Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Nicktoons: Globs of Doom is a new movie.


When strange globs of orange space goo start threatening the Nicktoon worlds, Ryan and friends return to Volcano Island to help their Nicktoon hero friends stop it.


Prolouge/Strange things from space/Bikini Bottom is under attack

The film begins with Melodyan (who was Aryan's son) was watching the Danny Phantom TV show when Sci-Twi came and told him she saw something through her telescope. Melodyan asks Sci-Twi what she saw, she answers by telling him to see for himself. Melodyan does and sees strange orange meteors flying through space towards Earth. Sci-Twi says she found one outside earlier and managed to get a sample. So, she takes Melodyan to see for himself and tells him that she has analyzed it. It is a Morphoid, it has the ability to mind control. Hugo, Rita, Zig and Zag and Rita's siblings tell them they should tell SpongeBob. So, Melodyan and Sci-Twi agreed. In Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Squidward are on their way to work. SpongeBob was happy to be there while Squidward was telling him that he would be happy if he didn't have to go to work. Sci-Twi and Melodyan appear through a portal and try to warn SpongeBob and Squidward of the oncoming danger but SpongeBob is too happy to listen. Suddenly, a little glob fell onto Squidward's head. It turned him into a Morphoid. SpongeBob, Human Twilight and Melodyan run and hide behind a building and then Patrick arrives, wondering what the stuff falling from the sky is. Spongebob tells him they don't know, just then the Morphoid-controlled Squidward approaches just as Jimmy Neutron steps out of a portal. SpongeBob is happy to see Jimmy, he tells him, Patrick, Sci-Twi and Melodyan to go to Volcano Island, where they meet up with Ryan and the rest of the gang. They discuss the matter and


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