Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is a new series.


While on a vacation to Paris, Ryan and the gang run into two of its heroic protecters, Ladybug (Marinette) and Cat Noir (Adrien).


  1. Origins of Ladyan and Kitty Noir
  2. The Bubbler
  3. Mr. Pigeon
  4. Stormy Weather
  5. Timebreaker
  6. Copycat
  7. The Pharaoh
  8. Lady Wifi
  9. The Evillustrator
  10. Rogercop
  11. Dark Cupid
  12. Horrificator
  13. Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins: Part one)
  14. Reflekta
  15. Volpina

Episode transcripts


  • This
  • Each episode will have


  • Rainbow Rocks
  • It's Ladybug
  • It's Ladyan
  • The Marriage of Figaro (Buck Version. Sung by Matau when fighting Timebreaker and Time-Skater)
  • Remember
  • Who's the Bat(Man)

List of character who got turned into akumatized villains

  1. Nemesis Prime (Akumatized villain)
  2. Midnight Bandicoot
  3. Bubble Siren-girl
  4. Bird Girl
  5. Sci-Ryamy Weather
  6. Queen Jessiepatra
  7. Time-Skater
  8. Lady Sci-Fi
  9. Terror-Blaze
  10. Jessurumi Primisaki
  11. Stonecord
  12. Prince Purfume
  13. Invisald
  14. Megabug
  15. Ryflekta
  16. Goofercop
  17. Puppet Master
  18. Simon Says
  19. Rockset Shimmer
  20. Ernie Says
  21. Sorinatron
  22. Volpora

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