The episode begins with all of the Rangers discussing a big exam coming up in their class. They go up to the mountain to study with each other at Billy's uncles cabin While Pooh And The Others And The ETO Rangers along with Talen & Elekin Are Going To Visit Them. Bulk and Skull follow and dress up as maids to steal study notes from the Rangers. During all of this Rita & Nyanma devices a plan to activate the Crystal of Nightmares to break the Rangers self-confidence With The Help Of 2 Special Time Shifters Nightcap & Raldo so that they'll destroy Dave Felis. While they are sleeping, Goldar & Nightcap & Raldo are sent down to Earth to use the crystal, which gives all of the Rangers nightmares about previous battles and eventually have a nightmare about Zordon & Aura stripping them of their powers & Their Duties which cut to Pooh and the others defeated at the hands of Bagi, the time shifters turned evil and merged into Cyclopsis, and Dave Felis' death as he inside the Megazord plummets into the fault in the ground, causing an explosion burst to shoot up when it hits the molten lava below.

Bulk and Skull are also effected, dreaming that they are superheroes driving the Megazord. After awakening from their nightmares, they are afraid of another battle with another one of Rita & Nyanma's monster & Along With One Of The Time Shifters. Zordon & Aura sends them to the cave, where the Crystal of Nightmares is held. They are blocked off by Putties, but due to the effects of the crystal, they are unable to defeat the Putties. Jason & Bakumaru eventually gets away from the putties and heads into the cave, only to run into Goldar And Raldo-Con After dodging Goldar & Raldo-con, Jason & Baku destroys the crystal & Bakumaru Uses Their Revealing Mirror To Restore The Two Shifters To The Good Side And Nightcap Becomes Weak He's Send To The Command Center For Rest, restoring their self-confidence. They soon defeat the Putties and are left to battle Scorpina and Goldar. Scorpina and Goldar are eventually grown by Rita & Nyanma and the Rangers call for their Zords The ETO Rangers To Kirinda Along With Talen-Master, Elekin-Master & His New Ally Raldo-Master. As the Rangers gained the advantage and were looking to destroy Goldar and Scorpina they both retreated thus preventing Dave's death And So The Three Time Shifter's Eggs Are Teleported To The Command Center And Meanwhile In Angel Grove's High School They Congrats For The Exam Results Except For Bulk & Skull And Mr Caplan Gives Detention Forever On His Office.


Our Story Begins On Angel Grove High

Zack: Hey Girls You Look Boomed

Kimberly: Yeah You Remember The Exam Of Tomorrow

Trini: You Guys Are Not Worried

Dave Felis: No Billy Has Got A Great Plan To Make Sure To All Pass

Billy: Yeah I Think Should Go With The Others In My Uncle's Resort In The Mountains So We Can Study

Zack: We Stick Together In This Will Be Breeze

Bulk: This Gives Me An Idea

Mr Caplan Appears

Mr Caplan: You Know This Is Are

Bulk: Ernie's Birthday Cards

Skull: Oh Gee Mr Caplan You Didn't After Do That

Mr Caplan: I Didn't

Mr Caplan: Those Are Your Misnt Grade Cards

Bulk: Ouch

Skull: Yeah Ouch

Mr Caplan: Ouch Is Right

Mr Caplan: If You 2 Get Ds On Monday's Test

Mr Caplan: You Will Begin To Spend The Rest Of The Year In Detention

Mr Caplan: Remember Ds Is For Detention

Bulk: I Gotta A Plan We're Gonna Follow Those Geeks

Bulk: And Let Them Do All The Work For Us

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: What's Going On

Nyanma: Spill Out Goldar

Goldar: Start With The Crystal Of Nightmares With Them Along With Two Of The Time Shifters Named Raldo And Nightcap With It The Rangers Will Be Fighting And The Crystal Begins To Destroy Their Confidence Forever

