(Song "Tomodachi no Uta" from Bump of Chicken)

Flynn Fletcher's Backyard 

(The Backyard Looks Empty)

(Phineas has appeared sitting down Doing Tarot Card and Ferb appeared and he's reading a Book, right next to the Tree)

​(Perry appeared Relaxing on the Lawn chair, Pinky Appeared playing Football alone, Terry appeared doing his Fencing Practice, Peter appeared doing his Kung F

(Isabella appeared watch the Sky, Baljeet appeared Playin chess alone, and Buford appeared and he's Playing a Toy)

(Dora Kid appeared and He's relaxing on a Lawn Chair right next to Perry, Dora-Rinho apear and he's is playing footbll with Pinky, El-Matadora appeared and He's doing his Fencing Practice with Terry, Wang Dora appeared doing his Kung Fu with Peter)

(Doraemon and Noby Appeared and they are Playing Squirt Gun at each Other, Sue, Dorami and Mimimi Appeared and they are Watch the Sky with Isabella, Sneech appeared and Playing Chess with Baljeet, and Big G appeared is Reading a Comic right next to Buford)

(Dora Med appeared and he's doing his Tarot card with Phineas)

(Dora-Nichov appeared reading a Book right next to Ferb)

(Jaidora appeared Cooking Barbeque in the Grill, Dorapin appear and He's drink Milk and Eating Yummy buns on the Table, Candace and Jeremy appeared and they are Talking together)

(Eventhing went Black, Until then a Shiny Card Appear with Doraemon,Dora Kid,El-Matadora,Wang Dora, Dora Med, Dora-Nichov and Dora-Rinho on it, and the Word say, The Doraemons. And then it began to glow)

Fin (Means The End French)

Post Ending

(A Portal appeared and Doraemon comes Out)

Doraemon: Hello Everyone! See you Next Month!

(He went back to the Portal and it's Closing. Kuroemon and Shiroemon is Playing Baseball at the Edogawa Park, Shiroemon throw the Ball to Kuroemon. So he hit the ball, and the ball flew across the river and into the Huanted Mansion, the Door open itself and the Ball went inside the Mansion)

Coming in October

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