Crash, Thomas and Ryan are Finding Dory is a new movie.


Thomas has a dream in which he remembers how he met Dory but couldn't remember her name when they first met her. He goes back to the ocean with Ryan, Crash and the gang and together, they explore Dory's past as well as help her find her family.


Thomas' dream/Meeting young Dory

The film opens at Tidmonth Sheds where Thomas is sleeping. In his dream, he meets a baby blue tang fish in a kelp forest. He asks her name and she replies "Hi, I'm Dory. Can you please help me?". Thomas agrees and tries to help Dory find her family. Then, he wakes up and sees Sci-Ryan saying "Rise and shine, sleepy head". Thomas suddenly remembers when he met Dory before the events of the previous film and couldn't remember her name upon meeting her again as an adult. Sci-Ryan says that the gang have found a blue tang fish who needs help then Thomas says that he has to go back to the ocean. Sci-Ryan says that he'll go to the sea.

Going to the Ocean/Meeting up with Marvin and Nemo

At a beach, Ryashi is relaxing after he and his brothers and sister been on a long trip to the




  • Sons of Triton (Remake of the song "Daughters of Triton")
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • Under the Sea
  • For A Moment
  • Oceans of Fun

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