Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island is a new crossover movie.


Ryan and the gang head to a place called Volcano Island to help their Nicktoon hero friends defeat an evil monster known as the Mawgu.


Prologue/At Volcano Island

The film begins with Ryan and Human Rarity were having a walk one night, when they spot something. They saw that a swirling thing is telling them to come to see the trouble. So, they head in. Meanwhile, on a volcanic island, the Wise Old Crab and his followers are summoning Ryan, the heroes and the good guys to come and they are floating around that big, point-tipped rock. The Wise Old Crab was worried about their enemy, known as the Mawgu, an evil monster who is planning to rule Volcano Island. He was also trying to destroy the circle of stone heads, but the Wise Old Crab blocks the blast with his cane. The Mawgu destroys the circle of stone heads. The other crabs think the heroes will be lost but the Wise Old Crab says "




  • Best Day Ever
  • Welcome to the Show

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