Crash Fire is a former Code Red member who gone rouge and joined Ryvine's side.


Crash Fire was one of Code Red's original members, before he fell to the Dark Side. But when he thought he had killed his former comrade, Sauron, he went back to them. When he saw his twin Flash becoming evil, he unleashed his full power and merged with Archangel to stop it from happening. Flash became happy his brother had come to his senses. Crash Fire, realizing he killed one of his own comrades, quit being a hero and a villain, and retired. Then Ryvine recruits him to help Rothbart with his plan to marry Odette so he can have her father's kingdom. Eventually, he remembers he retired and leaves Ryvine to fail, with Apocalypse sending Ryvine to space. He occasionally goes to the museum, but he eventually met with Nighlock, who told him he had something or him. Nighlock showed him his old Red Stryker costume, passing it on to Crash, in case he ever wants to get back into the hero business.


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