This is where the other pets cross the road in The Great Dog Caper.

[it is now morning and we return to the other pets as the beavers eat a walkway through a bush]

Penny Ling: Guys, can we slow down? Need I to remind you that some of us are big bone?

Sunil Nevla: Losing strength units, must rest.

Timber: Is everyone accounted for?

Angel Bunny: Not quite everyone.

Splinter: Who's fallen back?

Tank: Gummy.

Gummy: [slowly trudges up] [blinks]

Pepper Clark: Hey guys, why did the pets cross the road?

Opal: We're tired from all this walking and you choose now, of all times to tell a riddle?

Vinnie Terrio: I'm up for a riddle, Pepper. Why?

Pepper Clark: To get to the scrapyard, on the other side!

[everyone looks and sees Burke and Blair's scrapyard!]

Sunil Nevla: Yippy! The scrap yard!

Minka Mark: We're gonna find Zoe!

[Then we view of cars going fast on the road, and one drives over a soda can then it lands on the side] Penny Ling: [gasp]

Sunil Nevla: Oh well, we tried. [is about to walk away]

Pepper Clark: [grabs his tail] We have to cross.

Other pets: [gasp]

Opal: You can't be serious!

Angel bunny: You're not gonna get me crushed!

Vinnie Terrio: I may not be smart. But I know what road kill is.

Falcon: There must be a safe way, we can cross.

Whiffle: Could we use those? [points to something]

[The light turns yellow and then red]

Falcon: Okay, here's our chance, 1, 2, 3, go!

[the pets step onto the road, wearing Traffic cones]

[we veiw the inside of Falcon's cone]

Sunil Nevla: [whimpering]

Opal: [whimpering]

Russel Ferguson: I've got a bad feeling about this.

[then the light turns green and cars start driving in]

Pepper Clark: DROP!

[They do so]

[a van swerves to avoid the cones but runs over spikes, while a pick up truck rear ends it.]

Timber: GO!!

[The group gets up and continues walking across]

Splinter: Drop!

[they do, but Vinnie, Angel, Gummy, and Whiffle continue forward]

Chomper: Hey! He said "drop" you idiots!

[they do]

[a red car and white swerve and intersect to avoid the cones and one of them loses a hub cap]

Falcon: GO!

[they continue walking across]

[Then a monster truck zooms over Whiffle]

Whiffle: Whoa! [stops spinning, and continues forward]

Pepper Clark: Drop!

[a blue car u-turns to avoid the cones, then an 18-wheeler tries to stop but then it's trailer jack-knifes and causes it to turn in a 180]

Pepper Clark: Go!

[they continue across the road, but then the trailer stops and tips causing a huge pipe on the trailer to break loose and fall onto the road]

Minka Mark: [gets her tail stuck in gum] Huh? [she then turns around and grabs her tail, and pulls it free just in the nick of time]

[our heroes reach the otherside of the road and take off the traffic cones]

Angel Bunny: Well, that went well.

Minka Mark: That was something.

Opal: And I didn't get crushed by any vehicles, Rarity would've been very upset!

[in the roadway, a whole bunch of cars have bunched up and are honking, while the pipe knocks over a streetlight]

Pepper Clark: Good job guys, we're almost to Zoe.

Falcon: She could be waiting for us right now.

[We see Burke and Blair's apartment]

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