Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meets Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy is a new movie.


When Sofia's jealous sister, Princess Amber, steals her amulet to summon a princess, she accidentally unleashes an evil princess called Princess Ivy. Now it's up to Ryan, Crash, Cedric, Thomas, Sofia and the rest of the gang to find a way to re-imprison Ivy and save the kingdom of Enchancia before she takes it over.


Visit to Enchancia

The film starts with Ryan trying to transform into a swan but he can't because he doesn't have what the princess Odette had. Evil Ryan gives Ryan a letter from Sofia's father that there's going to be a party for Sofia and her sister Princess Amber. Thomas gets happy and Sci-Ryan ask Thomas if Morro gone bad or "did Mario let Brain eat the TV".


  • The Cyberlings, will be good guest stars in this film.
  • When Optimus is returned to good, it is because Nighlock called in the Suicide Squad, who brought a chip that would counter the evil chip and pop out once its work was done.
  • will be bad guest stars in this film.
  • Kylo Ren, Jay (MRR), Cody Fairborther (Opposite), Dr. Neo Cortex, Flash Fire, Sofia the Worst, Ryvine Sparkle and Makuta will work for Princess Ivy.


  • Everything is Awesome
  • Friend Like Me
  • A Kingdom of My Own
  • Smoke, Wings and Fire
  • Hail to Princess Ivy
  • The Mighty Eagle Song
  • Dare to Risk it All
  • Dr. Finkelstein's Song
  • Oogie's Song (Oogie's Revenge)
  • You Wouldn't Know


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