Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Monsters vs. Aliens is a new film.


Thomas and the gang go to the homeworld of a girl named Susan who, after getting hit by the Quantonium meteor, is transformed into a giant.


Going to the Monsters vs. Aliens universe

The film starts with Ryan and Meg watching a monster film. Ryarek, leader of the Combatibots, tells them that a movie character needs their help. They head to the control room where Ratchet is looking at a meteor heading for a place on Earth called Minisota. Ryan grabs a telephone and tells the military that the Autobots have a emergency and said the words "Code Nimoy. I repeat, Code Nimoy!". Ratchet opens the Groundbridge and they go the Monster vs. Aliens universe.

Meeting Susan Murphy/The meteor crash/The wedding

Ryan and the gang arrived in

Ryan and Susan turn into giants

Inside the church, Ryan hopes Susan

In the Monster prison/Meeting Dr. Cockroach, Link and B.O.B/Meeting General Monger

Ryan and the gang wakes up in a room. Thomas asks where they are and Bertram said he don't know. Ryan hopes Susan is ok then gasps and worries that she might "got killed or worse" and tells his friends that they got to find her.

McQueen meets Damien/Nicknaming Ryan, "Ginoryan"

Lightning McQueen


  • Like Susan, Ryan will get hit by a meteorite and turn into a giant which Ryan nicknamed himself as Ginoryan in this film.
  • will work for Gallaxhar.



  • Awesome as I Wanna Be
  • You Can Only Be You
  • Embrace the Magic

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