Nyanma: Why Should We Care About That

Goldar: Without Self Confidence Their Powers Will Be Worthless

Nyanma: Excelent

The Boys Appears After A Quite And Peaceful Lunch

Bakumaru Noticed Souffle's Fairy Tales Book

Bakumaru: Hey What's Souffle's Fairy Tales Book Doing Here

Pooh: Certainly She Leave His Book For Accident

A Bell Ding Sounds

Bakumaru: HEY! Wait A Minute I Know A Certain Little Pink Fox Who Has The Ability To Enter The Fairy Tales Of Other Persons

And Then A Mysterious Voice Appers Over The Book

Mysterious Voice: Surprise

Bakumaru Screams

The Book Falls And Then Starts To Shakin And Appears A Flash

And Then Talen Appears And Jump Over Bakumaru

And Bashes His Head

Bakumaru: Ow! My Head

Talen: Hi There Handsome

Bakumaru: Talen! What Are You Doing Here

Talen: Well I Heard Your Voices Outside While I'm Inside The Book So It Was The Perfect Place To Hide

Dave Felis: Hey Baku There's The Clue

Jason: Looks Like The Girls Accidently Took Your Revealing Mirror Without Permission

Bakumaru: Great Now Things Can Go Worse Now!

Monk: Hey Not Only Talen Is Here Even This

Monk Activates The Switch And Gives Him An Electric Shock

Pochiro: Moron!

Bakumaru: Idiot!

Bakumaru: I Know You're Here Elekin Come On Show Yourself And He Noticed Elekin

Elekin: Oh Oh Busted!

Billy: Come On Baku, Give Them A Chance

Jason: In Fact No One Will See Them

Bakumaru: Okay But This Is Your Only Chance Right

Elekin: Right, We Promise We're Not Going To Make You Any Trouble Word Of Honor Of A Shifter

Zack: Man I Love This Fresh Air Gives Me The Energy To Burn

Zack: Maestro Music

Zack Begins To Dance

Bakumaru: Sit Down Man

Monk: Oh Yeah Check Out This Move

Monk Launches The Pillow

Zack: Oh Yeah You Wanna Play

Zack Uses The Pillows As Nunchakus


They Begin To Make A Pillow Fight

Meanwhile In The Cave

Goldar: The World Who Knows That Is I That Will Supreme

Goldar: After The Rangers & Dave Felis's Dreams Becomes Into Terrible Nightmares

Goldar: And Their Powers Will Be Lost Forever

Raldo: EVIL!

Goldar Evil Laughs

And In Forest Creek's Cabins

All Begin To Sleep

Souffle (Whispers): Bakumaru

Bakumaru (Whispers): Souffle

Souffle(Whispers): Can't Sleep?

Bakumaru (Whispers): no. A Little

Souffle(Whispers): Elekin & Talen Didn't Cause You And The Others Any Trouble Do You

Bakumaru(Whispers): If You Paid More Attention To Cream & Tart

Souffle(Whispers): Don't Worry About It

Souffle(Whispers): Since It's Decide It Why Don't We Go To Sleep?

Bakumaru(Whispers): Okay

Meanwhile In The Cave

Goldar: Pleseant Dreams To Gooders & Friends

Goldar: Enjoy Your Last Moments Of Happiness

Goldar: Now Nightcap

Nightcap: Okay Okay Don't Rush Me I'm On It

Nightcap: Nightcap Shapeshift To NIGHTCAP-CON!

Goldar Laughs

The Crystal Of Nightmares Begins To Start His Magic The Rangers

The Rangers Are Going To Experience Horrible Nightmares Of Their Past Battles With Rita & Nyanma's Monsters Along With The Evil Time Shifters

First Was Billy, Dave, Kimberly & Tart Against The Terror Toad & Mosbee-Con

Later Was Goldar Attack The Others With Bugsy-Con

Then Was Zack Against The Knasty Knight & Shadow-Con

Goldar: Dream On Power Rangers Dream On

Goldar Laughs

And Also One Of Bulk & Skull Stupid Dreams Of Become Angel Grove's Heroes

Meanwhile Kimberly Trapped In The Jar Of The Samurai Fan Man & Monk-Con

And Its The Turn Of Jason & Bakumaru Having A Nightmare Of The Fight Against Goldar & Jyuken

And Finally The horrid nightmare and the prediction of Dave's death

Zordon: Power Rangers, it has become obvious that your no longer capable of performing your duties. We have no choice but to strip you of your powers forever.

