Sci-Ryan and Flain (EG) VS. Mal and Midnight Prime
  60. Crash returns the Mane Six back to normal
  61. Thunderwing vs. Ryan
  62. Ryan and the Dazzlings vs. Ryvine's Heartless/Seal the door to darkness
  63. Lord Vortech's defeat (CTaRAOLD)
  64. Celebration in the Vorten World
  65. A Goodbye for X-PO
  66. Ryan receives a Yo-kai Watch
  67. Ryan reassembles the Foundation Elements
  68. Ending (CTRAOLD)
  69. Post Credits: Thunderwing plots revenge
  70. A new blank point: Ryalight meets Young Xehanort

Level Packs

List of Foundation Elements that appeared in this film

  1. Kryptonite
  2. The One Ring
  3. Metalbeard's treasure chest
  4. Ruby Slippers
  5. Amber
  6. Golden Chi
  7. Nuclear Rod
  8. Master Chen's staff
  9. Flux Capacitor
  10. Cake
  11. IMF Note book
  12. Godric Griffondor's Sword
  13. Sci-Ryan's lunchbox
  14. Palantir
  15. PKE Meter
  16. Gold Token
  17. Diamond Scarab

Characters showing the Seven Sins and turning to stone having touch something

  1. Henry
  2. Gordon
  3. Percy
  4. Emily
  5. James
  6. Toby
  7. Edward
  8. Rainbow Dash
  9. Pinkie Pie
  10. Fluttershy
  11. Rarity
  12. Applejack
  13. Starlight Glimmer
  14. Sunset Shimmer
  15. Fracture
  16. Morro

