Crash, Thomas and Ryan Go to Monster High: 13 Wishes is a new movie.


Crash, Ryan, Thomas and the gang go to Monster High and meet the ghouls, the lantern genie Gigi and Twyla and help them defeat Gigi's shadow sister, Whisp, from making Clawdeen's sister, Howleen, use her 13 wishes to make her the all-powerful genie of the lantern.


Ryan's narration/Going to Monster High

The film starts with Ryan telling the story of how Gigi, the genie of the lantern, stopped her shadow sister Whisp from becoming all powerful by using a magic mirror created by the Brothers Grimm to protect the finder of her lantern from her. Once the finder is free, Gigi is thrown off her feet as the mirror shatters. When the finder Fawn wished all "this would go away", Gigi grants it and then, Whisp, the mirror shards and Gigi goes into the lantern.


  • Ryantessa and Ryvine Sparkle will work for Whisp.


  • We Are Monster High