(Which cuts to Dave Felis hijacking the Megazord just to escape the command center from exploding, leading to Earth being rubble, Pooh and the others along with the ETO Rangers killed by the Evil time shifters, and then they destroy the Megazord and lead to Dave's death.)

Dave Felis: Ahhh!

(The Megazord along with Dave fell into the lava and explode.)

Everyone's Wake Up Of Their Nightmares And Their Self Confidence Is Banished

Goldar: It's Done Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers & The ETO Rangers Have Lost Their Self Confidence Now We Can Destroy The World

Goldar: Laughs

The Morning Next

Knocks The Door

Dave Felis: Easy Girls It's Just Us

Opens The Door

Jason: You Guys Have Seen The Last Nightmare

Kimberly: Oh My Gosh It Was Horrible

Billy: It's Truly Disturbing

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Zordon: Alpha An Event Have We Feared Has Finally Occured Goldar Uses The Powers Of The Magical Crystal Of Nightmares With The Help Of 2 Of The Time Shifters Nightcap, And Raldo To Destroy The Power Rangers Self Confidence Summon Them At Once

The Communicator And The ETO Badge Sounds

Kimberly: Oh No Zordon And The Princess

Zack: I Don't Know They Are Ready For Another of Rita & Nyanma's Monsters With One Of The Time Shifters

Kimberly: Me Neither

Billy: I Don't Think They Never Would Be

Alpha: They Are Too Frighted Princess

Aura: Just Keep Trying Alpha

The Communicator And ETO Badge Sounds Again

Jason: Guys I Know You're Scared We Must Answer

Jason: This Is Jason Princess Aura

Aura: Power Rangers, Everyone We Aware Of The Terrible Nightmares You Have Experienced

Billy: Princess I Think We Lost Our Confidence And Our Abilities

Zordon: This Is Exactly What Rita, Nyanma & Goldar Has Planned Without Self Confidence Your Powers Are Completley Useless

Dave Felis: So That's It We're Throwed

Aura: Fortunatley Alpha Discovered The Crystal Of Nightmares And Goldar Use It To Manipulate Your Minds You Must Destroy It And Relase The Time Shifters Nightcap & Raldo That Will Release You From Your Fears

Kimberly: No Way I'm Hanging Out My Communicator

Trini: I Don't Know We Can Do It Zordon

Zordon: You Can And You Will

Zordon: Believe Only That And You Will Sucseed

Dave Felis: So Nightcap

Tart: I Knew It Is Name Is True It's The Time Shifter Of Dreams He Uses His Sleep Powder To Make A Person To Sleep And Then Their Dreams Will Be Real

Bakumaru: And He's Not Alone

Cream: What Do You Mean That He's Not Alone Bakumaru?

Bakumaru: Don't You Ever Heard Of Raldo

Cream: Raldo?

They Show Petrafina's Memories As A Little Girl Princess

Bakumaru: Many Years Ago When Petrafina Dagmar Was A Little Girl In The 16th Century Found A Certain Turtle-Like Creature

Cream: And That Creature Is Raldo

Bakumaru: Correct He Uses His Heart Ray On His Chest To Trap The The Thieves And The Crooks And Also With His Crystal Shell On His Back Help To Reflects His Flash On His Enemies And Make Them Weak

Dave Felis: So That Trio of Troublemakers Are The Responsables of My Nightmare

Tart: What Nightmare Are You Talking About Dave?

