This is how Cruz finds Cogi's lantern goes in The Pharaoh (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[The gang look around the museum]

Crash Bandicoot: So. I think this museum is cool. What does Ladybug is in the old time? A smitten kitten?

Sci-Ryan: Shush. Do you want Sunset to hear you?

Bertram T. Monkey: Boy. I sure wish Sunset needs me as her bodyguard instead of Megatron. He do not know her as well as me.

Evil Ryan: Sure you will.

[Cruz drives by herself and stops by a lantern]

Cruz Ramirez: [mimicing Sally] I've seen the way McQueen looks at you. He likes you better than me. [in her normal voice] Someday, that porche will find out what makes McQueen so special to me and then she'll be sorry.

[Her wheel rubs against the lantern and it glows]

Cruz Ramirez: Huh? Guys! Come here!

[They arrive just as Cogi comes out]

Cogi Grant: Greetings, finder.

Cody Fairbrother: Whoa. That genie looks like me. Only a different me.

Cogi Grant: You have found me. How may I serve you?

Cody Itsuka: Wait. So, you grant wishes and stuff?

Cogi Grant: Correct. I am Cogi and I am here to serve the finder. The finder is granted 13 wishes to use as she chooses.

Cruz Ramirez: And I can, like, wish for anything?

[Cogi nods]

Ryan Tokisaki: Ok, Cruz. It could be anything you like. But, no pressure. No pressure at all.

Cruz Ramirez: Ok, Kuryan. [to Cogi] I wish we are at the Egypt exhibit of the museum with Alya and her friend.

Cogi Grant: As you wish. [claps his hands]

[Cruz, Cogi and his friends vanish. Cogi's shadow, Ryan "Whisp" Grant (in 2D form) looks at a clock]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: Perfect. An eclipse in one day. When the moon covers the sun, the shadows will rule all. [laughs like Dark Ryan]

[Ryan "Whisp"

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