Crash's and Ryan's Adventures of Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure is a new movie.


Ryan and the gang help Thomas stop a treasure-stealing scavenger and his railboat sidekick from stealing a load of treasure, a pirate ship and a very valuable friendship.


Prologue: A new arrival (CaRAoT&FSLotLT)

Ryan rushes to Knapford Station, having been summoned by Duncan via emergency text message. Ryan asks what the emergency is but it turns out that Rigby (EG)'s guitar string broke because he's been showing Odette (who is his sister since they were born) how he likes to be a guitar player. As Ryan and the others go inside to fix Rigby (EG)'s guitar string, Sunset stays behind and writes to Twilight. As she writes, a girl with a siren pendant gets a closer look at the Keyblade and touches it.


  • Ryvine Sparkle, will work for Sailor John.


  • Friendship Burns Bright


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