Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's adventures of A Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales is a new series.


Mater tells stories of his past which have Ryan, the gang and Lightning McQueen involved.


  1. Mater The Greater
  2. Rescue Squad Mater
  3. Monster Truck Mater
  4. UFM: Unidentified Flying Mater
  5. El Materdor
  6. Moon Mater
  7. Mater: Private Eye
  8. Heavy Metal Mater
  9. Tokyo Mater
  10. Air Mater
  11. Time Travel Mater
  12. Mater-Formers
  13. Mater Phantom
  14. PJ Mater
  15. 13 Wishes Mater
  16. Miraculous Mater
  17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Mater
  18. Ever Mater High
  19. Bat Mater
  20. Mater High
  21. LEGO Mater
  22. Mater and the Rustbucket Racers
  23. Mater Patrol
  24. Mater-A-Live
  25. Mater In Wonderland
  26. Spider Mater
  27. Mater and the Monster Machines
  28. Mater Pan
  29. Mater Trux
  30. Ninja-Mater
  31. Mater Knights
  32. Mater Games
  33. Mater of Everfree
  34. Mater Rocks
  35. Mater-Formers: Rescue Bots
  36. Winx Mater
  37. Mater of Chima
  38. Robot Mater
  39. Mater and the Neverland Pirates
  40. The Swan Mater
  41. Mater and the Black Knight


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Episode Transcripts


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