Crash and Thomas' Sports Adventure is a new Friendship Games based film. 


The Friendship Games are drawing near and the Wondercolts and Shadowbolts go head to head to win in its events. But one Shadowbolt in particular is the human world's version of Ryan F-Freeman, who is investigating the mysterious energy coming from Sodor.


A new arrival (CaTSA)

Sci-Twi races to Canterlot High, after being summoned there by Gordon the Big Engine via emergency COMM. Link call. But the only "emergency" Gordon has is Cody's broken guitar string. Sci-Twi takes Cody's guitar to fix it then gives it back to him. As Cody and Gordon go to give a performanc to the Narrow Gauge Engines, the others join them in the school. Sci-Twi stays behind to write to Ryan F-Freeman on Cybertron.

Dear, Ryan F-Freeman,

How's life treating you on Cybertron? Any cool new Autobots joined you yet? It's been pretty quiet here at CHS since the Dark Stars were defeated and reformed. We still pony up and go robot whenever we play music, which Gordon and Cody just love to show off, but I still can't quite grasp what it's all about. I'd love to hear what you think about it when you get a sec. Your friend, Human Twilight. A.K.A Sci-Twi.

–Sci-Twi writing to Ryan

As Sci-Twi finishes writing, a bus pulls up in front of the school. A hooded boy steps out and notice Crash Bandicoot sleeping and then gets a small bot out and seems strangely interested in the portal to Cybertron. Sci-Twi spots the boy and calls out to him. Sci-Twi's shouting causes Crash to wake up and run after the hooded boy but he gets away on another bus. Sci-Twi and Crash ponders over who it was. On the bus, the hooded boy takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Ryan's human counterpart. The bus pulls up in front of a high tech school. Ryan goes into a room where he does some research on the data he collected. He then builds a second device representing an amulet.

The CHS Pep Rally/Sci-Twi writes to Ryan

At CHS, Sci-Twi gathers her friends in the library where they discuss the mystery boy who was hanging about near the portal earlier. Sci-Twi tells the gang that the person she saw


  • Crash Bandicoot will help Sci-Twi in this film.



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