Here is how crowning Twilight and defeating Flash Fire goes in Code Red's Adventures of My Little Pony Equestria Girls.

(We then see the gang hop out of a limousine)

(we see the cloaked figure on the roof again)

Selene: Are sure of what your bug heard?

Cloaked Figure: Yes.

Selene: What should we do?

Cloaked Figure: They'll need all the help they can get.(removes his hood, revealing himself to be the resurrected Archangel, not scratch on him) I just they'll listen to me.

(He spreads his feather wings and flies off to find the former horsemen)

Nighlock: Alright everyone, let's not forget to have fun.

Twilight Sparkle: I always do. When I'm with my friends that is.

(they go inside and Flash Sentry's band is playing)

(music stops)

Principal Celestia: I hope you're all enjoying yourselves. Because now the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived.


Captain America: Something isn't right. Where's Flash Fire?

Red Smoke: Probably too afraid to come because he knew Twilight would win.

Nighlock: Red, that is a stupid theory.

Captain America: He's right. I don't remember bad guys giving up easily being that easy.

Vice Principal Luna:(brings a box up stage)

Nighlock: Oh, shush, they're about to announce the winner.

Principal Celestia: And the winner is - Twilight Sparkle!

The gang:(cheers)


(Twilight walks up to the stage and is crowned)

Nighlock: Wait! Where's Spike?

Indominus Rex: I know I'm not supposed to say it, but this doesn't look good.

Spike: Twilight! Help me!

Major Malfunction: No point not saying it, something bad was already happening. Roll out!

[they all run after them until they see Flash Fire)

Flash Fire: That's close enough.

Code Red:(Gets their weapons ready)

(after a confrontation, Flash Fire put down the mallet)

Dark Ultron: Now?

Flash Fire: Destroy the old timer.

Dark Ultron:(tackles Cap and flies him to the nearby town)

Flash Fire: Not him, you fragging idiots! Malfunction!

Nighlock: Maybe next time you should specify.

(they start fighting over the crown and Flash Fire gets it)

The Grand Duke of Owls: I'll watch.(flies to a perch and gets some popcorn)

(He puts the crown on and turns into a Predacon)

Nighlock: We're dead.

(Flash Fire turns Snips & Snails into demons)

Flash Fire:(takes over the students) Round them up and bring them out here.

(Twilight and Nighlock block his path)

Flash Fire: Oh just so you know, I was bluffing about the mirror.

(The team and girls converge on him and prepared for a fight)

Flash Fire: It will not matter.(shoots a blast at them)

(when the smoke clears, they are still there)

(With Major Malfunction injured and on the verge of death, Sunset thinks fast)

Nighlock:(In Gutsy's voice) This ends here. This ends now!

(they use the magic of friendship and defeat him and Twilight leaves him in her new friends' hands)

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