Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Danny Phantom is a new series.


Ryan and the gang meet Danny Fenton/Phantom and help him stop Ghosts from the Ghost Zone and catch them whilst also gaining their own ghost powers.


Season 1

  1. Mystery Meat
  2. Parental Bonding
  3. One of a Kind
  4. Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
  5. Splitting Images
  6. What You Want
  7. Bitter Reunions
  8. Prisoners of Love
  9. My Brother's Keeper
  10. Shades of Gray
  11. Fanning the Flames
  12. Teacher of the Year
  13. 13
  14. Public Enemies
  15. Fright Night
  16. Maternal Instincts
  17. Lucky in Love
  18. Life Lessons
  19. The Million Dollar Ghost
  20. Control Freaks

Season 2

  1. Memory Blank
  2. Doctor's Disorders
  3. Pirate Radio
  4. Reign Storm
  5. Identity Crisis
  6. The Fenton Menace
  7. The Ultimate Enemy
  8. Secret Weapons
  9. The Fright Before Christmas
  10. Flirting With Disaster
  11. Micro-Management
  12. Beauty Marked
  13. King Tuck
  14. Masters of All Time
  15. Kindred Spirits
  16. Double Cross My Heart
  17. Reality Trip

Season 3

  1. Eye for An Eye
  2. Infinite Realms
  3. Girls Night Out
  4. Torrent of Terror
  5. Forever Phantom
  6. Urban Jungle
  7. Livin' Large
  8. Boxed Up Fury
  9. Frightmare
  10. Claw of the Wild
  11. D-Stabilized
  12. Phantom Planet


Episode transcripts

Season 1

Mystery Meat

Parental Bonding

One of a Kind

  • /
  • /
  • /


  • Danny Phantom theme song
  • Embrace the Magic
  • Friendship Through the Ages
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • Ghostbusters Theme Song (sung by Matau and the Skylanders)
  • We Will Stand For Everfree (feature in "Urban Jungle")
  • Ghost Masks Theme Song (remake of the PJ Masks theme song)
  • Welcome to the Show (featured in "Fanning the Flames")
  • Far Longer Than Forever (featured in "Prisoners of Love" as a flashback)
  • The Midnight In Me (featured in "The Ultimate Enemy")
  • No Fear
  • For the First Time In Forever Reprise (sung by Danny and Dark Danny in "The Ultimate Enemy")
  • The Bravest Cat
  • Come Fly With Us
  • Hey, Hey, Owlette
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Mighty Little Gekko
  • You Can Only Be You (featured in "Identity Crisis")
  • Ranyx's Full of Surprises (remake of I'm Full of Surprises)
  • Be Who You Are and Go Far (featured in "Identity Crisis")
  • We Built Ryan's Face (remake of "We Built Gwen's Face", featured in "The Fright Before Christmas")
  • Helping Danni Phantom Join the Team (remake of "Helping Twilight Win The Crown", featured in "D-Stablized")
  • Legend of Everfree
  • Owen's hypnosis song (sung by Matau when someone said the word "Revenge")
  • The Smile Song
  • Under Our Spell (featured in "Fanning the Flames")
  • The EG Stomp
  • Remember (featured in "Fanning the Flames")
  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Hope Shines Eternal
  • Legend You Were Meant To Be
  • Awesome As I Wanna Be
  • Shake Your Tail (featured in "Fanning the Flames")
  • Right There In Front of Me
  • This Day Aria
  • Tricks Up My Sleeve
  • Life Is A Runway
  • Better Than Ever
  • Sierra's German Song (Sung by Roxanne)
  • Battle of the Bands

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