Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Arthur Christmas is a new movie.


Thomas, Ryan and the gang go the North Pole where they meet Arthur Christmas and his family. When a child gets missed during his farther's seventeenth mission, it's up to Thomas, Ryan, Arthur and the gang to save Christmas and give the child the gift she wants before morning.


Gwen's letter/Ryan and the gang meet Santa

The film starts with a girl posting a letter in a letter box. At the North Pole, the son of Santa Claus, Arthur Claus, reads the letter and writes back, saying that Santa is real and can get to every child in the world without a single reindeer getting roasted alive or hurt and will get to her too using his special magic. That night, in the Autobot base, Ryan asked Cody if he got a Keyblade and Cody says yes. Matau asked Cody how did he get a Keyblade and Cody replies that Ratchet made it for him. Sci-Ryan said Santa might be real and was watching Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance when he hears a rumbling noise outside. The Cyberlings go outside and saw a giant ship called the "S-1" that hovers overhead. They quickly hide as dozens of doors open on the underbelly of the S-1 and watch as millions of elves drop from the ship on ropes and land on rooftops. One of them talks into an earpiece, telling whoever's on board the S-1


  • Ranyx, Xgem, Robotboy and RobotGirl will help Arthur, Grand-Santa, Briony, Ryan and the gang in this film.



  • Silent Night
  • Friendship Burns Bright