This is how Crash, Thomas, and Ryan meet Nightfall Twinkle goes in

[Crash, Thomas, and Ryan walk around Cybertron]

Crash Bandicoot: What is this place?

Thomas: Obviously it's Cybertron?

Ryan F-Freeman: In the past. Before the war. Before the enemies wrecked it.

[They arrive at a hangar and Nightfall Twinkle comes out]

Nightfall Twinkle: Hey, strangers. I'm Nightfall, Nightfall Twinkle. What are your names?

Thomas: Thomas. Also known as OpThomas Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime.

Crash Bandicoot: Crash. Crash Bandicoot. And I have no idea how we got here. What do you do here?

Nightfall Twinkle: Oh we store energy here. Come on.

[She leads them inside the hangar]

[Crash sees a pony named Certavus]

Nightfall Twinkle: Oh and that's Certavus. He's my best friend.

Certavus: You find more people to do your work, Nightfall?

Nightfall Twinkle: Very funny.

[An orange Pegasus pony comes to Nightfall's side]

Nightfall Twinkle: And this is Lightning Shield. Keep away from him, he's my boyfriend.

Lightning Shield: Don't listen to her. She's just the jealous type. [kisses Nightfall]

Certavus: Hey Nightfall, look!

[They look outside to see

Umarak the Hunter: Hello, there.

[Nightfall turns around to see Umarak]

Umarak the Hunter: I'm Umarak. What's your name?

Nightfall Twinkle: Nightfall. Nightfall Twinkle. It's very nice to meet you.

[Ryan, Thomas, and Crash run across Cybertron]

Ryan F-Freeman: That was Umarak travelling through the shadows to the docks.

Thomas: That's the first.

[Nightfall and Umarak go to an area and Nightfall sees many of wares]

Nightfall Twinkle: Wow. Are all those yours?

Umarak the Hunter: Yes. You see, uh, I've been looking for a place I can store my wares. I was hoping this hangar might be available.

[Nightfall and Umarak enter the hangar]

Lightning Shield: Who's that with Nightfall?

Certavus: It's one of those elemental figures.

[Nightfall shows Umarak a storage place]

Umarak the Hunter: What do you store here? Raw materials or energy?

Nightfall Twinkle: Oh, we only store energy here.

Umarak the Hunter: That's just what I wanted to hear. Shadows, attack!

[Umarak's Shadow Spawns attack]

Nightfall Twinkle: You can't do this.

Umarak the Hunter: Out of my way, fool.

[Umarak blasts her shoulder]

Lightning Shield: Leave her alone! [runs toward them]

Certavus: Lightning, no!

[Lightning ignores him and continues running toward Nightfall and Umarak]

[Umarak sees him and blasts him. Lightning falls down]

Nightfall Twinkle: You--you monster!

[Nightfall charges at Umarak. Umarak blasts her and she falls down next to Lightning]

[Umarak's Shadow Spawns

Umarak the Hunter:

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