Dave Felis: Believe Me It's Not A Pretty Picture

Bakumaru: Okay No Time To Loose

Bakumaru: Talen, Elekin Your Coming

Talen: Okay

Elekin: I'm With You, Now It's A Good Time For Get Some Action

They Teleport To Goldar's Cave

And Enter And They Discover A Group Of Putties

Zack: No Way Putties

Bakumaru: What Do We Do Now Jase

Trini: We Cannot Stand A Chance

Kimberly: Well I Think I'l Go Back

They Begin To Hide From The Putties

Jason: Hold On Rangers We're Going To The Cave Bakumaru Let's Go

Bakumaru: You Got It I'm With You Jase

Cream: Be Careful

They Enter To The Cave And Faces Goldar, Nightcap-Con & Raldo-Con

Goldar: Having Some Bad Dreams Rangers

Bakumaru: All Right You Gold Goon And Friends Come And Get Us

Goldar: Our Pleasure Come On

Goldar: Let Me Introduce To You To RALDO-CON

Raldo: Raldo Shapeshift To RALDO-CON !

Bakumaru: Have You Seen In A Mirror Lately

Bakumaru: Talking About Ugly

Bakumaru: With Or Not Bravery I'm More Powerful Than You

Bakumaru: Consider A Turtle Soup!

They Begin To Fight

Raldo Shoot The Crystals

And Bakumaru Uses His Saber To Break The Crystals

Bakumaru: Jase, The Crystal

Goldar: Your Nightmare Is Going To Be My Reality

Jason Kicks The Crystal Of Nightmares

Goldar: NOOOO

Goldar: I'l Get You Yet, Red Ranger

Nightcap-con & Raldo-con Gets Shocked

Their Self Confidence Returns

Bakumaru: Great Our Bravery Returns

Bakumaru: And Also For You 2 For Using The Minds Of Our Friends As Puppets

Bakumaru: Holds The Revealing Mirror


The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser On Nightcap & Raldo's Heads

Nightcap: What's Happen

Begins To Snore

Raldo: So You Most Be Bakumaru

Bakumaru: The Same

Raldo: Thank You For Saving Us

Bakumaru: Don't Mention It

Nightcap Teleports To The Command Center

Jason: Hey Where Nightcap Did Go

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Aura Holds Nightcap On His Arms

Aura: Don't Worry Jason Now Is Here With Us The Energy Of The Crystal Of Nightmares Begins To Drain His Powers As Nightcap-Con Now He Needs Rest

Jason On Communicator: Thanks A Lot Princess

Zordon on telepathy: Power Rangers If You Destroy The Crystal Of Nightmares And Broke Rita & Nyanma's Spell You Regain Your Self Confidence May The Power Protect You

Bakumaru: All Right Partner Now Let's Break Some Putty Patrollers

They Begin To Fight The Putties

Bakumaru: Good Work Guys

Billy: I Believe Regain Our Self Confidence

Trini: YES!

Kimberly: Woo Hoo

Cream: Look's Like You Made A New Friend

Raldo: Sir Raldo At Your Service Mon Cherí

Cream: Enchanté

Nyorori: What Happen To Nightcap Nyorori

Jason: Easy, Now He's With Princess Aura Now He Needs To Rest

Goldar & Scorpina Appears

Dave Felis: Scorpina!

Jason: No More Fooling Around Rangers

Bakumaru: GET READY!


The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

All: Power Rangers

Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers!

Rita & Nyanma: Magic Wands Make Them Grow!

Rita & Nyanma Launches The Magic Wands To Grow Them

Jason: All Right Guys Let's Do It



The ETO Badges Begins To Launches The Beams To Call The Zords

Jason: Log On

Zack: Mastodon Ready For Action

Billy: Triceratops On Line

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger Let's Do It

Kimberly: Let's Give Them A Total Nightmare

Jason: Rangers Power Up Your Crystals

They Put The Power Crystals

Jason: Switching To Battle Mode NOW!

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers Forward!

Voice: Megazord Activated

Talen: You Are Not Going Away That Easy Goldar

Elekin: Right Let's Go

Raldo: Time For A Little Payback

They Begin To Shapeshift

Scorpina: WHAT'S THIS

Talen: Talen Shapeshift To TALEN-MASTER!

Elekin: Elekin Shapeshift To ELEKIN-MASTER!

Raldo: My Turn, Raldo Shapeshift To RALDO-MASTER!

