Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Big Hero 6 is a new movie.


Thomas, Ryan and the gang meet Hiro Harmada, his robot friend Baymax and their friends and help them stop an evil villain from tearing apart San Fransokyo.


Ryan and friends visit San Fransokyo/The Robot fight

The film starts with Ryan wondering who is Ranyx until he notice Odette (who is listening to Legend You Were Meant To Be from Legend of Everfree). Ryan smiles as she bobs her head to the music. Thomas and Sci-Ryan watch as Crash and Derek's brother (the human Crash) sing Hope Shines Eternal and they gain pony ears, wings, Cybertronian armor and longer hair to Sci-Ryan's amazement. They clap their hands and both Crash and Human Crash turn back to normal. Arcee comes in, saying Optimus wants to talk to them. At the Autobot Base, Optimus explains to everyone that he has planned a vacation to San Fransokyo for them and Odette tells Ratchet to open the Groundbrigde. He does and human Rigby (who is Odette's brother from her world) says: "This is gonna be.... AWESOME!". They head into the glowing green ring followed by Ratchet. They arrive in San Fransokyo and while they are looking around, a boy in a black coat like what the Organization 13 wears looks at Ryan saying: "Good luck, techno-organic. You're gonna need it.". Then as Ryan looks near an allyway, he hears the sound of metal clanging. Codylight and Cody come over and the Maximal version of Ryan (who is named Ryan Tigerman) peers into the ally where a bot fight is going on and watches as Hiro Hamada uses a tiny robot to fight another much larger robot and tears it apart. When he gets himself into trouble, Hiro's brother, Tadashi Hamada, arrives and drives off with Hiro on his bike. The gang follows and witness Hiro get arrested.

Reuniting with Coby, Bud and Lori

Coby, Bud and Lori arrived at San Fransokyo and see their friends. They head to Hiro's house


  • Tasmanian Kid, Rattrap, Catboy, Bighorn, Diver, Apache, Cat Boy, and Gekko will be good guest stars in this film.
  • will help
  • Jestro, Kaos, Ryvine Sparkle, Rothbart, Night Ninja, Dr. Neo Cortex, and Tirek will work for
  • Cody knows Ranyx back in Ryan's Quest: 358/2 Days.



  • Be the Legend You Were Meant to be
  • Hope Shines
  • Immortals
  • My Past is Not Today

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