Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots is a crossover film.


Calamitous is on the run again and its up to the gang and their Nicktoon hero friends to stop him creating a vast army of evil toys.


Opening Scene/Helping SpongeBob and Patrick making Krabby Patties

The film began with the gang arriving in Bikini Bottom, then Rita's siblings come and Rita tells them that they are Ryan interupts them by saying "We know!". The Human CMC arrive and they saw Rita's siblings, they were adorable. Ryan called them to watch the TV and they immediately join him. Human Rarity sits next to Ryan, giving him a bracelet she made. It was glittery and sparkly. Ryan smiles at Human Rarity. Crash wonders how did Aryan become a techno-merman and before he can answer, they hear Professor Calamitous' voice on the TV. Professor Calamitous says that he plans to use Krabby Patties, Fairies and Ghost Energy to make evil toys, causing the entire gang to gasp in horror. Rita's brother, however, says that they could go to differnt Nicktoons worlds and then, help the heroes to defeat Calamitous. The others agree, so they went to Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and Patrick are making so many krabby patties. They were excited to deliver them to the toy factory just before the portal from Ryan's world, the Crystal Mirror, opens. Ryan and the gang warns SpongeBob and Patrick about Professor Calamitous' evil plan, but they refused. The gang was annoyed and Rita says they need to focus on what's important.


  • This
  • Leonard, Rothbart



  • Legend of Everfree
  • Robot Riot

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