Jason: Let's Send Them Back For Real

They Begin To Attack

Jason: Stabilizers Are Out We're Need More Power

Scorpina Uses His Sting On Megazord's Face

Scorpina: Take That

Goldar: You're Finished Power Rangers

Rita: Yes Way To Go


Jason: We're Throwed Yet

Jason: We Need The Power Sword Now

The Power Sword Appears

Elekin-Master: Time To Take Charge

Elekin Shoot An Electric Shock To Goldar & Scorpina

Goldar: That's All You Got

Talen Master: You Think So Goldar

Talen Master Kicks Goldar's Body

Scorpina: I'm Gonna Turn You Into A Shifter Carpet

Talen Master: Think Again Scorpina!

Talen Master Uses His Claws To Slash Scorpina

Talen Master: Give Up

Raldo Master: Now, Rangers Your Turn

Jason: All Right We Got Them On The Run

The Megazord Starts To Slash Goldar & Scorpina

Raldo-Master: You 2 Evil Fiends Gotta Learn A Lesson And That Is No Messing With My Friends

Raldo-Master: RALDO-FREEZE!

Raldo Uses Ice Spikes To Crash Goldar & Scorpina

Talen Master: Now Gone Before I Get Mad

Jason: Now Let's Finish Them

Scorpina: We'll Get You The Next Time, Rangers!

Goldar: Count On It

Dave Felis: Man I'm Glad This Is Over

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Everyone Argues And Rita & Nyanma Gives The Always Headaches!

Rita: Oh We Got Such A Headaches

Nyanma: The Life It's Just Unfair!

Meanwhile In Forest Creek's Cabins

Dave Felis: Well Guys You Made Really A Hard Work And Now You Need To Rest

Talen: Yeah

Talen Yawns

Elekin: It's Nice To See You Again Raldo

Raldo: Thanks Whatever You Want Baku

Bakumaru: Okay

Bakumaru: Stand Aside Dave

Bakumaru: Quick Strike!

Bakumaru Uses His Badge Beam To Fosilize The Eggs Of Raldo, Talen, & Elekin

Dave Felis: We're Going to Make You Free When We Send You Back To The Command Center

The Maid Appears

Maid: Any Trouble Boys

Bakumaru: Nothing

Dave Felis: Actually We're Going Out

The Maid Engage His Vaccum Cleaner And Accidently Begins To Wake Up Bulk & Skull

Bakumaru: Oh Great

Dave Felis: Talking About Abbot And Costello There's Two Guys And Also More Goofier That Them

The Maid Screams

And Bulk Begins To Scream

Skull: Why You Screaming About

Bulk: The Test We're Gonna Get Out Of Here

Bulk & Skull Screams And Exits To The Room

Bakumaru: Those Dimwits Never Learn

Dave Felis: We Must Go Now

Bakumaru: Oh Yeah The Exam

They Exits And Leaves The Time Shifter Eggs And They Teleports To The Command Center

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's High School

Mr Caplan: Class Since Ms Appelby Is Ill I'L Be I Thought Will Filler Up Her Now I'l Be Giving The Test Results Personally

Mr Caplan: Congratulations All Of You Got A

Kimberly: Wow Focusing In Our Studies Are Really Paid Off

Dave Felis: Congratulations

Mr Caplan: But You 2

Mr Caplan: Get Up

Bulk And Skull Recives Their Notes

Mr Caplan: Read Them At Clear

Skull: Hey Bulk The Plan Work We Get D Not Detention

Bulk: You Shut UP

Mr Caplan: You Know You Understands For Gentlemen

Bulk: FUN

Skull: For Out

Mr Caplan: NO!

Mr Caplan: Dave

Mr Caplan (Gives The Chalk To Dave): Write It Please

Dave Felis: Yes Mr. Caplan

Dave Writtens In The Chalkboard The Word Forever

Mr Caplan: FOREVER!

Mr Caplan: Which is All Long You're Gonna Be Standing After School In My Office

Bulk: I Was Mind To Ask

Bakumaru: You Know One Thing Bulk

Bulk: What

Bakumaru: The Cheaters Don't Win

Mr Caplan: I'm Very Disappointed At You Gentlemen

Bulk Sneeze Over Caplan's Wig

Everyone Laughs

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