This is how Crash fights Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone) and Makuta and The Evil Steam Team VS Autobots goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): [laughs crazily] At last! I can finally understand what magic can really do!

Crash Bandicoot: Not if the Cyberlings and I have something to say about it!

[Midnight (Bad Clone) attacks Crash and the Cyberlings]

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): I'll show you!


Makuta: [talking to the statue of Mata Nui] How does it feel knowing that my master, Unicron, will destroy Primus and yet there is nothing you can do about it?

[The Autobots arrive]

Makuta: Hello Autobots, I am Makuta Teridax and I am here to help Unicron destroy Primus.

Cody Fairbrother: Makuta. Leave Cybertron or else.

Makuta: Or else what?

Cody Fairbrother: Uuh... Just go and we'll tell you.

Makuta: Not happening.

Evil Ryan: You won't win, Makuta! I vow that!

Makuta: And how Celestia and Luna feel to know that their niece, Cadance, has been turned into a slave of Unicron and forced to obey his every order?

Princess Celestia: [gasps] You evil monster!

Princess Luna: You turned our neice into an evil follower?!

Makuta: My loyalty is to Unicron the Chaos Bringer.

Bumblebee: What?!

Makuta: Evil Steam Team assist me.

Crash Bandicoot: AUTOBOTS ATTACK!

Makuta: You think you can defeat me, the Bringer of Shadows?

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe not. But I can. [grabs Makuta's mask] Give me your mask!

Makuta: No! [throws Ryan off of him] You are all fools. Only Mata Nui and Takanuva, the Toa of Light, can defeat me.

Ryan F-Freeman: [summons his Keyblade] How about some sports, Makuta?

Makuta: Perhaps for your next defeat, we do a simple game of Kohli. Win, then I will leave Cybertron. When you lose, I'll have that Keyblade.

Ryan F-Freeman: The only thing I won't is lose.

Evil Ryan: Here we go! [uses his magic to make a ball and chucks it up in the air]

Ryan F-Freeman: HEY! C'MON!!

Makuta: Still running, F-Freeman?

Ryan F-Freeman: Never! I'm just warming up!

Makuta: Unicron will succeed in destroying Primus! [uses his staff to throw the ball at Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: [dodging the ball lots of times] BRING IT ON!!!

Makuta: The Autobots gather as an audience for your defeat, Ryan F-Freeman.

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe Twilight may not see me win today. But... The heroes will move on and someday they will WIN!!!

Makuta: You actually think I'd let them return.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. When Unicron's plan fails, you can leave.... permanently!!!!

Makuta: We'll see about that. [uses his staff to throw the ball to destroy the entrance] They will not leave.

Ryan F-Freeman: MIGHTY EAGLE!!!!!!!

[Makuta throws the ball at Ryan]

[Ryan curls up to a ball and the ball got caught by his Keyblade. The Great Gazoo, Crash and the others watch in amaze then Ryan swings his Keyblade throwing the ball at Makuta]

[Makuta gets hit by the ball]

Makuta: Well played, Ryan. Now I will protect Primus from you all.

Evil Anna: Protect him?

Makuta: Sleep spares him pain. Awake he suffers.

Ryan F-Freeman: You are not protecting him!

Makuta: My duty is to the Mask of Shadows and Unicron.

Crash Bandicoot: Well. Ryan has something to say to you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Then let me have a closer look. BEHIND THAT MASK!!!!

[Ryan does what Takanuva did]

Thomas: C'mon, Ryan! Rip his mask off!

Makuta: NNOOOO!!!!

[Ryan removes Makuta's mask and a green light glows. Then Ryan and Makuta fall into a pit of Energized Protodermis]

Thomas: What's gonna happen to them?

Crash Bandicoot: Why Ryan do that to Makuta, Sunset?

[Sunset shrugs]

Matau T. Monkey: I think he saw that part in the Bionicle movie once.

[Sunset noticed a light on the water]

Matau T. Monkey: Looks like that's the start of a transformation.

Cody Fairbrother: Yeah.

[The glow shines bright]

Crash Bandicoot: By Ekimu.

[Crash and the others step back then a flash of light happens. Then Ryan in Makuta's body rises from the water]

Thomas: [gasps]

Matau T. Monkey: Great Scott!

Sci-Ryan: Light and shadow. Have become one.

Ryankuta: Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui. Unicron must be destroyed and Primus must be saved.

[Ryankuta grabs Unicron and pins him to a wall]

Ryankuta: I have you now.

[In Megatron's mind]

Megatron: Ryan got Makuta's body under his control?

Unicron: It seems Ryan has a vessle. That was my idea.

Megatron: If Ryan did beat you, my body could be recycled into a cube. And you can forget about Twilight Sparkle or OpThomas Prime! I'll never tell you.

[Back outside]

Unicron: You think you can betray me, Makuta?

Ryankuta: I am Ryankuta now. He is now a part of me.

[Ryankuta tosses Unicron far away then picks up the Allspark Keyblade]

Ryankuta: I guess this Keyblade has a bit of the Allspark. [to Arcee] Don't worry, Arcee. Cliff and Tailgate need life.

Arcee: Thanks, Ryan.

[Crash uses his magic to bring the dead bodies of Cliffjumper and Tailgate near the Well of Allsparks]

Ryankuta: I will revive them.

[He teleports him and his friends to where the dead bodies are. Ryankuta uses Makuta's power to revive Tailgate and Cliffjumper]

Tailgate: What...

Cliffjumper: Where... Are we?

Crash Bandicoot: On Cybertron. Where Solus Prime got killed.

Arcee: Cliff. I missed you.

[They hug]

Ryankuta: Whoa.

[Ryankuta sepreates and become Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess Makuta’s duty is done.

Cliffjumper: Ryan?

[Ryan nods]

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