List of members of the Fellowship of the Awesome

  1. Owen Grady
  2. Laval
  3. Eris
  4. Cragger
  5. WALL-E
  6. Rianna F-Fiona
  7. Conker The Squirrel
  8. Skylor
  9. Nya
  10. Master Chen
  11. King Chrystalize
  12. Kai (Ninjago)
  13. Clara Oswald
  14. Chompy Mage
  15. Chef Pepper Jack
  16. Dr. Krankcase
  17. The Gulper
  18. Nightshade
  19. Luminous
  20. Dreamcatcher
  21. Golden Queen
  22. Wolfgang
  23. Bad Juju
  24. Buzzer Beak
  25. Krankenstein
  26. Eye Scream
  27. Fisticuffs
  28. Tae Kwon Crow
  29. Chomp Chest
  30. Grave Clobber
  31. Tussle Sprout
  32. Grinnade
  33. Scrap Shooter
  34. Smoke Scream
  35. Broccoli Guy
  36. Chompy
  37. Cuckoo Clocker
  38. Sheep Creep
  39. Shield Shredder
  40. Blaster-Tron
  41. Eye Five
  42. Lob Goblin
  43. Bomb Shell
  44. Pain-Yatta
  45. Rage Mage
  46. Brawlrus
  47. Bruiser Cruiser
  48. Shrednaught
  49. Mab Lobs
  50. Trolling Thunder
  51. Bone Chompy
  52. Hood Sickle
  53. Masker Mind
  54. Brawl & Chain
  55. Chill Bill
  56. Cross Crow
  57. Slobber Trap
  58. Threatpack
  59. Jake the Dog
  60. Sonic the Hedgehog
  61. Red (Angry Birds)
  62. Ethen Hunt
  63. Lumpy Space Princess
  64. Harry Potter
  65. Finn the Human
  66. Kaos (Good Clone)
  67. Glumshanks
  68. The Toa of Okoto
  69. Golden King
  70. Tri-Tip
  71. Ember
  72. King Pen
  73. Lightning Rod
  74. Sonic Boom
  75. Warnado
  76. Whirlwind
  77. Jet-Vac
  78. Swarm
  79. Boom Jet
  80. Free Ranger
  81. Pop Thorn
  82. Scratch
  83. Blades
  84. Gusto
  85. Fling Kong
  86. Thunderbolt
  87. Stormblade
  88. Breeze
  89. Pet-Vac
  90. Blackout
  91. Knight Mare
  92. Nightfall
  93. Bash
  94. Dino-Rang
  95. Prism Break
  96. Terrafin
  97. Crusher
  98. Flashwing
  99. Doom Stone
  100. Rubble Rouser
  101. Scorp
  102. Slobber Tooth
  103. Fist Bump
  104. Head Rush
  105. Rocky Roll
  106. Wallop
  107. Smash Hit
  108. Bop
  109. Terrabite
  110. Eruptor
  111. Flameslinger
  112. Ignitor
  113. Sunburn
  114. Hot Dog
  115. Hot Head
  116. Blast Zone
  117. Fire Kraken
  118. Fryno
  119. Smolderdash
  120. Ka-Boom
  121. Torch
  122. Trail Blazer
  123. Wildfire
  124. Spitfire
  125. Hammer Slam Bowser
  126. Small Fry
  127. Weeruptor
  128. Camo
  129. Stealth Elf
  130. Stump Smash
  131. Zook
  132. Shroomboom
  133. Tree Rex
  134. Bumble Blast
  135. Grilla Drilla
  136. Stink Bomb
  137. Zoo Lou
  138. Bushwhack
  139. Food Fight
  140. High Five
  141. Tuff Luck
  142. Thrillipede
  143. Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
  144. Barkley
  145. Whisper Elf
  146. Knight Light
  147. Spotlight
  148. Astroblast
  149. Double Trouble
  150. Spyro
  151. Voodood
  152. Wrecking Ball
  153. Ninjini
  154. Pop Fizz
  155. Dune Bug
  156. Hoot Loop
  157. Star Strike
  158. Trap Shadow
  159. Blastermind
  160. Cobra Cadabra
  161. Déjà Vu
  162. Enigma
  163. Splat
  164. Mini Jini
  165. Spry
  166. Boomer
  167. Drill Sergeant
  168. Drobot
  169. Trigger Happy
  170. Bouncer
  171. Sprocket
  172. Countdown
  173. Magna Charge
  174. Spy Rise
  175. Wind-Up
  176. Chopper
  177. Gearshift
  178. Jawbreaker
  179. Tread Head
  180. High Volt
  181. Drobit
  182. Trigger Snappy
  183. Chop Chop
  184. Cynder
  185. Ghost Roaster
  186. Hex
  187. Eye-Brawl
  188. Fright Rider
  189. Grim Creeper
  190. Night Shift
  191. Rattle Shake
  192. Roller Brawl
  193. Bat Spin
  194. Funny Bone
  195. Krypt King
  196. Short Cut
  197. Fiesta
  198. Eye-Small
  199. Hijinx
  200. Gill Grunt
  201. Slam Bam
  202. Wham-Shell
  203. Zap
  204. Chill
  205. Thumpback
  206. Freeze Blade
  207. Punk Shock
  208. Rip Tide
  209. Wash Buckler
  210. Echo
  211. Flip Wreck
  212. Lob-Star
  213. Snap Shot
  214. Dive-Clops
  215. Gill Runt
  216. Thumpling
  217. Barbella
  218. Flarewolf
  219. Air Strike
  220. Wild Storm
  221. Starcast
  222. Crash Bandicoot (Skylander)
  223. Boom Bloom
  224. Ambush
  225. Aurora
  226. Mysticat
  227. Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylander)
  228. Chopscotch
  229. Pit Boss
  230. Brain (Skylanders)
  231. Princess Odette
  232. Buzz (Skylanders)
  233. Ryanset Shimmer
  234. Eris (World of Chima)
  235. Ryan Stark
  236. Prince Derek
  237. Nate
  238. Speed
  239. Jean-Bob
  240. Nathaniel Adams
  241. GLaDOS
  242. Krunk
  243. Nash
  244. Abby Yates
  245. Norm (Crash Nitro Kart)
  246. Geary
  247. Patty Tolan
  248. Erin Gilbert
  249. Jillian Holtzmann

List of Vehicles and machine's that appeared in this film

  1. Barrel Blaster
  2. Burn-Cycle
  3. Clunker
  4. Chompy Buster
  5. Crypt Crusher
  6. Gold Rusher
  7. Scale Biter
  8. Shark Tank
  9. Shield Striker
  10. Spirit Dragster
  11. Steam Roller
  12. Thump Truck
  13. Tomb Buggy
  14. Buzz Wing
  15. Clown Cruiser
  16. Doom Jet
  17. Jet Stream
  18. Sky Scrambler
  19. Sky Slicer
  20. Stealth Stinger
  21. Storm Striker
  22. Sub Woofer
  23. Sun Runner
  24. Toaster Bomber
  25. Blunder Bucket
  26. Dive Bomber
  27. Glitter Glider
  28. Reef Ripper
  29. Rune Slider
  30. Sea Shadow
  31. Soda Skimmer
  32. Splatter Splasher
  33. The Lil' Phantom Tide
  34. Wave Singer
  35. Batmobile/
  36. Enchanted Car/Shark Sub/Monstrous Mouth